Tonneau Cover Problems – Tonneau Cover Troubleshooting & Solutions

People ask me a lot of queries related to tonneau cover problems on my social platforms like Intsa and Reddit. So to counter your problems collectively, I have decided to write an article in this context. This article will be the ultimate solution and answer to all your issues and problems concerning the Tonneau covers. 

In this article, you will learn about the exact solution to the Tonneau cover problems. In addition, I will share my experience regarding the Tonneau covers solutions. Many other factors cause problems in Tonneau covers. Tonneau covers companies that consistently provide tested and analyzed products, but there are exceptions to problems, so we have to tackle them.

Common Problems and Their Solutions

There are a few common problems all people mostly have to face. I have also faced such problems as an expert on Tonneau covers. In this section, I will discuss some significant and common problems regarding the Tonneau covers.

Water Leakage

Water leakage is a preeminent issue. The Tonneau cover’s core purpose is to keep the truck bed and thighs from rain, snow, and ice issues. I have used a lot of brands and Tonneau covers. The main goal of using this product is to cover the truck bed. In this context, the problem can occur because of water leakage.

You notice that the inside of the cover is getting wet. It is ruining the seam that seals it to your truck bed. Or you see the water dripping into the bed. The goods in your truck bed are harmed by dampness from a tonneau cover leaking and letting in the rain. Tears, worn-out or damaged seals, corrosion, and other problems can cause leaks.

Solution: Tonneau coverings should prevent water from entering. It could be necessary to replace the seal if moisture is getting into contact with the interior of your cover or truck bed. Alternatively, you might use the proper tonneau cover repair kit to fix the leaky area. If your tonneau cover is too old or has several issues, you should replace it entirely.

Noisy Tonneau Cover

Sometimes, due to pyre installation or lack of installation cause the Tonneau cover is loose. So when you drive your truck with loose cover at high miles, it becomes so noisy. I faced this issue several times when I was not good at installing my Tonneau cover. 

I have managed to solve this issue with some struggles. In this section, I will share the solution.

Solution: Tonneau coverings should prevent water from entering. It could be necessary to replace the seal if moisture is getting into contact with the interior of your cover or truck bed. Alternatively, you might use the proper tonneau cover repair kit to fix the leaky area. If your tonneau cover is too old or has several issues, you should replace it entirely.

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Broken Tonneau Cover Seals

Another fundamental issue that has to be discussed on a priority basis. I have used several quality products and brands of Tonneau covers. But it becomes challenging when cover seals get broken, and it becomes tough to live with that cover.

It is very problematic when you use your Tonneau cover without the seals. The reason is that these seals protect against water leakage and other issues. Once the waterproof barrier between the truck bed and cover has broken. As a result, moisture can now contact the interior of the cover, leading to rust on the metal hardware of your tonneau cover. It is one of the common tonneau cover issues that you will encounter.

Tonneau cover seals are known to degrade or wear with time, but certain circumstances, such as severe environments, tend to hasten the issue. One such circumstance is the accumulation of debris near the seals or washing the cover with the incorrect cleaning agent.

Solution: It probably isn’t worth mending an old, worn-out cover any longer. However, if the cover is relatively recent, but the seal is damaged, you might want to get a new one. Sometimes the seal is absent rather than broken. Install it without a doubt. Additionally, get durable seals from a reputable manufacturer.

Installation\Fitting Problem 

A pure installation or fitting can ruin your whole planned journey! YES, if you’re not good at installing your cover, you should consult experts. A loose or not correctly installed Tonneau cover can produce other problems.

Due to improper installation or incompatibility, the tonneau cover appears excessively large or poorly fitting for the truck bed. It may cause several problems, including a noisy cover, misalignment, and sticking. It’s important to remember that not every cover will fit every truck; a cover that doesn’t fit right won’t make you feel better.

Solution: We advise you to start by determining whether the truck’s tonneau cover is a compatible model. Typically, this will depend on the make and model of your truck. If the cover turns out to be compatible, the installation could be the issue. Verify the seals to make sure they are correctly positioned and set. Additionally, verify the tonneau cover fittings’ proper installation.

Lomax Tonneau Cover Problems

This section will share my experience with several prominent brands regarding their problems. As an expert, I have observed their performance very closely and tackled their pros and cons. Some of its common issues are given below:

  • Faulty Latch: No proper fastening of the latch takes place for a while whenever you try to close the Tonneau cover. It is a pervasive problem in the Lomax Tonneau covers.
  • Cover With A Loose Grip: it will be problematic if you have a habit of closing the Tailgate of your Tonneau cover. It will loosen the grip when you close the Tailgate of your Tonneau cover without fastening the Tonneau cover.
  • A Latch That Pops Out When The Car Is Moving: if the road conditions are not suitable for you and your truck. Your Lomax Tonneau Cover’s side clamps eventually lose their hold and release while the car moves or the wind blows the cover. And if the problem is not resolved immediately, you can undo the lock entirely.
  • Leakage of Cover: this problem is widespread among all Tonneau covers. This problem is not particular to a specific brand or a Tonneau cover type. Without drainage, this water weighs down the cover and could start leaking if it finds a weak place.
  • Squeaky Noises: it will happen when the cover is not installed correctly or the cover is more than the length of the truck bed.

Peragon Tonneau Cover Problems

Peragon Tonneau’s cover problems are mentioned below:

  • Delivery of bed covers that are defective or damaged. It will be challenging to handle your product when the 
  • No Robust Design is available in paragon covers.
  • The Powder Coat Disintegrates the cover appearance.
  • Occupies a bed’s space and is problematic for providing bed access.
  • This cove is Vulnerable to water Leaks.
  • Installation Is Difficult; it can frustrate the Cover user.
  • Not so long-term durability is available in this Tonneau cover.

While on the other hand, in the context of diamondback tonneau cover problems, On the SE model, the central panel clamps to the side of your bed. To get the door panels to seal nicely, you have to get the end of the rods snug against the bed rail.

Gator Tonneau Cover Problems

You’ll be asked to take out the clip after pulling it out. Now, you can change the tension. If you locate the lockset in three, you can make it four. Now, headrails can easily pass through tension blocks when being retracted. There will be some easing of that cover’s tension. Whether using Gator FX three or FX five covers, the Tonneau occasionally fills with water, and the water then drains from the truck’s Tailgate and bed.

However, if the truck is raised, leveled, or seated on uneven ground, the backtrack along the bottom of the rail may be able to prevent this from occurring. You can also hear noises that may cause fitting concerns when driving at more incredible speeds. No matter how fast the truck goes, a properly fitting tonneau cover shouldn’t produce any noise.


This article has all the details and information regarding the Tonneau cover problems and their solutions. I have also mentioned my experience and tried my best to cover all aspects of this connotation. When using your truck bed, tonneau cover issues might be a hassle. They might also cause your tonneau cover to wear out sooner than you had anticipated, necessitating the purchase of a new one.

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