How to fix Tonneau Cover Velcro Not Sticking Problem – Guidelines 

In the case of Tonneau cover adjustment on the truck bed, velcro strips play an essential role. These strips are the best and proper way to adjust the Tonneau cover along with proper alignment. These velcro strips are used not only for the Tonneau covers but also to stick the house things. How to fix Tonneau Cover Velcro Not Sticking Problem?

People frequently asked me How do you fix Velcro on a tonneau cover? Infact, the problem occurs when these strips do not adjust with the truck’s rails. I also have faced this issue, but when I solved this issue. I decided to design an article regarding this issue.

This article will see all possible factors and aspects associated with the issue. I will explain the proper ways to fix this problem.

What is Velcro?

Velcro is the two-sided fastening strips that adhere to the materials according to the user’s demand. It has two types of small hooks on both sides; soft and hard hooks. These hooks are connected for the sticking purpose. 

It has an extreme and durable stickiness with user-friendly quality. It can be used anywhere, like household materials, office use, etc. But in this article, I will discuss using velcro strips with Tonneau covers.

Best Quality Velcro Strips

Following are the best quality velcro strips:

  • Darice Hook and Loop Strips
  • Homepie Store Sew-On Hook-and-Loop Strips
  • Yongshi Sew-On Hook-and-Loop Fasteners
  • Scotch Extreme Fasteners
  • Velcro Sew On Snag-Free Tape

How to Attach the Velcro Strips with a Truck?

In the case of attaching the velcro strips on the truck rails for the sake of adjusting the Tonneau cover on it, there are a few simple steps involved:

  • Open up the truck’s tailgate, and fold or remove the Tonneau cover. It will provide you with space to work without any hurdles.
  • Now clean the truck rails with ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL. This chemical substance allows the rails to clean more efficiently and accurately.
  • Then apply the sticking lubricant, allowing the velcro strip to attach to the truck’s side rails.
  • Attach the velcro strips and make holes in the rails with the help of a drill. These holes are drilled to set up the rivets.
  • Now adjust your Tonneau cover on the velcro Strips.

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Factors for Tonneau Cover Velcro Not Sticking

I have faced the problem of not sticking velcro strips. There can be involvement of several factors. I researched a lot in person to clarify all my ambiguities regarding the Truck and Tonneau covers. Therefore, after evaluating each problem, I write an article about it for the ease of my audience.

Everything has its pros and cons. But the primary benefit of the vector strips is that they act as the seals which tightly bind the Tonneau cover with them. So that there will be no space between the Tonneau cover and the bed rails, water leakage will be possible through that area.

There are following some factors which can cause the no sticking of velcro strips:

The oldness of Velcro Strips

With time, the grip of the loops of velcro strips becomes loose. Several reasons can cause ultimate non-sticking phenomena in the velcro strips. Some sub-factors are frequent opening and closing of the velcro strips, long-term usage of the same velcro strips, and the rough use of velcro strips.

Solution: replace the old strips with the new velcro strips.

Low-Quality Strips

Some people try to use low-quality materials to avoid spending EXTRA money. But in the case of velcro strips and Tonneau covers, you can not take any risks. If you use low-quality velcro strips, it will create problems in the sticking.

Solution: use the best quality velcro strips as mentioned above.

No Use of Adhesive Lubricant

When you are going to attach the velcro strips to the side rails of the truck bed, you must use the quality lubricant that will strongly bind the velcro strips with the bed rails. Also, if you don’t use the rivets, it can cause problems for both velcro strips and the Tonneau cover.

Solution: must use the lubricant that will bind the strips with rails. You can learn about Replacing Velcro on Tonneau Cover to change the strips if they are not sticking.


In this article, I elaborated on all the problems related to Tonneau Cover Velcro Not Sticking and the adjustment of the velcro strips for the Tonneau cover. Moreover, I have shared the types of velcro strips and the methods to adjust the velcro strips on the side rails of the Tonneau covers. So, by going through this article, you will be able to fix the errors regarding the velcro strips.

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