Best Weatherproof Tonneau Cover for Rain and Snow – April 2023 Review

Does your tonneau cover get stuck or jammed due to rain and snow? As an expert, I have to deal with motorists daily. They often asked me one query in the context of the tonneau cover: What is the Best Tonneau Cover for Rain and Snow? 

In winter, your bed fills up with rain, snow, and dirt. This results in a stuck or jam of the tonneau cover, which resists it not opening up for putting the cargo. 

Your truck bed is where you can easily put 6 to 8 ft long equipment and cargo. However, there is no hatchback regarding keeping the valuables from the harsh outer elements and prey’s eyes. Thankfully, tonneau covers invent and make this problem easy peasy. Therefore, I will discuss the 5 Best Tonneau Cover for Rain and Snow today. Moreover, there will be some guiding tips as well.

Our Top Recommendation

Tonneau covers are made to cover your truck bed from the outer world. In this regard, many covers are available on the market where no closed spaces contain rain and snow to build up and prevent any from getting stuck wholly.  Here is the rundown of my top recommendation for the best tonneau cover for rain and snow.

  • UnderCover Elite One-Piece Truck Bed Tonneau Cover – best Hard tonneau cover
  • Tonno Pro Tonno Fold, Soft Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover – best Soft tonneau cover
  • MaxMate Soft Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover – best soft roll-up tonneau cover

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Review of the Best Tonneau Cover for Rain and Snow

In winter, there are more chances that your tonneau cover will get stuck due to snow or rain. To prevent this situation, you may know some tricks. My reviews on the best tonneau cover for rain and snow are below. 

1- UnderCover Elite One-Piece Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Key Features and Specifications

  • Brand: UnderCover
  • Style: One piece
  • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Exterior: black textured
  • Lock type: tailgate
  • Bed access: 100%
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Item weight: 100 pounds
  • Product dimensions: ‎78 x 86 x 5 inches

Unboxing: As winter was around the corner, I learned that hard one-piece tonneau covers are best for the rainy and snow season. I ordered an UnderCover Elite One-Piece Truck bed tonneau cover. Received my parcel with all joy and opened it hurriedly. Thanks to the company, the cover came pre-assembled, and all the necessary hardware tools came along. 

Let’s move toward the installation process. The Undercover elite one-piece truck bed cover is made with ABS polymer material. The cover itself is heavy and robust. Which means it provides excellent protection from thieves and outer natural components. 

Further, the cover took 30-45 minutes to mount and fit. I suggested asking for help with the adjustment of the tonneau cover, as the top is heavy. 

Additionally, the cover has an integrated LED lighting system that offers night visibility. It really impressed me as most of the tonneau covers do not come with this. Moreover, this LED is upgraded to movable. 

If we compare it with its previous version, Elite has all the new features. It features an added handle integrated with a locking system. This one-piece tonneau cover is easy to use as it equips with a Cargo Retriever that extends your reach to the entire cargo length. 

The Undercover has an X- effect design, making the cover solid and sturdy to withstand any climate conditions. It is durable and can bear a weight of an average of 500 lbs pounds when evenly distributed. 

The con of this cover is the top is not flat, which means it does not provide a seamless appearance. 


  • The installation is a breeze.
  • The cover has an integrated locking mechanism.
  • Upgraded to an LED lighting system
  • Great cover for a great price.
  • Keeps the cargo safe and sound from rain and snow.


  • The cover is heavy and cannot be installed alone.
  • Does not allow a flat and smooth top surface.
Final Verdict | best Hard tonneau coverAll in all, I am delighted with this Undercover Elite one-piece tonneau cover. It has incredible features that allow ease of use. The opening and closing mechanisms are effortless. Your cargo remains safe from rain and snow. This cover is the best option if you are a cargo deliverer.

2- Tonno Pro Tonno Fold, Soft Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover 

Key Features and Specifications

  • Brand: Tonno Pro
  • Style: Soft Folding
  • Material: double-sided, marine-grade vinyl
  • Exterior: black 
  • Lock type: tailgate
  • Bed access: 100%
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Item weight: 27.9 pounds
  • Product dimensions: ‎73 x 28 x 5 inches

Unboxing: I wanted to try a new brand for a tonneau cover. So, I searched and found Tonno Pro. Without wasting time, I ordered its Soft Folding truck bed tonneau cover. I received my parcel, which was fully assembled, to my awe. 

I opened the box and took out a bunch of gifts, which included a battery-powered light called a Tonno torch, a tailgate seal, pair of gloves, and a pro clean vinyl cleaner. 

Let’s take a look at its installation. The cover was very lightweight and easy to manage. I just sat the cover-up on the truck’s rear side and slid it toward the front. It makes it more accessible, and you do not need to run back and forth on each side.  

Tonno Pro is manufactured with double-sided vinyl, which makes it long-lasting. The top layer is tear-resistant, which means if you drive on the highway at high speed, this cover won’t flap or flutter. 

The underneath panels are made of powder-coated aluminum, which adds extra protection from outer natural elements such as heavy rain, stormy wind, and scorching sun.

It has an E-Z clamping locking mechanism that covers the locks from the inside and safe the gear from thieves. 

The cover has three folds. If you must haul large or massive objects, fold the cover forward to the cab, and you can put the cargo. Similarly, if the objects are small, fold the cover to the tailgate and securely buckle it to protect the cargo from getting dirt and debris. 


  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • Nicely flush inside the bed rails and allow a smooth flat look.
  • Improves fuel efficiency.
  • Keeps water out of the truck bed.


  • The quality of the hardware could be better. 
  • Does not give 100% bed access.
Final Verdict | best Soft tonneau cover overall, the Tonno Pro, Tonno Fold, the soft folding truck bed cover is an excellent option if you haul large or oversized items. Moreover, the tonneau cover protects the cargo from outer natural elements. 

3- BAK Revolver X2 Hard Rolling Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Key Features and Specifications

  • Brand: BAK
  • Style: Hard Rolling
  • Material: vinyl top with the aluminum underside
  • Exterior: painted
  • Lock type: tailgate
  • Bed access: 100%
  • Warranty: 3-year 
  • Item weight: 81 pounds
  • Product dimensions: ‎84 x 12 x 11 inches

Unboxing:  BAK is America’s No. 1 truck bed cover industry. They claim their products are durable, reliable, and of good quality, and I ordered a BAK Revolver X2 Hard Rolling tonneau cover to prove their claim. I received and opened their package. 

Let me tell you about the installation process. The adjustment took me hardly 20 minutes. It was super easy and convenient. No drilling and extra tools were required. In addition, the clamps and hardware accessories were relatively easy to attach to the rails. 

The Bak revolver is made with aluminum material which flushes, sits inside the bed rails, and allows a stylish, low-profile appearance. 

X2 hard rolling truck bed cover has rotational locking rails that secure the truck bed’s entire length and take the security to the next level. It has weather strips along the bed rails, which keeps the moisture and snow out of the truck bed. Moreover, it helps in guarding the cargo against dust and debris.

This hard rolling cover feature opens at either side of the cover via a release cable beneath the cover. 

Revolver X2 tonneau cover gives 100% bed access when rolled forwards to the cab window. In addition, it has buckle straps that secure the cover in its place and stop the cover from flapping and creating noise. On top of this, it does not stop the rearview.


  • Installation is straightforward.
  • Allow complete bed access. 
  • It wonderfully protects the cargo from harsh outer elements.
  • Unmatched security and quality.
  • It gives a highly low profile that complements your truck’s look.


  • It is expensive.
Final Verdict | Best Bak Hard rolling tonneau cover: To conclude all its merits and demerits, this cover has all the fantastic features one trick owner has ever sought. In addition, it is the best option for newbies to the tonneau cover. Further, this BAK Revolver X2 hard rolling tonneau cover guards the gear against water and snow.

4- Gator ETX Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Key Features and Specifications

  • Brand: Gator
  • Style: soft tri-fold
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Exterior: Aluminum
  • Lock type: tailgate
  • Bed access: 100%
  • Warranty: 3-year 
  • Item weight: 27 pounds
  • Product dimensions: ‎68 x 20 x 6 inches

Unboxing:  As I have been using my truck for cargo delivery, I needed a tonneau cover that provides me quick access to the bed. I searched and found a Gator ETX Soft Tri-Fold truck bed cover. It met my expectations, so I ordered it and received my package. It came with side rails, a tonneau cover, and hardware accessories.

The installation was a breeze. Does not require drilling or any special tools. They claim the cover fits in less than 5 minutes, but it took me around 10-15 minutes to fit it. Gator ETX is made of vinyl material. It protects my bed from outside elements and the eyes of thieves.

Gator ETX has a rapid trigger latch system that is slightly better than Gator FX. It has velcro on both sides. When I rolled in towards the bulkhead, it smoothly folded. The cover has buckle straps that help hold it near the truck head.

I live in a windstorm-prone area, but this soft tri-fold did not flap when I put it on the truck bed. Moreover, completely folding in towards the bulkhead provides you 100% bed access. ETX tri-fold cover mounts on top of the bed rails still provide a low-profile look. The material has a classy design.

Swap Warranty

This tonneau cover is made in the USA and has a lifetime warranty on the frame and 10 years on the tarp. The Gator brand gives their customers 30 day of swap tonneau cover guarantee. 

The tonneau cover had one problem. The latch sometimes closes. It was unpleasant for a driver to know that the cover was not properly sealed or closed. This problem did not happen to me but to a close friend. He purchased the cover around the same time as I did.

Gator Etx has 5 different soft tonneau covers. I have used its Etx soft roll-up truck bed cover for my RAM 1500. It was perfectly fitted, but I wanted to change it because it needed to be more watertight. 


  • It features a low-profile design.
  • Installation is super easy.
  • Great value for good quality
  • Provides full bed access.
  • Have weatherstrips which makes it watertight.


  • It is not compatible with all Chevy Silverado generations.
  • The latch will only close sometimes.
Final Verdict Gator ETX soft roll-up tonneau cover has different styles to choose from. It gives quick and easy bed access with extra protection and security. Moreover, it lets you open the tailgate without opening the cover.

5- MaxMate Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Compatible with 2002-2018 Dodge Ram 1500

Key Features and Specifications

  • Brand: MaxMate
  • Style: soft roll up
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Lock type: tailgate
  • Bed access: 100%
  • Warranty: 10-year No hassle 
  • Item weight: 26.6 pounds
  • Product dimensions: ‎75 x 9.5 x 5.5 inches

Unboxing: As I was hauling my truck for groceries, I asked my friend which soft tonneau cover would go best with my Dodge Ram 1500. He suggested purchasing a MaxMate soft roll-up truck bed tonneau cover. I ordered and received my order. 

It came with all the needed accessories. There were stainless steel clamps, side rails, a tonneau cover, and an instruction note for easy installation. 

As we all know, soft roll-ups are handy and take no more than 25-30 minutes to install. Firstly, I grabbed the aircraft-grade aluminum side rails and adjusted them. I loosely attached the clamps in their place so they hold the rails. Then, I moved to the installation of the cover.

I placed the cover near the bulkhead, and the cover was not heavy. Next, I adjusted it properly and then rolled it forward to the tailgate. Also, I made sure that you fit the cover accurately. Furthermore, I gently pulled out the cover and secured the velcro properly. 

NOTE: Similar to the rest, this cover requires no drilling.

MaxMate soft roll-up gave my vehicle a sleek and stylish design, potentially improving fuel efficiency. The cover is dual-coated and manufactured with marine-grade vinyl and Fabric, making it strong against weather conditions. 

The underlying heavy-duty crossbars are what I like about this soft tonneau cover. They support the cover to stand in the stormy wind without flapping. Moreover, these horizontal cross bars help when the cover is lying flare and offer easy and full access to the truck bed when needed.

Latching Lock System

How does the cover unlock for access to the truck bed? This soft roll-up has a latching lock system at the tailgate. I just unlocked the tension at the rear end and rolled in the cover towards the windscreen of my truck. 

The side’s velcro is made of high-quality material. I never faced any difficulty with this tonneau cover. Velcro is so strong and rigid that it held the cover when I drove the truck at high speed. 

Many people need clarification about soft roll-ups tonneau covers that are not water resistant. Let me clear that this MaxMate soft roll-up truck bed cover is impressive in holding the water out of the truck bed. Moreover, it keeps the cargo dry and secure. 


  • Easy installation. 
  • Velcro sides are top-notch and tough.
  • The cover is water resistant.
  • Half of the fraction still looks excellent.
  • Gives a low profile to the truck.


  • Not compatible with the models that have RamBox.
  • The cover could be more effective in securing the cargo.
  • Due to the vinyl material, the cover expands over time.
Final Verdict | Best soft roll-up Tonneau cover This MaxMate soft roll-up tonneau cover is made of high-quality vinyl material. It is designed to protect the cargo from harsh outer elements ( rain and snow). Moreover, it also helps reduce gas usage by up to 13%. The cover has only one design and style; however, it comes in different sizes.

Buying Guide 

Many factors are considered while searching for the best tonneau cover. I’ve discussed several factors I always consider when buying a tonneau cover.

Specify your Requirements

Why are you purchasing a tonneau cover? Specify your requirements before you opt for a tonneau cover. If you utilize your truck for groceries and fun activities, then a soft rolling and folding will do a perfect job. 

In contrast, if you use a truck for cargo delivery, you must choose between a retractable or one-piece tonneau cover. These tonneau covers provide better protection and more security to the truck bed. 


The more durable the tonneau cover, the more it goes with wear and tear. If the tonneau cover and hardware accessories are made of low-quality material, they will only last for a while. 

Every motorist wishes their tonneau cover goes a long way. However, it all depends on the usage of the truck bed cover and the maintenance. Always choose a robust and high-quality tonneau cover when you purchase it. 

Gas Mileage

Almost every major or significant brand promotes market its tonneau cover by claiming it would improve your gas mileage. Make sure you double-check where you get your stuff. Also, be sure they don’t merely say that to get you to buy anything.

A tonneau cover is a truck accessory that improves the vehicle’s appearance and gas efficiency. Adjusting your vehicle bed’s tonneau cover maintains fuel economy. A solid or tough top layer tonneau cover effectively reduces wind drag.

Weather Protection

Is the tonneau cover 100% waterproof? It is the most asked question of motorists. No tonneau cover on the market is 100& waterproof yet water resistant. Which means it keeps most of the water out of the truck bed. It comes to the top of the list of the benefits of the Tonneau cover.

A tonneau cover gives ultimate protection to the gear. How? When you install the tonneau cover over the truck bed, it shields the cargo from direct sunlight, heavy rain, snow, and the eyes of thieves. Therefore, if you do shipments, you must opt for a tonneau cover. 


Each tonneau cover company has its warranty policy. Choose a tonneau cover with at least 5 years of warranty card. Because you spent a lot of money on it, and if something happened to the tonneau cover, you could replace it. 

Measure the Size

Sometimes, the car number and model name needs to be increased. Measure the bed from the bulkheads inside to the tailgate’s inside before purchasing or ordering the tonneau cover. Just rely on something other than your vehicle’s model.

Final Thoughts

More than 100 soft Roll-up tonneau covers on the market protect your gear and valuables from the snow and rain. Even if most of them are constructed from sturdy materials of good quality, consider other criteria before choosing a tonneau cover.

This paragraph includes the top 5 best tonneau covers for rain and snow. Additionally, a shopping guide is available to assist you in selecting the tonneau cover that best suits your requirements and way of life.

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