How to Install a Tonneau Cover With Bed liner | Brief Explanation 

Installation of the Tonneau cover is a technical aspect. It requires accuracy and precision because the error in the installation of the Tonneau cover may affect the driving and carrying performance of the truck. I installed my Tonneau cover with a bed liner with the help of a straightforward and reliable technique that I will explain in this guide on How to Install a Tonneau Cover With Bed liner?

This article will help you with all possible factors related to installing a Tonneau cover with a bed liner.

Installation Process a Tonneau Cover With Bed liner

Before starting the process of installation, you need to have a few tools which are an essential part of this process. Following is the list of Tools I used for installation:

  • Wrenches (Ratcheting Wrench)
  • Spring Clamps (Spring Clamps)
  • Rubber Seal (Solid Rubber Sheet)
  • Scissors (Hard Material Cutter)
  • Drill Machine (Cordless Drill)
  • Screwdriver Set
  • Hand-Tightened Screws Set
  • Cover Installation Gadgets
  • Cleaning Spray / Isopropyl Alcohol

Note: If your way of installation is smooth, this process will take only 30 minutes. 

Installation of the Bed Liners

Installation of the Bed is a multi-stepped process. Before I started the installation of the bed liners, I opened the tailgate of my truck. It will provide ease during the installation.

Removal of Obstructions

First, I removed all the screws and handles from the truck. Removing these things from the surface of my truck helped me to get a precise observation of my truck. Then I cleaned the surface with the help of hot water mixed with detergent.

Drilling the Holes

Then I drilled the holes in the liners. These holes allowed the help of the bed liners with screws. Remember one thing, always drill small holes. 

Tip: Check for built-in holes before drilling.

Set the Bed Liner

Then I set the bed liner and adjusted all the screws and handles in the holes. I repeated the same process with the tailgate of the truck.

Tonneau cover with over-the-rail Bedliner

Installation of rail is also a multi-stepped process. Following are the steps involving:

Fix the Rail

I am adding this point for those beds with two sides of bed rails. These are claps and canisters. For the time being, I temporarily supported the rail with the clamp spring and then attached the side rail with the clamp and the canister.

How to Install Tonneau Cover Clamps

Then I installed the clamps under the side rail and tightened it with the help of a wrench. This clamp is fitted closer to the cab. 6-8 clamps are usually built in any truck, so adjust the clamps according to the gap along the rail. 

Tip: use a chip to maintain the distance between the side and the trunk.

Adjust the Rail

Then I adjusted the rail by the clamps’ settlement to make the rail’s center flat and proper.

Installation of the Tonneau Cover

After adjusting the rails and bed liners, I installed the Tonneau cover in my truck’s bed. This process also consists of a few steps:

Adjust the Rubber Straps

Before installing the Tonneau cover, I added the rubber straps. So, these straps help to clear the gap between the rails and cap. I cleaned the rails with isopropyl alcohol or simple alcohol and then added the straps.

Install the Tonneau Cover

Then I installed the Tonneau cover over the cap. Then I close the tailgate of my truck and then unfold the Tonneau cover.

How to Cut the Bed Liner for the Tonneau Cover?

When cutting the bed liner for the tonneau, I recommend you cut the bed liner from the backside. It will provide more accessibility and will be more helpful in every aspect. Cutting from the top and bottom is advised first, then trimming from the side to give the ideal shape. 

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Roll-Up Liner or Spray Liner?

The roll-up bed liners are more affordable and easy to install than the Spray liner. With the limited range budget, you can buy the roll-up covers and install them in your truck.

Should I Remove Plastic Bed Liners?

To clean below, some people remove the plastic bed liner. If you want to switch to a spray-in bed liner, you might also need to remove the plastic bed liner. Prepare yourself with a few hand tools and a friend’s assistance in any case.


The whole discussion revolves around the installation process of the Tonneau cover with the bed liner. I elaborated on all the aspects related to the queries I received from the people. Installation with the bed liners is considered a bit difficult among people. But it was not as tricky; I explained the difficult part, the adjustment of bed liners, in a very comprehensive way. You can implement these guidelines without any issue and can make your installation better.

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