A.R.E Fusion Tonneau Cover Review – April 2023

So you own a pickup truck but have not yet installed a tonneau cover? A tonneau cover is an effective way to cover the exposed truck bed. It protects the truck bed contents from scorching heat and heavy rainwater. However, the question arises here which tonneau cover goes best for you? As you are newer to this, I suggested you purchase A.R.E Fusion Tonneau Cover.

You have to consider various things before buying a tonneau cover, like which type and material give the best protection and security to the cargo. To save your precious time looking into different articles, I have written this complete review on A.R.E Fusion Tonneau cover for you that covers all areas. 

A.R.E Fusion Tonneau Cover Review – Are Hard Tonneau Cover?

To give you proper and comprehensive insight, I will explain every bit of this tonneau cover for your better understanding. Additionally, it helps in deciding whether to purchase or not. 

Before diving into descriptive detail, let me give you a quick overview of this A.R.E Fusion hard folding tonneau cover. 

Key Features and Specifications

  • Brand: A.R.E Fusion
  • Style: Hard folding
  • Material:  Aluminum
  • Exterior: painted
  • Lock type: tailgate
  • Bed access: 100%
  • Item weight: 80 pounds
  • Product dimensions: ‎68 x 28 x 8 inches
  • Warranty: 5 years on cover and lifetime on paint

As I mentioned earlier, there are many things you must have to consider before buying a tonneau cover. To get better knowledge about the Extang Xceed tonneau cover, you must read the following paragraphs that help you decide whether to buy a tonneau cover and which one is right for you.


A.R.E. Fusion tonneau covers are made of a material called aluminum. This solid and durable composite material is resistant to impact, UV rays, and extreme temperatures. Moreover, the cover is also coated with a textured finish that provides a sleek look while also providing additional protection against scratches and other types of damage. 

This heavy-duty aluminum gives ultimate protection to my valuables. 

What about the frame material? 

The cover frame features aluminum panels, making the cover more durable. This flush-mounted tonneau cover allows a low-profile design that gives my truck a sleek and nice look. Since the material is lightweight, the cover installation was uncomplicated for me.


The A.R.E Fusion tonneau cover features a very low-profile design. And it takes the look of the truck to the next level. The low profile design combines with a smooth black color, making the tonneau cover look classy. 

The water strips do not add much height to the cover and keep the cover almost level with the truck bed. It has a really lovely fit. 

The cover overhangs a little bit on the tailgate and has no gap, which is excellent. Because this way, it holds most of the water and prevents it from getting inside the truck bed. 

As for the type, A.R.E Fusion is a hard tri-folding tonneau cover. How much does it protect the cargo?

So, A.R.E Fusion works similarly to the soft vinyl ones but adds more protection and security to the cargo inside the truck bed. When folded up near the windscreen, the cover gives complete bed access to its owner. You can secure the cover by using two outstanding features.

One is the hook and loop straps. It is located at the front of the cover. So when you fold up the cover, you can fasten it by hook and loop straps. It gives ⅔ bed access. 

The next is prop rods. When using the complete bed to add oversize and heavy objects, fold the cover forward and secure it using prop rods. It allows you a complete bed for your cargo. With these prop rods, you get a really nice 90-degree angle of your tonneau cover.

If you want to remove these prop rods (arms), you can always lean them toward your cab. 

Locking Mechanism 

A.R.E. Fusion tonneau covers use a locking mechanism to secure the cover to the truck’s bed. The locking mechanism is typically located at the front and rear of the cover and can operate by a single hand. 

The cover lock is in place when the locking mechanism engages and can easily open to access the truck bed when needed.


Unlike other hard fold tonneau covers, this A.R.E Fusion truck bed cover takes 15-20 minutes to install. Drop the cover at the front side of the truck bed and clamp it. This cover requires no drilling and special tools for fitting. And on top of this, it comes pre-assembled. 

Note: Cutting or trimming can only be required if your truck bed has a bed mat. 

How do you install an A.R.E Fusion tonneau cover?

Firstly, clean the surface of the truck bed with an alcohol rubbing pad, so it removes all the dirt and debris. Next, place the weatherstrip over the bulkhead side (from one-bed cap to the other) so it channels the water out of the bed. 

Further, attach the bed rails and install clamps in order to make them fit precisely. Ensure the rails are aligned. Additionally, drop the cover at the front side of the truck and embed it properly, so it does not slip from its place. Unfold the cover towards the tailgate and inculcate it into the bed rails. Furthermore, we have covered this in a detailed guide on how to install a tonneau cover.


If you have stuck around this far, you can quickly confess how the A.R.E Fusion tonneau cover performs. This heavy-duty aluminum cover can stand in any weather condition without wear and tear. In addition, the cover has weather strips that ensure high weather protection and keep the cargo dry. 

The painted hard fold cover protects the cargo while giving a low-profile design.


  • Aluminum panels can paint to match your truck’s color.
  • Drain tubes help to direct the water out of bed.
  • A smooth and sleek low-profile design helps to achieve a seamless appearance.
  • It features a dual-action tailgate.
  • The support arms (prop rods) hold the cover and provide you complete bed.
  • Comes with battery operated LED light.
  • Lined up carpet underneath the panels.


  • It is heavy on pockets.
  • The cover leaks in some places.

A.R.E Fusion are hard Tonneau Cover – In a Nutshell

A.R.E Fusion tonneau covers integrate the custom look of paint that complements your truck’s overall appearance. Manufactured with a heavy-duty aluminum material that makes it dent and scratch resistant. Additionally, Fusion can operate by either side of the truck bed and provide complete bed access. 

It integrates with an LED light which helps to access the cargo in the dark. Moreover, the underneath side (panels) are lined up with carpet, ensuring that the cargo is safe. The seal is placed on the interior and exterior side of the truck bed, so the water does not seep inside the bed.

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