Are Tonneau Covers Universal | Are they interchangeable?

Many people ask me, “Are the tonneau covers universal on every social media platform?” I also applied this statement in the context of interchanging different tonneau covers. In reply to their queries, In this article, I will discuss the fundamental reason and the fact that these covers are not universal and why they are not so interchangeable. 

Additionally, there will be an illustration of the role of measurement in installing tonneau covers and what benefits tonneau covers bring. But, before doing anything in this s

context, we need to know the particular parameters of the truck. Let’s get to them first. 

Specific Measuring Parameters of Trucks

The reason that Tonneau covers are not interchangeable is that each truck has its specific measurement and dimensions. In that case, bed covers cannot be swiped or universal. Also, tonneau covers are made by different third parties, making every cover specific for every truck.

Interchanging Tonneau Covers

I often change/ interchange covers of my truck bed, and it goes smooth on my Chevy truck. On the contrary, it didn’t work for my other truck. For once, I experimented by installing the Chevy Colorado cover on a Jeep Gladiator, and it worked. In other words, it’s not a fixed rule that covers can’t swap on different trucks.

Unfit Tonneau Covers

Lately, I tried to install the bed cover of my Chevy Silverado-18 model to the Chevy Silverado-19 model, and it didn’t work. So it is also not sure that covers are interchangeable even of same Model Trucks. I have learned from all these real-life examples that it is not universal, but it works very well with the exact measurements.

Tonneau Covers and Aerodynamics | Gas Mileage

Yet tonneau covers are the best way to keep my things safe but are also a way to keep my truck in good driving conditions. Whatever the cover is installed according to the bed dimensions will improve the truck’s aerodynamics. Because the empty bed act like an empty bucket that collects the air and exerts its pressure on the engine. So covering that space of the bed improve the aerodynamics.

Tonneau covers and Gas mileage

Tonneau covers are also the source of increasing the truck’s gas mileage as I cover the truck’s bed frequently, so the extra pressure on the engine of the empty bed becomes less. It helps the engine to work more efficiently and benefits me in smooth driving.

Is One Tonneau Cover Enough?

Many people frequently ask me if there is enough cover to buy, Or if only cover can install in different trucks. So the answer is obviously No. Because I also experienced that and it is not preferable. Every truck has its dimensions which are classified by the particular size of the bed cover.

Are all Tonneau Covers the Same?

Tonneau covers are not the same and are categorized in different ways. Tonneau covers are different for different bed dimensions. I always buy a tonneau cover according to the measurement of the bed and according to trends. Tonneau covers can be a soft, hard, folding, rolling, hold-rolling, retractable, one-piece lid, and cap tonneau covers.

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Role of Measurements in Selecting a Tonneau Cover

Bed covers are designed according to the truck model’s exact measurement and the bed’s shape. It is, somehow, a coincidence that someone interchanged the covers, and they perfectly adjust. Without accurate measurements, no one can buy the exact tonneau cover for their truck.

Is it ok to use Universal Soft Tonneau Cover?

A soft tonneau cover can install easily with the help of hooks. That cover has general measurements. The installation with the help of hooks provides a little space for air. Another drawback of this cover is hooks can be ungripped during driving at high speed or in a challenging area. So using this cover is not much preferable and reliable.


The extraction of this whole discussion is that I explain all the possible factors in the context of Are the tonneau covers universal? So the proven answer is NO. Instead of looking for the one general tonneau cover, I strongly recommend you measure your truck’s bed and buy a particular cover for your truck.

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