Lomax Tonneau Cover vs Bakflip | Which one is better?

Looking for a reliable tonneau cover for your truck? Compare Lomax Tonneau Cover vs Bakflip to find the best fit for your needs. Lomax offers a lightweight, easy-to-install design, while Bakflip boasts an advanced panel system for maximum security. Browse now and discover which one is right for you.

Lomax and Bakflip tonneau covers are designed to fit over the truck’s bed. As truck bed covers are in high demand among truck owners, they always debate when choosing. In the following, I have described the best and most vital information related to Lomax Tonneau Cover VS Bakflip.

Lomax Tonneau cover vs Bakflip | A Comparison

The key features of both Tonneau covers are given below:

BAKflip Tonneau Cover

  • Fibermax Bak Bakflip 
  • Dimension (8 x 68 x 23 inches)
  • Frp & powder-coated aluminum with a textured finish, 
  • Bed size 6′ 7.”
  • 300 lbs. maximum weight capacity
  • System of Locks Installation Of Slam Locks Requires A Wrench And A Socket
  • 3 Years of Warranty

Lomax Tonneau Cover

  • Lomax B0040029 
  • Dimension (72 x 36 x 8 inches)
  • 5.50-footbed, 
  • aluminum alloy with a diamond-plate finish in silver.
  • 400 lbs. maximum weight capacity
  • System of Locks Rear-end lock
  • Eight Tight Bite Clamps, Installation Requires No Drill
  • 3 Years of Warranty


The Lomax tonneau covers come from Agri Cover Ins Company. This American company made innovative covers in design, function, and style. Agri Cover makes Lomax Tonneau covers and manufactures Access Roll Covers, ADARAK bed covers, Agri cover roll tarp systems, snowsport utility plows, etc. 

BAK industry has been a leading innovator in Truck bed technology since 1988, and the BAKFlip was invented in 2005. Truck Hero Inc owns the BAK industry. The Bak industry is proud to make tonneau covers in the USA. 

Lomax Tonneau Cover vs Bakflip | Features-Based Comparison

In this section, I will show you the features-based comparison. I will select some key features and then provide the information based on their explanation.

Material Based

The Lomax tonneau cover is crafted with high-quality aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy material is strong, durable, yet lightweight.

This cover withstands any weather condition without being the cause of wear and tear. Its matte finish looks classy and provides an extra layer of protection to the cover from scratches and dents.
The BAK fiber max tonneau cover is made of fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP), which assures you the highest protection and safety for the cargo. The FRP material prevents the cover from scratches and dents. Additionally, unlike steel and aluminum, it does not absorb heat. Moreover, its FRP material is resistant to tear, scratch, dent, bend, etc.

The underneath panels are solid aluminum, providing additional security to your gear. The aluminum panels are coated with powder which means they are rust-proof.


Installation of the Lomax Hard cover is a breeze. The cover comes pre-assembled. No need for additional clamps and other hardware accessories. In addition, no drilling is required as well. Even though the cover is hard and made of aluminum, it is lightweight. 

The cover’s upper surface is made of an aluminum alloy and does not cause wear and tear. It has a drainage system that is responsible for keeping the majority of the water out of the truck bed. In addition, the weather strips on all 4 sides keep the elements out. 

When the cover installs over the truck bed, it flushes mounts inside the bed rails and allows a sleek, low-profile design. The clamps are made up of steel or iron cast that keep the rails in their place. The bed rails are sturdy, and they do not get misaligned when they fit. 

The Bakflip Fibermax tonneau cover is made up of FRP, which is rugged and robust. Even though the material is heavy yet installs in a matter of seconds.  The cover sits inside the bed rails and allows a classy low-profile look. Due to the fiber polymer, the upper surface is dent and scratch-resistant. 

The rails are easy to handle and secure with durable clamps. The clamps can install by using essential hand tools. But when you fit the clamps, ensure they align and are in the same position as mentioned in the manual instructions. Some people do not take notice and then regret it when the cover falls off and creates unpleasant noise while hauling. 

What is the most exciting thing about this cover?

This cover has a drainage system built into the rails. It prevents the water from getting inside the truck bed. Moreover, the weather-resistant strips on all sides of the cover prevent water from getting into the truck. 

The thing I like about this product is that it allows a full-length seal along the bed, eliminating the need for a separate drainage system and gutters. 

Note: Once you install the cover, check the cover and clamps fit before diving at a highway. 

Design Based

The Lomax Tonneau cover sits half an inch above your truck bed among competitors and allows a low-profile design. This tonneau cover’s ultra-low profile design looks sleek on your pickup. Lomax has a classy matte black finish which means no marks of fingerprints will show. 

The overall appearance of the tonneau cover is solid and durable. Moreover, the cover allows full bed access. 

While the BAKFlip fiber max tonneau cover creates a bold look to your truck with its fiber-reinforced solid polymer, this BAKFlip cover pays more attention to durability and strength than the design. The cover undoubtedly allows a stylish low-profile design to the truck and enhances its all-over look. 

The Fibermax truck bed cover gives the truck a glossy back color which complements the truck. 

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Protection Based

There is no need for the draining pipes of any evacuation system in the Lomax Tonneau covers. It has vinyl-lined hinges and a full-length seal, contrasting with its contemporaries. The necessity for gutters and drain hoses is eliminated by this overlapping design. So because of that, there is no need for any drain system.

The BAKflip system of protection against the weather system has the EPDM system of tight seals, which also protect against any leakage. The BAKFlip FiberMax’s ground-breaking hinge technology stops water leaks. The rounded hinges are pretty effective against water, snow, and debris. This bed cover is cushioned for maximum protection of delicate items.

Locking Mechanism

The Lomax hard tonneau cover gives the most advanced security, which means your gear in the truck bed is safe. Furthermore, it has 10 latches at ten different locations to the side rails. 

It has an automatic dual tailgate locking system. You need to release both locks equally by pulling the cable from either side to access your cargo. The cover opens at the tailgate. Lomax has an integrated storage clip that securely holds the cover.

Moreover, the cover has a rubber pad so that when it folds up, it maintains space and prevents the cover from colliding.

Note: If you do not have any tailgate lock, add it to your vehicle so your cargo will remain safe.

Fibermax tonneau panels are kept in place by an automatic latching system. These latches are secure on each side of the tonneau cover.  Pull the cords on each side to release the latches and fold the cover-up to open the cover. This temper-proof latching system makes the Fibermax easy to use. 

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Usage-Based – Ease of Use

Lomax Hard tonneau cover has a latching system that provides its owner easy access to the cargo. When you need to put cargo inside the truck bed, just lower the tailgate and pull the cords from either side of the cover to fold it up. 

The cover has straps at the end of the cover near the bulkhead. Secure the cover by using them, and you can use the bed as ⅔. Moreover, you can haul your truck by doing this without the worry of flapping the cover.

And when you have to close the cover, just unfold the cover towards the tailgate. It has 10 locking positions for ultimate security. When you unfold the cover, you will notice the clicking sounds, which makes you sure that the cover is locked now. 

Apart from these, the Lomax tonneau cover provides the facility for the toolbox and extra accessories to the truck bed. The industrial grain design gives full access to the stake pockets that you attach to your vehicle. 

The Bakflip Fibermax tonneau cover has a string latch system and can unlock on both sides. The cover is lightweight so that it can be opened with one hand. To open the cover, pull the cords beneath the cover near the end of the cover, then fold it up towards the vehicle. 

This cover can be secured using hook and loop straps or prop rods. Fastened the cover with straps provides you ⅔ bed access. While using prop rods, you will get access to the complete truck bed. It allows you to put enormous cargo into the truck bed. 

Closing is as simple as opening. Just remove the straps of the prop rods, and unfold the cover near the tailgate. 

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Lomax gives 3 years of warranty to its tonneau cover. The hardcover is made by using a durable and sturdy aluminum alloy. So, in my opinion, if you purchase this tonneau cover, there will be no need to return and changing of this tonneau cover. 

BAKFlip Fibermax has the same warranty as Lomax, 3 years. The cover is rugged and robust, can withstand any weather, and works great. 

Weight Capacity

The Lomax hard tonneau cover can hold 400 lbs of weight when evenly distributed without damage. It means you can carry heavy loads over the truck bed cover.

The Fibermax tonneau cover can hold a weight of 300 lbs pounds. It makes it easy for you to carry more stuff when needed. The frame comprises FRP, so you do not need to worry about damage and wear on the cover. 


Is Lomax a good tonneau cover?

Lomax’s hardcover impressed me with its premium security. This cover has 10 locks at different positions, protecting the inside cargo. The overall design and quality of Lomax are perfect. 

The top layer is solid and rugged. It enhances the truck’s overall appearance with its sleek and stylish low-profile design. The weather protection it provides is rated first. 

Does Lomax make the Weathertech tonneau cover?

Lomax tonneau covers are great. Made up of robust, durable material yet lightweight and super easy to handle when installed. Moreover, it does not take up the space as some tonneau covers do. Yes, Lomax manufactures tonneau covers for Weathertech, which offers a lifetime warranty.  

Are tri-fold tonneau covers waterproof?

Installing a tonneau cover not only secures your cargo but also protects it from outer natural elements. It is a bitter truth that oo tonneau cover is 100% waterproof. They are water-resistant and keep the cargo safe in heavy rain and storms. But, there are chances of some water getting inside the truck bed. 


This article covered all possible factors which can be compared in the context of Lomax and BAKflip Tonneau covers. I have explained all aspects that will help you select the right Tonneau cover according to your demand. Also, from this article, you can learn a lot of facts that will be the source of your knowledge enhancement.

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