How do you Align a Tonneau Cover? Quick Solutions

Once on my way to camping, my tonneau cover produces annoying noises. I descended to my pickup to know what the matter was. And to my shock, the bed cover slipped from its place. I worried at first because I did not have the manual instruction. I explored it on google and encountered the steps of How Do you Align a Tonneau Cover?

Owning a tonneau cover is all the perks until you go through a phase where your tonneau moves from its place. It happens because you might carry a lot of weight which loosens the cover and causes inaccurate fittings. So learning how to align the tonneau cover if it moves is crucial for maintaining the tonneau properly and transporting the protected cargo; you must keep reading this. 

However, you must first know how to install a tonneau cover.

How to Install a Tonneau Cover?

Tonneau covers come in different sizes (according to your truck) and types. They help to cover your cargo from outer elements. Once you get your tonneau cover, it’s time to fit it over your truck to give it style and value. The below instructions will be enough, but sometimes you may seek trouble, which requires contacting a manufacturer.

There are two main types of tonneau covers by truck owners, soft and hard bed covers. The soft tonneau cover is easy to install and can be fitted alone by one person. The hard tonneau cover is heavy and can be installed with the help of 2-3 persons. 

Here is the rundown on how to install the Tonneau cover bed cover.

Tonneau cover installation instructions

I ensured I had all the required tools placed next to me before the installation. The tools I used for the fitting of the bed cover are:

  • Wrench
  • Scissor
  • Tape measure
  • Additional clamps
  • Drill 
  • Eye goggles   

How do you adjust a tonneau cover?

So, I ordered a tri-fold cover that came completely assembled. Installation of this cover was straightforward. It did not require drilling and a suite of clamps. Firstly, I applied weather strips on all sides of the pickup so it may prevent the water or snow from coming inside the bed and keeps the cargo dry. Next, attach the rails and secure them with the clamps. 

Note: Make sure you fit the clamps as high as possible because they can help keep the bed rail level.  

The cover was handy. I just sat the cover-up on the truck’s rear side and slid it toward the front. It makes it more accessible, and you do not need to run back and forth on each side. 

I was pretty much sure that the cover got lined up accurately. When I observed it appropriately aligned, I unfolded the cover towards the bulkhead. 

Troubleshooting of Alignment

A tonneau cover can align in different ways depending on the problems. Sometimes it requires loosening and tightening the clamps. That can be done by adjusting the tension block to keep it from flapping and making noises.

When my cover moved from its place, I first folded up my cover to the bulkhead. It helped me to find out where the actual trouble happened. In addition, it assisted me in grabbing the right tools for the alignment of the tonneau cover. 

Due to heavy and massive cargo loading, the passenger side rail shifted from its place, and the cover did not lock accurately. I loosen the clamps and accurately adjust the rail in its position. Before tightening the clamps, I unfolded the cover and pulled out its sides. 

The cover sits accurately on the rails. This time the rear end clamp was locked correctly.

Another reason for the misalignment of the tonneau cover is the faulty adjustment of the clamps. As we all know, if the tonneau cover rails are not clamped appropriately, then the bed cover will be misaligned. 

I suggest you watch the manufacturer when he installs the tonneau cover to cope with this issue. This problem started because of inaccurate adjustment of the clamps. The manufacturer fitted the clamps wrongly in a hurry, and you have to pay the consequences. You make sure that the clamps are fitted in the right place. 

The center clamp must adjust in the center of the truck bed. The same goes for the front and rear ends of the rail clamps. Ensure that both sides of the rail clamps are in the same direction and level.

If the latch under the tonneau cover is misaligned, it may be challenging or impossible to open and close the tonneau cover. It is usually caused by underlying problems such as bent frames or damaged hinges. 

How do I Stop my Tonneau cover from Flapping?

One of the easiest ways to cover your cargo is by Tonneau Cover. However, if you install a soft tonneau cover, then there are particular possibilities that the cover will become saggy with time. It becomes loose and flaps in the wind. 

During installation, you need to fit the screws and clamps snugly. If the cover is not tightened accurately, it may stretch. It is due to changes in the temperature. This stretch is what leads toward the Flapping of the tonneau cover. 

Tightening the tension blocks is how to stop a tonneau cover from flapping. There could be an extra set of tension knobs on some tonneau covers models. These tensions can adjust around the bed rails and spaced intervals. 

If you notice that the tonneau cover flapping damages your vehicle’s quality, then it must go. Or if you inspect your gear has become wet while inside, it is time to upgrade your tonneau cover with a new one. 

How do you Adjust the Tension on a Truxedo Tonneau cover?

Truxedo tonneau covers are famous because of their soft, durable quality material. How you adjust the tension simply by releasing the hook and loop fasteners from both sides of the rails. Roll up the cover near the bulkhead. 

Rotate the tension controls to adjust the cover. Roll out the cover and check if it adjusts or not. If not, repeat the process until satisfactory tension is achieved. 

How to install Tonneau cover with Bed liner?

A truck bed is an area that makes your vehicle so helpful and valuable. Tonneau covers and bed liners are the most common accessories to guard the cargo and truck bed. Each one has its benefits and different types of protective properties. I have the bed liner and tonneau cover installed on my truck. 

A tonneau cover can work with spray-in bed liners and under the rail without any issue. However, retractable tonneau covers require trimming the bed liner at the bulkhead. 

Note: installing a Tonneau Cover over a bed liner will require more effort and extra time. 

These bed liners wrap the bed lips, serving as a fattening point for the tonneau covers. That is why cutting or trimming the small piece of the bed liner is required to ensure secure installation. 

Pro tip: If your pickup neither has a bed liner nor a tonneau cover, you better install the liner first.  

How tight should a truck Bed cover be?

The cover should be drum tight when you install it. There should not be sagging or stretching between the covers. If the adjustment is needed, roll the cover up to the cab and rotate the tension controls to adjust the bed cover. To loosen the cover, rotate the tension control clockwise. 

How do you stretch a vinyl Tonneau cover?

A vinyl tonneau cover can stretch by warming it up. Park your vehicle under the sun’s rays; give it a few hours, and it will quickly snap on your truck. The cloth-based tonneau cover is stretched by pouring water above it. But in my opinion, the heat trick will also help.

Final Words

As you can see, several reasons impact the misalignment of the tonneau cover. Correctly and accurately adjusting the hardware tools will prevent the misalignment of the tonneau cover. I have explained plenty of adjusting tips. You can follow the steps to solve your tonneau cover misalignment problem. 

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