How to Open a Locked Tonneau Cover? Step-by-Step Instructions

What will you do when you unintentionally lock the tonneau covers? Lately, I have had to go out of town, and I just installed that Tonneau cover, locked it, and went on my journey. However, despite my best efforts, I had difficulty opening the Tonneau cover’s lock. In the end, I could open the lock because I had learned different tweaks and methods, and now I am sharing the guide on how to open a locked tonneau cover with all the newbies.

Following such an incident, I wrote an article on how to open a jammed or stuck Tonneau cover lock. It will also answer the question I receive on social media platforms: How do you unlock a tonneau cover? So, in this article, I will address all the queries in this regard. Moreover, I will explain to you the unlocking methods of the stuck Tonneau cover lock.

What Causes Tonneau Cover Locks to Stuck?

In the case of a Tonneau cover jammed lock, multiple factors can be involved in making a Tonneau cover lock rigid. Tonneau covers are used mainly very roughly, and they are used to fulfill heavy-duty tasks.

So, the drivers mostly used them even in extreme weather conditions. However, manufacturers indeed produce the best of the best quality in terms of the market standards. But harsh and unlimited use of Tonneau cover can make it vulnerable to malfunctions.

There can be the following factors involved in the Tonneau cover jammed lock:

  • Rusting in the Lock.
  • Dust Particle Stuck in Lock.
  • Less use of Grease oils.
  • Any mechanical error.

Different Ways to Open a Locked Tonneau Cover

In this section, I will explain the significant steps to open up a jammed lock of the Tonneau cover. It comprises several steps, but these steps are considerably easy and smooth. But before starting the proper procedure, let’s have a glance over the tools you need during the process of opening the Tonneau cover lock:

  • Pliers
  • Fabric to cleaning
  • Dielectric Grease
  • Lubricant Oils

Above are a few gadgets or tools to open the Tonneau cover lock.

Step 1: Spray the Oil

In the first step, first of all, you should try to push your key through the lock hole. But if it doesn’t work, spray the lubricant oil on the lock and let it free for 3-4 minutes. You can use any branded and high-quality oils with reasonable cost available in markets.

Step 2: Use Hammer

After spraying the oil and making it a little lubricated, try to push the key through the keyhole. If it doesn’t help, you use a hammer to push the key.

Tip: use a hammer with gentle push strokes to avoid breakage of the lock.

Step 3: Move the Key Into Lockhole

After interesting the key in the lock, move the key in the back and forth motion to enhance the flow of the key movement, and this practice will also make the key adjustment very smooth.

Step 4: Slide the Key In and Spray On It

Slide the key into the keyhole and try to rotate the key. But along the spray, you better oil again on the key and in the keyhole, let it free for a few minutes. The purpose of doing this is to find an opening in the keyhole.

Step 5: Rotate the Key Forcefully

After greasing the key, now rotate the key completely to open up the key lock. If it does not open the lock or the key does not rotate completely, use pliers to rotate the key forcefully. One thing before doing this is not to apply extreme force.

The more you apply extra force, the more it can increase the chances of damage to your key and lock structure.

Step 6: Final Adjustments

After all the effort, it is sure that your lock will open. By following the steps, you can open up the Tonneau cover lock. Also, use the Grease to cope with the rigidness, which will help prevent rust and dust accumulation in the keyhole.

You need to learn the techniques of locking the tonneau covers, you can read our comprehensive article How do I lock my truck cover? to know all the necessary details.


I explained all the steps briefly in this article to eradicate the jammed and stuck nature of a Tonneau cover. This article will help you fix your Tonneau cover’s opening issues. Following these methods, you can prevent your Tonneau cover from rigidness and jammed lock.

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