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The Gator Tonneau cover franchise has a vast range of unique Tonneau covers. These Tonneau covers are very reliable and smooth to use. I have used many of their Tonneau covers. Having expertise in the field of Tonneau covers, I can vouch for their ability to produce quality and user-friendly products. I recently wrote about Gator ETX Soft Roll-Up Review.

For the US market, Tonneau covers generate a lot of revenue. The Tonneau cover production markets are available in bulk in the other regions, particularly in the US. Almost 1210.6 million USD of the revenue was generated in 2020, which will be enhanced to 2330.8 million USD by the end of 2026, with a growing rate of 9.7%.

People asked me a lot of queries regarding the brief review of the ETX Soft Tonneau covers. Regarding the installation, durability, features, etc., I will cover all possible aspects of the Gator ETX soft roll-up Tonneau covers in this article.

Gator ETX Soft Roll Up Review | All you need to know 

People ask me to give a review in general perspective on the gator soft tonneau cover, and this time they generally demand the gator roll-up tonneau cover review. So, I decided to write a review on the Gator ETX roll-up Tonneau covers. 

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Gator ETX soft roll-up Tonneau covers are very prominent among the soft Tonneau covers. As an expert, I found it more beneficial and user-friendly. I have to state comments about the Tonneau covers by focusing on their key features. These features are the basic area of interest from a customer’s point of view.

Usually, soft Tonneau covers are made up of soft and stretchy material. But somehow, manufacturers leave flaws in their production, so the Tonneau cover cannot stand against the violent conditions. But in the case of ETX Tonneau covers, it is made up of Industrial-grade leather-grain vinyl. This is a delicate material for the production of the ultimate protection and a high-quality soft Tonneau cover. 

The fact that the Gator ETX Tonneau cover is water resistant is another crucial aspect that interests me when I use it, especially while driving in erratic weather. I was frequently questioned about Gator ETX leaks.

However, the Gator ETX’s rubber seals overlap the bed rails to create a tight seal. The cover, however, is already weather-resistant due to the leather used in its construction. So, thanks to the ingenious water-resistant system of my Tonneau cover, I may travel without restriction across the area, even in climatically extreme situations.

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The next feature is related to the user’s access to the bed while your Tonneau cover is already installed. 100% Bed Access makes it more appealing for the customers and experts. I have used this Tonneau cover for a long time, and I found it very cooperative in accessing my bed while also installing it.

Sometimes, you think that, like other hardcovers, you can move with the soft Tonneau covers. So, like other Gator hardcovers as they provide the partial opening facility in their Tonneau covers. You can also move freely with the partially opened ETX Tonneau cover. But with my experience, I advised you that you should either make it fully open or fully close. 

People frequently inquire about the installation of the Gator ETX tonneau cover. You require various tools and equipment if you have many Tonneau covers. But there is no need to bring any specialized or highly technical gear when installing the Gator ETX. It will take only 20-30 minutes. The fitting style of the ETX Tonneau covers is attached inside the bed rails for a low profile.

The Gator ETX’s clamp-on design enables straightforward, no-drill installation on most vehicles. In most automobiles, you need only essential tools like a socket wrench to complete the installation. Gator offers a two-year warranty on this cover against any manufacturing problems.

In the context of gator ETX vs. gator SRX, the Gator ETX truck bed cover has Industrial-grade leather and is made of grain vinyl. Folding these panels allows complete access to the bed. At the same time, the SRX has similar material. There is no prominent difference between both covers. Both provide the best durability and a moderate, affordable price.

When I used the Gator SR1 to compare the ETX, I found another new exposure to the Tonneau covers. Gator made both of the tonneau covers. Both operate in a roll-up manner. The installation of SR1 is more straightforward than installing its peers. The composition of SR1 is stronger than the ETX. 

The weather protection on SR1 is better. Both the weight and the size of SR1 are higher. Equally protected from thieves are both covers. Unlike its competitor, ETX offers a lifetime warranty rather than a 5-year one. To some extent, SR1 is a pricey product. So from my experience, if you can afford a high-rate Tonneau cover, you can go for the SR1 Tonneau cover. But if you want to remain in a limited range, the Gator ETX is the best choice.

In addition, when I used the Gator ETX tri-fold Tonneau cover, it was the same as the ETX Roll Up Tonneau cover. The significant difference between them is the shape of both covers. One is available in complete roll-up, and the second is in a tri-panel system.

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Features and Specifications of Gator ETX Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

Every Cover manufacturing brand claims to create an ultimate product for its users. The key features are the natural face of a claim. So, the features of Gator ETX are:

  • Performance parts are Available.
  • Black in color.
  • Placement on Vehicle’s Rear, but it will not cover the rearview.
  • Available in a very Sharp and Finish Textured
  • The material of composition is Grain Vinyl
  • California Prop 65 Warning Cancer Reproductive is associated.
  • Attachment Type is by the use of Clamps.


  • A reasonable pricing range
  • Stake pockets are left uncovered.
  • Supported by a lifetime limited warranty


  • In adverse circumstances, a single latch allows the lid to come off.

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In this article, you can find the possible answers to your queries regarding the Gator ETX Roll-up Tonneau covers. Normally, people ignore the basic knowledge about the Tonneau covers, so to cover up that problem, I have written this article for you. This article comprises my personal experience with the Gator ETX Tonneau covers. Also, I have compared the gator ETX with other competitive Tonneau covers. This will enhance your knowledge and exposure in the context of Gator Tonneau covers and provide the ease of adopting the best option for you, which meets your daily usage requirements.

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