Can You Use Tire Shine on Tonneau Cover? A Calculated Talk

I used my Tonneau cover in extreme conditions, and sometimes, due to my hectic routine, I often skipped cleaning my Tonneau cover. Then, I found cleaning the Tonneau covers with some easy methods even by using tire shine. I also checked my social platforms, where people asked me. How do you maintain a truck bed cover? Or Can you use tire shine on tonneau cover?

So in light of the above questions, I decided to write a comprehensive article for the sake of help in the context of shining Tonneau cover. In addition, I also elaborated on the easy ways to shine the Tonneau cover. 

What to Use for Shining My Cover?

If you have a soft Tonneau cover that is made up of vinyl or soft plastic, then you can use a mild soap cleaner, or you can also use a specialized shiner. It can prevent your Tonneau cover from corrosion, rigid dust stains, and old looks.

How to Use Tire Shiner on Tonneau Cover? 6 Easy Steps 

People often ask me Can you use tire shine on vinyl? How do you lubricate a tonneau cover? So to answer your questions, I created this section. This domain also involves very easy and smooth 6 steps:

  1. Wash the tonneau cover with soap and water to get rid of any dirt or oil that may have gotten on the vinyl from your hands.
  2. Shake or agitate the tire shine container to include any granules that could have accumulated after delivery or storage.
  3. After applying the tire shine on a clean cloth, use lengthy strokes to spread the product uniformly across the vinyl.
  4. Before reinstalling the tonneau into the truck bed, let the surface dry for an hour or until no streaks are evident.
  5. To get an even deeper sheen, you may add another layer of tire shine once the first has dried.
  6. Keep the leftover Tire Shine container in an excellent, dry location since prolonged exposure to heat might cause the formula to break down and become useless.

Tip: I suggest you spray the shiner from a distance of at least 10″ – 12″ on the Tonneau cover. 

How to Remove Extra Shiner?

In case of ignorance, if the extra shiner is being applied. Then clean it with a piece of soft cotton fabric. It is also true that cleaning after applying the shiner is inappropriate, but you can apply this method to remove the extra shiner.

Problems Related to Use of Shiner on Tires

Everything has its pros and cons. Using the shiner on your tire can enhance the surface’s shine. On the contrary, there are several reasons for not using the shiner. So I am going to mention some of the major problems in the context of using the tire shiner. The following problems are given below:

  • The shine won’t dry if you apply it to a wet surface.
  • Tire shine is a problem to apply too much since it is shiny and tends to be quite runny in consistency.
  • The solvent used is the source of some consumers’ complaints that their covers stink after using this product on vinyl. In contrast, to wash coverings, if you use water-based items, the stench will fade after a few days.
  • When applying tire shine to their tonneau cover, many individuals complain about streaks and increased fabric material (such as microfiber) absorbency.
  • If you have shone on your hands when washing your car, it will stain your wrist and clothes.

What is the Best Tonneau Cover Cleaner?

Several cleaning products are available in the market for cleaning purposes. In this section, I will recommend those products that I have already used for cleaning that will answer the question: How do I make my tonneau cover look new?

  • 303 products automotive Tonneau covers
  • Meguiars’s Mirror Glaze Vinyl and Rubber Cleaner
  • Truxedo Pro-teX Protectant Spray
  • Extang 1181 Tonno tonic
  • Protex World Convertible Soft Top Canvas Seals and Products


This article environs all the factors related to the shine the Tonneau covers. Also, I covered all the queries people often asked me on social platforms. You can shine your Tonneau cover using the Tire shiner by reading this article. All sections of this article are designed with complete information and my experiences, so you can fully benefit from the situation. 

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