What is Soft Tonneau Cover? Worth it?

As a small makeup brand owner, I must cargo my delicate makeup products to customers. I always need a soft cover to keep my delicate items safe. I researched and learned about a Soft folding tonneau cover that protects the truck bed. Knowing this fact, I have been using this cover and want you to get familiar with the benefits. So, What is Soft Tonneau cover? Are soft tonneau Covers Worth it?

Everyone wants a tonneau cover that is easy to operate. I have been using a soft folding tonneau cover that is amazingly doing its job. Plus, it is unchallenging when it comes to opening and closing. This article will wholly cover What is Soft Bed Cover? What are the best Soft tonneau covers available on the market? In addition, there will be a comparison of soft and hard tonneau covers.

In my last article, I comprehensively covered What Hard Tonneau Cover is. This week I decided to discuss soft bed covers along with their merits. But let’s first get to know what a soft bed cover is.

What is a soft tonneau cover?

A soft tonneau cover is made up of soft vinyl and canvas material. The vinyl fabric is attached to an aluminum frame clamped to the truck bed. The velcro on the soft cover keeps the cover in its place. 

Due to its easy operation, I suggest beginners purchase a soft bed cover for their trucks. On top of it, Soft bed covers are not heavy on pockets. Soft covers do not provide the same level of security as the truck bed, but they still have many valuable benefits, which I have discussed below. 

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Benefits of Soft Tonneau Cover

Likewise, hard tonneau covers and soft tonneau covers also have some unique benefits.

Easy access to the Truck Bed

You have complete access to the truck bed with a soft bed cover. The soft vinyl fabric material is easy to operate with one hand. The velcro on the sides makes the folding or rolling handy.

All you need to do is roll the tonneau cover up near the bulkhead and get full access to the truck bed. Moreover, it does not take much time to fold.

Enhance the style of Truck

Soft tonneau covers have a very sleek low profile design. It sits inside the side rails smoothly and does not look bulky as some hard tonneau covers. Moreover, it pronounces the truck’s value by giving it a unique and classy style. 

Hold the Cargo 

As it is a soft bed cover, it keeps the lightweight cargo in its place without making them shift and move. Soft ones are low profile, meaning there is less chance of the cargo moving inside the truck bed.

Protect the load 

Soft tonneau covers protect the truck bed from outside components that may damage your cargo. 

Even though soft bed covers are lightweight, they are great at protecting the load or gear inside the truck bed from outer natural elements such as rain, snow, and UV rays. 

Less expensive

Compared to hard tonneau covers, soft ones are less expensive or budget-friendly. Most people get soft tonneau covers because of the price difference, as hard tonneau covers are expensive. 

Maintain Gas Mileage

Tonneau covers are mostly known for their maintenance in fuel economy. A soft cover helps reduce the aerodynamic drags; truck bedcovers improve the truck’s fuel efficiency by as much as 10%. 

With the increase in fuel prices, this one is becoming more beneficial and essential. 

How do you use a Soft Tonneau cover?

Plenty of soft truck bed covers in the market breakdown by price, durability, warranty, and level of security. In this regard, I have discussed using soft bed covers to give you a brief knowledge. 

Tonneau Cover Roll-up

Roll-up tonneau covers are the most common and traditional type. 

Why is it suggested to every newbie the tonneau cover because of its easy-to-operate mechanism? To get access to the truck bed, roll up the cover near the cab windscreen, fasten it by hook and loop straps, and Voila, you are good to take out and put in the cargo. 

What is the best soft roll-up tonneau cover?

Tonno Pro Lo pro soft roll-up tonneau cover comprises soft vinyl with tear-resistant black tarp material. It provides 100% access to the truck bed while ensuring the cargo is protected and secured. It allows a low-profile design to the truck and looks stylish. The Tonno pro lo pro has a lifetime warranty. 

Soft Folding Tonneau Cover

Folding bed covers have 3 or 4 panels that fold up. Both are durable and stable. The panels fold towards the cab and are exposed to as much of the truck bed as desired. This cover is easy to operate and can be locked in multiple open positions.

What is the best soft-folding tonneau cover?

Extang Trifecta 2.0 is a soft tri-fold tonneau cover. It mounts flush inside the bed rails and gives the truck a sleek, low-profile design. This cover has a sleek black color tarp that looks amazing and mesmerizes other’s eyes. Trifecta has softer curves that create a smooth and more contour appearance.  

The newly rebuilt frame, hinges, and corners give increased structural strength. The frame is built of lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum, making it the strongest in the market.

Snap-on Tonneau cover

Snap-on tonneau cover is ideal for those truck owners who do not want to cover their truck bed all the time. It is easily added or removed from the truck bed in seconds with its unique style of snapping design.

It is the perfect addition to your truck bed, protecting it from harsh outer elements. Also, snap-on tonneau covers are durable and keep the truck bed secure. 

What is the best Snap-on tonneau Cover? 

Lund Genesis elite snap Tonneau cover comprises premium HAARTZ twill weave fabric that looks like a rag top. The heavy-duty aluminum panels are great and last longer than you expected. 

Using the truck bed, unsnap one corner of the tonneau cover for quick access. 

Best soft Tonneau cover – Soft tonneau cover f150

There are many soft tonneau covers but not all fit above your f150. So here I pen down the best soft bed cover that perfectly fits and allows a sleek and stylish look. 

  • Tyger Auto T1 Soft Roll up tonneau cover
  • TruXedo TruXport Soft roll-up tonneau cover
  • Gator SRX soft roll up tonneau cover
  • BAK Revolver X2 bed cover
  • Lund Genesis Elite Roll up tonneau cover
  • Access Lorado bed cover
  • Pace Edwards Tonneau Cover

Soft tonneau cover Vs. Hard

The chief difference between these two is price. The soft bed cover range starts from $150, while the hard tonneau cover price starts from $500. 

The next significant difference between soft and hard tonneau covers is the ease of use. Tonneau covers made of soft fabric materials take less time and effort to fold in and out and require less hard labor. On the contrary, hard tonneau covers are made of heavily constructed materials requiring more energy.

Mostly, hard tonneau covers sit above the side bed rails and give a high-profile design. 

And a few hard tonneau covers give a low-profile look. Conversely to this, soft bed covers mounts flush inside the side bed rails and allow a low-profile design, which looks more sleek and stylish on the truck. Also, it adds value to the appearance of the truck.

How safe is a Soft Tonneau cover?

A soft tonneau cover excellently protects your cargo from the outer natural components. However, it is not as safe as the hard tonneau cover because thieves can easily break into it due to its soft material. 

So, if securing the truck bed is your primary concern, I recommend you purchase a hard tonneau cover. It is made out of hard and heavy materials and is knife-proof. 

Can you wash a truck with a Soft tonneau cover?

Can the tonneau cover go through a car wash? A car wash is not harmful to the tonneau covers. In other words, it would not damage the cover in wear and tear. 

Yes, a soft cover can go through a brush’s car wash. Some manufacturers suggest removing the soft bed cover before a car wash. 

Do soft tonneau covers lock?

Due to being made out of fabric, it is considered to break into and get access to the truck bed quickly. Because of this, manufacturers do not install the lock system in soft tonneau covers. Soft tonneau covers do not have a lock, and you must rely on the tailgate lock (if your tailgate has a lock).

Conclusion – Are Soft Tonneau covers worth it?

A soft tonneau cover is more popular due to its lightweight material and ease of use. It does not require much effort to roll up and down the cover and can be done with a single hand. In addition, these covers are less expensive as compared to hard ones. 

In this guide, I have thoroughly described what a soft cover is. So now you must purchase a soft vinyl tonneau cover. I believe it will blow your mind with its compatibility, storage space, and durability! 

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