Tool Box vs Tonneau Cover – Is Tool Box and Bed Cover Combo good?

As a truck driver, I have to manage many things with my truck. There are times when I take food and edibles, and other times when I need household items. During an emergency, I may need various tools to help me. So, the toolbox and tonneau covers saved my back by keeping all this stuff in one place. What do you prefer, Tool Box vs. Tonneau Cover?

So people frequently ask me, Are truck toolboxes worth it? Or sometimes they ask about which is better, a Tonneau cover vs. Toolbox? In this article, I will share my experience and provide you with suggestions and detailed information about this topic.

Tool Box vs Tonneau Cover | All you need to know

In this part, you will learn about the details of the toolbox and tonneau covers in detail. What are they used for, and what benefits do they provide?

What is a Toolbox?

In the connotation of using or carrying the different tools, which we often carry in any journey, a particular box is needed to carry the tools. This box is known as the Toolbox. Now there is a point why it is so specific to put the tools in it. The answer is this box will keep the tools safe in one fixed place.

It will make it easy for you to find your tools in times of emergency. Moreover, it will keep your tools from exposure to any problematic factor (rusting, misplacement, etc.).

To learn how to secure the tool chest with your tonneau cover, you can read our detailed article on How to Secure Tool Chest to Truck Bed?

Benefits of the Toolbox

In terms of keeping the tools and other essential things safe, Toolbox is the best option and has several benefits. 

Fine Security

If you don’t want to roll your tools inside the bed of your truck, choose the Toolbox. A toolbox with its lock mechanism provides an extra edge in keeping things ultimately safe and secure.

Required Less Effort to Install

In the case of the Tonneau cover, you need a lot of time and effort to install the Tonneau cover. But when you are going to install the Toolbox, then you can see that it demands much less effort as compared to the Tonneau cover.

Role of Tonneau Cover

What is the purpose of a tonneau cover? So, I often hear that Tonneau covers are very beneficial and they are very user friendly, and are the perfect way of safety and security of goods and other things which you can carry during your journey.

Tonneau covers and Toolbox are directly related to each other in terms of security. They are like two wheels. Many people demand recommendations from me about installing the Tonneau cover and Toolbox simultaneously. So, I suggest that they need the Toolbox daily.

Tonneau Cover Advantages

There are several benefits that a Tonneau cover can provide to the users. Some of them are mentioned below:

Security of Large Size Cargo

Tonneau covers can carry even huge and heavy-duty cargo with ultimate security. A Tonneau cover can support you against every problematic element during your journey. Infact, I have a very outstanding experience and exposure with the Tonneau cover. 

Safety Against Drastic Weather Conditions

Tonneau covers provide the best safety against any drastic weather change. You can drive through any harsh wind, heavy rain, and drastic sand or thunderstorm; the manufacturer made the Tonneau covers by maintaining all standard quality measurements.

Varieties in Tonneau Covers

Another benefit of the Tonneau covers is that they are available in numerous varieties and qualities. They have prices starting from 200$ to 2000$ depending upon the quality of the Tonneau cover. 

You can use Hard and Soft folding covers, Retractable covers, and many other types. You can choose any type according to your demand and requirement.

Gas Mileage

Another beneficial aspect that Tonneau covers are the less use of gas. People inquired, Do Tonneau covers save gas? I observe this phenomenon, and it is accurate. Infact, this aspect has been proved by the experimental details. It also adjusts and makes better the aerodynamics of the truck during driving.

Personal Opinion

In my opinion, I used both of them. The reason is that a Toolbox is only for the security purpose of your tools. It does not work in the broad spectrum as that of the Tonneau cover. You can use Tool Box and Bed cover together to perfect your security. 

You will need a Tonneau cover if you want to go around the distance areas and stay there for a few days. So it’s a better option that you can install a Toolbox along a Tonneau cover.


This article covered all the possible aspects and questions. The misunderstandings in terms of using or installing the Tonneau cover and Toolbox have been eradicated by this article. I also mentioned my personal choice concerning the tonneau cover and Toolbox. By reading this article, you can make the right choice according to your requirements.

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