Lomax Tonneau Cover Review | Is Lomax Any Good?

In my experience, I have used several Tonneau covers, and my main aim is to observe each aspect of each cover and create an analysis. People often ask me about the Lomax Tonneau covers. They ask about their actual performance, material, quality, and security. Lomax is famous for its durable construction and security. Here is my Lomax Tonneau cover review.

Keeping in view people’s queries, I have decided to write an article. I will provide complete information about the Lomax Tonneau covers in this article. I will discuss the things with my experience with the Lomax Stance Tonneau cover later in the article. 

Lomax Tonneau Cover Review

Starting with sitting on the Bed covers, The LOMAX has a far lower profile than conventional hard folding tonneau covers since it is only half an inch over your bed. A matte-black finish is chosen to match OEM bed accessories, including bed rail and tailgate caps.

Features and Specifications of Lomax Tonneau Covers

Some of its prominent features are:

  • Aluminum made Panels
  • Brand Name Access 
  • Warranty of Three Years
  • Heavy Capacity
  • Ultra-Low Profile
  • Weather Resistance Seals
  • Installation without Drilling


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to handle
  • Bear Snow/Rain Load 
  • Easy to Operate


  • Sometimes gaps between the tailgate and its panel can cause problems in its adjustment.

Lomax Tonneau Covers Review | Testing Key Features

Another aspect that appeals to me very much, the Lomax Tonneau cover has a very vigilant performance against weather resistance. This Tonneau cover performs tremendously against harsh and drastic weather conditions. 

The LOMAX combines an overlapping design, vinyl-lined hinges, and a full-length seal along the bed to keep water out of your bed. Gutter and drain hoses are no longer required as a result.

Several Tonneau covers are best, without any doubt, but they are not perfect in terms of operations. I love the operating feature of the Lomax Tonneau cover. The string latch on the LOMAX can access from either side of the bed. 

Pulling the rope to open the latches will make it simple to open the cover. The cover can be closed by pulling on an integrated handle. For increased security, the cover locks at ten locations along the bed.

The Lomax Tonneau cover involves the Lomax folding hard cover. Installation of any Tonneau cover is not more than a nerve test of a Truck driver. But Lomax Tonneau covers provide an easy and proper way to share the burden of the truck drivers and those who install Tonneau covers. 

It requires bolt-on clamps to fasten the tonneau cover on the bed. The lid locks into position after attaching the rails. Drilling is not necessary.

People also demand the Agricover Lomax reviews in light of my experience. This topic also required another article for its proper illustration and clarification, and I will share my experience. 

The installation process was quick and straightforward. The mounting rails are positioned and then clamped. The only adjustment required is a tilt up or down to change how firmly the bed’s side seals are crushed. You only require a 1/2-inch wrench. I had to remove it from my truck to spray the Line-X in, reinstall the rails, and cover it in about 15 minutes.

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The cover itself is triangularly foldable. Your operational options are either off, partially open, or closed. Two little bungees (connected to the cover) are used to fasten it. When you fold the cover back twice, cover 1/3 of the forward side of the bed. 

Suppose you need to leave a portion of it uncovered. For large items on your bed, you may easily remove the cover by folding it up and pushing it backward by about an inch to release the front clasp.

There are no accurate seams where water could enter because the cover completely covers the rails. Water escapes between the rubber folding seam and the cover panels, typically foam covered with thin aluminum.

One issue I previously encountered with tri-fold covers: There is no transition because these are merely three pieces of aluminum. The only water I have experienced thus far has entered through the tailgate openings.

Lomax Stance Tonneau Cover Review

I have also used the Lomax stance Tonneau cover. People already ask me about the Lomax stance review. In terms of installation, On the LOMAX Stance, the installation was quite simple. To attach the extruded aluminum rails to my truck rails using the Tight Bite clamps, I used a 1/4″ impact driver with a socket bit adaptor. 

The placement and securing of the Tight Bite clamps were relatively easy. They fix the ribbed jaws on both sides of the rails by cantilevering. Additionally, they give the aluminum panels on top great support, with 4 pairs per side evenly spaced apart. The entire installation process took around 45 minutes.

I was more impressed by the urethane coating from the standpoint of weather protection. The coating thickness appears robust, and the adhesion is of the highest caliber. The Diamond Mist Finish is fantastic, which is what I chose. 

Although “two finishes are available,” that is not a true statement. One of the two aluminum panels has a single finish coating: Black Urethane (Flat) or Black Diamond Mist (Diamond Plate). The diamond plate gets tempered throughout the manufacturing process. It has a slight inherent strength (higher tensile strength).

The influence of additional Jobsite equipment is the final argument to make. A ladder and headache rack are the two most frequent truck bed attachments I’ve utilized (outside of a Tonneau cover). The good news is that employing a ladder rack alongside the LOMAX Stance is still an option. 

The bad news is that your selections will be constrained. The ladder rack must have vertical bars, be positioned on the outer half of the rail, and be at least XX inches high. Another choice would be to purchase a rail-adjustable rack.

When folding the LOMAX Stance panels vertically, move the forward rack rearward by a few inches (to allow for adequate clearance). The worst part is that a conventional headache rack will not function, which I found better in the Gator Tri-Fold Pro Review.

Lomax Tonneau Cover vs Bakflip

People also want information about the Lomax tonneau cover vs Bakflip issue. But in this section, I will share my experience with both covers in a summarized way. 

The Lomax covers are made of an aluminum alloy, which makes them incredibly tough, resilient, and long-lasting. Even with such a robust build, they are nevertheless relatively portable. You seem exquisite and refined thanks to the matt black hue and urethane coating.

The FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer) powder that the BAKflip Tonneau cover uses offers it an advantage over Lomax Tonneau coverings. It is more potent and proactive because of the metal structure inside. Additionally, the FRP material is particularly resistant to tearing, scratching, denting, and bending, among other things.

The Lomax Tonneau Cover features a Diamond Coating structure, which gives it a highly tough and intimidating appearance. The cover’s placement on the bed is also the most accurate and precise of all competitors. The cover design of the BAKflip Tonneau cover is quite distinctive. Their simplicity on the covers is what makes them unique. The Bakflip does not create covers with exact patterns. However, it satisfies the fundamental requirements for a Tonneau cover design.

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In this article, I have shared my experience regarding the Lomax Tonneau covers. I have also covered the comparative details with some other brands and their peers. In addition, you can guide others after reading this article. My experience will also help you maintain the best narrative about the Lomax Tonneau covers. 

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