Tonneau Cover vs Bed Tent | A Complete Comparison

During the distant journeys, I face several natural and unnatural factors. It’s all about the natural phenomena so that anything can happen during your long-running journeys; it can be heavy rain, snow, dust storms, etc. Then, people use the Tonneau covers and keep their goods safe and sound. Tonneau Cover vs Bed Tent, which one is better? This article will help you find the honest answer to this ambiguity.

Sometimes you have to go with your family and peers for an outing and party. Then you can’t bring your Tonneau cover with you. On such an occasion, anyone can consider the option of camping, and for camping, one must need a proper camp that can guard the driver against extreme climate behavior. 

People often ask me on social platforms which is better, a Tonneau cover or a bed tent. So I suggest they have to follow their demand according to the situation.

What is a Tonneau Cover?

The top of your pickup truck’s bed often has a cover called a tonneau that sits flat. Truck bed covers come in various styles, such as a hard fiberglass model or a soft type that clips onto your bed rails. A tonneau cover’s primary function is to secure and safeguard your cargo by protecting it from the elements and theft.

Types of Tonneau Covers

There are the following types of Tonneau covers.

  • Roll-up tonneau covers
  • Folding tonneau covers
  • Hard top tonneau covers
  • Snap-on tonneau covers
  • Expandable tonneau covers

For detailed analysis and descriptions of the types of tonneau covers, you can read our another article, Types of Truck Bed Covers in 2022

What is a Bed Tent for Trucks?

A bed is a type of tonneau cover you can replace from one place to another while installed on the truck bed. So installing a bed tent instead of a Tonneau cover has its prior features and access. In this context, it minimizes the need for a hunting or trip camp as you have already installed a bed tent. 

Types of Bed Tents

Below are some of the best tents, toppers, and campers to buy if you want to convert your truck into a mobile hunting camp. A tent cot or camping tent cot could also be placed within your truck bed, depending on its size:

  • Napier Sportz Truck Tent
  • ARE Overland
  • LEER 180CC
  • ARB Simpson III Rooftop Tent
  • Front Runner RTT
  • Thule Tepui Hybox Wedge
  • Magnolia AirLand Plus
  • James Baroud Discovery XXL
  • ATO Overland Atlas
  • GFC Platform Camper

Need of The Bed Tent | Why is it important?

People drop their query many times that Are bed tents a good idea? In terms of frequent camping and the rest. So I will recommend to them that they must do it strategically. When I often go outside the town for several days, I prefer to use bed tents during my stay.

There are many smooth ways to use the bed tent instead of the Tonneau cover. I do it by folding my tonneau cover and installing the tent bed. But in the case of the hard or retractable Tonneau cover. It will challenge you to keep that cover safe after removing it.

How to Install the Bed Tent?

There are several steps involved in the installation of the Tonneau cover:

Step 1: Adjust the Truck Level

Adjust the Truck level by parking it on a smooth surfaced land. It will help to adjust the tent angles during installation.

Step 2: Roll up The Tonneau Cover

It is necessary to roll up the Tonneau cover when you are going to install a bed Tent. It will provide you with more space.

Step 3: Install the Tent

Install the tent according to the particular adjustments. All the tents have their specification in terms of installation.

Step 4: Strap Down the Tent

If you are using the rooftop, there is no need to strap it down because it has already adjusted with the rails. But other tents need to be secured with the help of straps.

Why are some Bed Tent users Preferred on Tonneau cover?

Most people use their Tonneau covers for camping. Some of them use the bed tents instead of Tonneau cover; both have their spectrum. In the case of the Tonneau cover, it is easy and quick to set up everything and spend a night or two.

Tonneau cover indeed provides the best safety and security. It is very vigilant against water leakage in the bed. But the biggest drawback is that the Tonneau cover provides very little space. If you want to mark time and are comfortable adjusting the Tonneau cover, you can go for it.

But if you want to spend a night with a much larger space and complete comfort, then you can remove your Tonneau cover and opt for the bed Tent.

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Conclusion | Tonneau Cover vs Bed Tent – Which one is better?

Both tents and tonneau covers offer excellent security and increase your truck’s utility. Consider your priorities and how you want to utilize your truck before deciding between a tonneau cover and a bed tent.

In this article, I have explained all possible and essential steps, logic, and reasons, including my experiences with the queries of using Truck beds. Tonneau covers are helpful, but to some extent, people also use the Truck Bed Tents, particularly for long-term camping in any weather conditions. With the help of this article, you can quickly adapt your required options according to the camping conditions.

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