Can You Use Armor All on Tonneau Covers? Guide

What protectant are you using to clean the surface of the tonneau cover? When you move autos in stormy places, your truck cover gets dirty. In this case, a disinfectant-containing cleaner is required. Being an expert, motorists ask me about the cleanliness of a tonneau cover and Armor All effectiveness. Like, Can You Use Armor All on Tonneau Covers?

Cleansing is necessary since dirt is a major enemy. There are several protective cleaners on the market for the Best tonneau covers. But wait, just a few of these will work well with your tonneau cover. Before purchasing the Armor All protectant, determine the material of your tonneau cover, as it is only suitable for some materials.

Can You Use Armor All on Tonneau Covers?

I’ve always liked the tonneau cover’s sleek appearance. It is crucial to clean the tonneau cover’s surface once a month.

As I previously stated, only some protective cleaners are made particularly for each tonneau cover. Armor All protectant is designed for vinyl and fiberglass tonneau covers and looks great on these truck coverings. Armor All, on the other hand, is not appropriate for aluminum-made truck bed coverings.

It is said that Armor All protectant only attracts dirt and grim instead of cleaning the surface. This is just an overview of this protectant. Further, I will explain it briefly. 

Is Armor All best for Every tonneau cover? Tonneau cover Cleaner

Before digging into the detailed explanation, we must understand: Is Armor All best for every tonneau cover? The answer is NO. 

Tonneau covers are made of various materials, including vinyl, aluminum, plastic, and fiberglass. However, not all of them can be cleaned using Armor All, a single protective agent.

You may utilize armor all over your tonneau cover as long as it is constructed of vinyl and fiberglass rather than metal, which gets damaged by using this protectant.

In response to this inquiry, many truck owners offer a variety of recommendations. After analyzing all this information, I’ve concluded that Armor All is not the ideal product to use or apply to aluminum-made truck bed coverings.

Here are some strong opinions that support this statement.

  • The cover must be cleaned frequently since Armorall gathers dust and worsens it.
  • You want your cover to retain its glossy finish, do you? Armorall, on the other hand, deforms right after a car wash. In addition, it descends to the side of your car.
  • The value of your materials, as well as the paint, will be harmed.

However, it does not harm or deform much vinyl or fiberglass-made tonneau covers. It works fine on these two materials. 

You would never use an Armor All over aluminum-made truck bed cover. But what protectant will you use for the aluminum tonneau cover? Here are some noteworthy protectant cleansers alternatives that you can use over aluminum cover. 

Let’s look at them and find out whether they are good or do damage to the cover.

Alternatives of Armor All for Tonneau Cover Protectant

  • Tyger Tonneau Cover Cleaner and Protectant
  • Leer Tonneau Cover Protectant, Extang Tonno Tonic
  • TruXedo Pro-Tex

These are suitable products for aluminum-made tonneau covers. Though they are heavy on pockets if compared to other protectant cleansers. However, they are worth every penny.  

Why do Protectants use to cleanse the tonneau cover?

Protectants use to retain the shiny look of the tonneau cover. Trucks haul all day and get a lot of dirt and other stuff onto their surface. It is essential to clean the surface with a protector at the end of the day, so it does not look faded.

Some people even use the tire shine on the tonneau cover. Is it ok to use it? Find here: Can You Use Tire Shine on Tonneau Cover? A Calculated Talk

Here are some common reasons I suggest using protectants to cleanse the tonneau cover.

  1. Clean the dirt and grime from the surface.
  2. Help to retain the new and shiny look.
  3. Keep the cover protected from UV rays. 
  4. It helps to keep the cover look intact. 

Besides this, tonneau covers protectants are easy to apply. Just hose the spray onto the spray will do wonders and help your bed cover last longer. Do you want to learn the tricks and tweaks to keep your tonneau cover lasting longer? If yes, then read this: How do Tonneau Covers Last?

How do you make a tonneau cover look new?

Tonneau covers are great for protecting your cargo from harsh outer components and the eyes of thieves. No matter which type of truck bed cover you have installed over your truck bed, it is essential to clean it to make a tonneau cover look new. 

Here are some tips for cleaning the surface to make your tonneau cover look new. Follow these steps to get out more from these cleansers’ tonics.

  1. To begin with, use a mild soap or detergent to clean the surface of the tonneau cover.
  2. Scrub the area by using a soft bristle brush
  3. Next, rinse the surface with water to remove the soap.
  4. Further, apply the protectant over the surface. I recommend you spray it on a microfiber cloth and gently wipe the surface of the cover you want to clean. 
  5. Lastly, wipe the edges of the cover for a smooth and sleek appearance.

This way, your tonneau cover can clean better and allow a new and shiny look.

What to keep in mind before cleaning the tonneau cover?

Now you learn it is essential to clean the tonneau cover. The next step lies in preparing what you should do before cleaning the tonneau cover. Here are some easy steps to follow before starting the cleaning.

Note: Configure whether the tonneau cover is waterproof or not.

  • Make sure the tonneau cover is appropriately locked and latched.
  • Do not rinse the surface with cold water. Always use mild-temperature water.
  • Go for mild soap because hard ones damage the surface of the cover.
  • Use soft bristles brush to scrub the truck bed cover.
  • Hose the water to clean the cover properly. 

Can you use simple green on tonneau cover?

Without any worry, you can use simple green on the tonneau cover to clean it. If you wash the tonneau cover with ordinary soap, try simple green. It works like a bonus, plus it cleans off all the dirt and grim. And gives truck bed covers a new polished appearance. 


Now, you get the answer to the question Can you use Armor All on tonneau covers? The simple answer is No. Therefore, I presented alternatives to this product that do a fantastic job without damaging the tonneau cover surface. Moreover, I hope you know the steps to clean the tonneau cover. 

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