15 Tonneau Cover Accessories – Guide on Functions and Installation

The accessories kit and instruction notes are sometimes insufficient to install the tonneau cover. Being a truck owner, I was confused when I fitted the tonneau cover for the first time. Watched a lot of videos and read the user manual many times. But the first time is always called an experience. I went through a trying time to get complete knowledge about the accessories. And then decided to make a comprehensive guide on Tonneau Cover Accessories.

What are Tonneau cover Accessories?

Accessories help in the upgradation of the tonneau cover. It enhances the tonneau cover appearance by properly adjusting it accurately. From getting organized the cargo to providing extra security to your truck bed, accessories got you covered. 

Accessories are easy to pick but challenging at the same time. There are a lot of things to keep in mind when you start to install a tonneau cover. And you might have a lot of queries related to this. Below, I will disclose the various parts of the accessories. Moreover, I will discuss their installation and function. 

Tonneau Cover Parts List

Tonneau covers come with an accessories kit needed in the installation process. Here is the rundown of the universal accessories parts. 

  • Tilgate Gasket
  • Bolts and Nuts
  • Clamps
  • Rails
  • Latching Device 
  • Drain Tubes
  • Buckles
  • Cargo Net
  • Bed Liner
  • Cover Spray
  • Side Rails
  • Racks
  • Lock and Key
  • Rear Bar
  • Tool Box
  • LED Light

Now you have names for all the accessories of the tonneau cover. Let’s discuss them in detail to have complete knowledge.

Tailgate Gasket or Seal

The Tailgate gasket seal is designed to keep the dirt and moisture out of the truck bed. The seal should be applied where the truck bed interfaces with the tailgate at both bases. But before applying it, you must clean the area with an alcohol rubbing pad to remove all the dirt and debris. 

How to install it? The process is straightforward. 

  • First, I grabbed the measuring tape and accessed the length of the tailgate.
  • After, trim the seal according to the given measurement length.
  • Then, I peeled the liner off the seal.
  • Lastly, place it across the truck’s bed floor to prevent it from natural components such as dust, snow, or rain.

Note: When placing the seal, make sure it’s lined up straight.


Rails are an essential part of the accessories. Without rails, you can not install the tonneau cover. When you order or purchase a tonneau cover, it has two rails. One is called the driver seat bed rail, and the other is the passenger seat bed rail.

On the backside of the rails are a bunch of little strips of tape for their proper adhering. Moreover, it assures you that the rails do not come off. 

When installing the rails, I always ensure they sit correctly. I attached the back side of the rail first and then the front side. Pulled the rail tightly so it laid down properly.

Tonneau Cover Clamps 

Clamps are installed to secure the side rails on the truck. The clamps come out of the package preassembled. Engaging the teeth of the clamp with the grooves of the rails is important. 

How I placed clamps on my bed rail, l positioned the clamp into the spaces. The nut faces me. I tightened the clamp with the help of a wrench for a snug fit. No drilling is required. Clamps help in laying the rail flat.

Bed liner

Bed liner protects your truck bed from dirt, scratches, and weather conditions. It is easy to install and does not require any drilling. Now, the bed liner design is custom-made. It allows the use of step gates or other unique features. 

Bed bugs are compatible with tonneau covers. It completely transforms your truck bed and increases its utility. They can easily clean with any bed liner spray. Hose it down and then wash it with water. 

Buckles Clip

Buckles are fastening devices that are used to keep the tonneau cover secure. On tonneau covers, It is located inside the bed cover and has two ends, the frame, and the pin. 

When I need to open the cover, roll or fold it towards the bulkhead and then secure it with the buckle clip, it helps keep the cover in its place. 

Cargo Net 

It instantly secures lightweight or bulky items of different sizes. 12 steel carabiners are used in the making, and elastic netting is placed in almost any position. It gives you the comfort and confidence that everything is with you on your entire journey.

Cover Spray 

Owing a truck bed cover demands maintenance and cleanliness. Cover sprays preserve the tonneau cover for more extension and remove all dirt and debris. 

Just take the spray, hose it down and wipe it with a clean fabric. If the cover has stubborn marks, scrub the surface with a light hand, and your cover will look all new and polished. Most brands send cover spray along with accessories. 

Tool Box

A toolbox helps organize your gear and protect your load from outer natural elements. It is utilized mainly by people fond of fishing, hiking, badminton, and other outdoor activities.

With the installation of the toolbox, you have easy access to your cargo. You do not require to unlock the cover and open it to take out your needed items. 

Drain Tubes

Water drainage hoses drain the water from the rails when it rains. All you need to do is drill the hole at the front part of the truck and run one end of the pipe inside the grommet area. The hose part is right up on the cover. Drain tubes make sure that the water exits the proper way. 

LED Lights 

I was having an issue, especially at night, because I could not find the specific item I wanted. So I decided to install LED lights. LED lights give you bright light anywhere you want. They are portable, and you can quickly move them to where you need to find your cargo. 

You can not move some fixed LED lights. All you need to do is peel and stick the light inside the truck bed without wiring. The ACCESS waterproof 18″ LED light sticks anywhere with tough 3M adhesive and runs on three AA batteries. 

Side Rails

Side rails are installed over the tonneau cover. They provide extra space to add the cargo and are easy to handle. These are specifically designed to complement the angles of the truck. The best side rails are made by BACKRACK company. Their racks feature serious strength, rugged surface, simple no-drill installation, and are toolbox friendly. 


Installing a rack above the tonneau cover increases the cargo capacity of your truck. The ADARAC aluminum pro series rack is heavy-duty and corrosion-resistant. The framework is manufactured with aluminum which supports up to 500lbs. 

Rear Bar

Rear bars can be used as an alternative to the racks if you carry a ladder for one or two days or occasionally have to carry long loads. Then installing a rear bar into the rear stake pockets will solve all your problems. 

BACKRACK company manufactures the best rear bar. It allows full opening and closing of the tailgate and can be removed in seconds a second. It features a stylish look and low-profile design. 

Lock and Key Set

Lock and key are an essential part of tonneau cover accessories. Without a lock and key, your tonneau cover is not as safe as your cargo. 

All the truck bed covers, except electronic ones, have a lock system attached at the end of the tailgate. Just push the locking button, and the lever is lifted open. Then open the cover, and you have access to your cargo. 

On the other hand, Electronic Tonneau covers have an electric remote to open and close the tonneau cover. Push the button to work with the mechanism of the tonneau cover.

Bolts and Nuts

A bolt is a metallic piece with a round stem, whereas a nut is a small metallic piece with a spiral cut that runs inside the hole. Bolts have different length sizes, while nuts have the same standard size. 

Latching Device

The latching device is located at the rear end of the truck. To get access to your cargo, you have to unlatch the cover

A latching is an instrument used to secure the room that does not require any key and lock combination.


Accessories are as necessary as the tonneau cover for the truck bed. They make the bed cover durable and robust to stand in any weather. Besides this, accessories make the truck bed cover more useful, versatile, and attractive. There are various types that I have described in this article. Moreover, I have discussed their function and installation as well. 

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