How to fix tonneau cover latch? Technical Answers

Tonneau covers are beneficial in keeping safe and securing the goods. I frequently used my Tonneau covers during my journeys. But, sometimes you face unwanted experiences like recently, my tonneau cover got damaged during a journey, and I could not open it once closed. The main reason was the latch; I fixed it using different approaches. Now providing you with the guide on How to fix tonneau cover latch? It is a fact that when a Tonneau cover gets damaged, it becomes a headache, in case you don’t know how to fix it.

This talk will tell you how to fix a tonneau cover. And how do I fix my Tonneau cover latch and provide the reasons for latch issues? Moreover, there will be a brief discussion about the Velcro fixing and fixing latch on tri-fold tonneau covers later in the article.

Reasons Behind the Tonneau Cover Latch

There are several reasons involved in the Tonneau covers latch problem. So I am going to guide you according to the problem:

Jammed Due to Dust

A widespread reason is that dust causes problems for the Tonneau covers due to intense driving. It also got jammed due to dust and dirt particles. It is not so much a severe or intense issue. It can be resolved by proper cleaning.

Damaged or Broken Covers

It is hard to open the broken or damaged Tonneau cover. I found this issue more sensitive than the dust or dirt issue, and you can not cope with only cleaning or minor repairs. Replacement is required for these issues.

Not Properly Aligned

This problem, I faced an issue in alignment due to the damaged hinge. Also, It can be possible if the frame is bent or the excessive use of the cover. 

Ceased Latch

Here is another factor involved in the malfunctioning of the Tonneau cover. It is caused by snow, ice, or any other particle material that makes the cover cease.

Why does my tonneau Cover Keep Popping Up

I also faced this issue, and in this regard, I also received many queries. This problem occurs when the latch is not locked correctly. So I fixed this issue by pressing the cover so the latch would lock properly.

How to Fix a Latch in Tonneau Cover?

Fixing a latch is a crucial thing to know for a truck owner. This issue is directly related to covering the bed of a truck. Following are the tips on how to fix the tonneau cover latch issues.

Cleaning the Latch

I started this process by cleaning the latch. Clean all the dust, debris, or other material particles blocking. It can be done with the help of a cleaning brush or even with the expired TOOTHBRUSH. 

Tip: Repeat this process twice for better removal of particles.

Apply the Lubrication

After cleaning the latch, with the help of a brush, I applied a Branded Lubrication and left the latch spare for a while so that the lubrication works more efficiently and removes the rigid dust and other particles.

Now spread the lubrication with the help of a brush. It will erase all rigid dust and other materials. 

Set the Alignment of Latch

Now I set the cleaned latch with the proper alignment. This process is not so hard that one can’t do this. I aligned the latch with the Tonneau cover with the help of a small screwdriver and other tools. 

Tip: Perfect alignment helps the cover open/close correctly.

Changing the Latch?

I found this process relatively easy and more efficient. That is why I go smoothly through it. But, in your case, if this process does not work correctly. Change your latch and install a NEW one. Have you wondered how long tonneau covers last? check our detailed guide on this.

How do You Fix Velcro On a Truck Bed Cover?

I also fixed the velcro on my truck bed. This process is not so difficult to understand and perform. This fixation consists of the following aspects.

Remove the Velcro Strips

In the first step, I removed my truck’s old velcro strip rails. I did this on both sides of the rails of my truck.

Use Isopropyl Alcohol for Cleaning

Then I used isopropyl alcohol to clean the rails before attaching the new velcro strips.

Attachment of New Velcro Strips

After cleaning the rails, I plant the new velcro strips on them.

How Do You Latch a Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover?

There is no hard and fast rule for adjusting the latch of a tri-fold tonneau cover. While installing the Tri-Fold Tonneau cover, Close the cover and twist the rare clamp of one side of the bed under the cover. Pull down the clamp, and it will be locked when you have done twisting. The exact process is followed for the other side of the bed.


Extracting the whole discussion, I elaborated on all the possible factors in the context of latch issues and adjustment. I also addressed some queries related to this topic. You can apply these methods for the sake of fixing your latch issues.

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