How to Install Tonneau Cover? Instructions and Quick Ways

The tonneau cover is an excellent addition to your truck. As a truck owner, I must use my truck for my small business cargo delivery. I had to take and ship a lot of items. As I need to take things on my truck, I have to cover the truck. I ordered the cover and needed to learn how to install it. I searched a lot, read several articles, and watched videos to get a proper and correct idea of How to install a Tonneau cover.

Likewise, you get it and need to know How to install Tonneau cover? Then you come to the right place. The fitting procedure is trouble-free, but you need to know some basic instructions and critical points for a snug fit. In this article, I will disclose all the instructions and methods for installing bed covers. So without any worry, you can use the same technique to fit your bed cover. 

How to Install Tonneau truck bed cover?

Tonneau covers come in different sizes (according to your truck) and types. They help to cover your cargo from outer elements. Once you get your tonneau cover, it’s time to fit it over your truck to give it style and value. The below instructions will be enough, but sometimes you may seek trouble, which requires contacting a manufacturer.

There are two main types of tonneau covers by truck owners, soft and hard bed covers. The soft tonneau cover is easy to install and can be fitted alone by one person. The hard tonneau cover is heavy and can be installed with the help of 2-3 persons. Here is the rundown on how to install the Tonneau cover bed cover.


First, you need to prepare all the gadgets which are going to be used in installing the tonneau cover. I unboxed the package. And in the box, they have a fully easy-to-follow step-by-step instruction guide. There were all the hardware tonneau cover accessories, such as C-clamps, rods, and the bulkhead seals of the cab. In addition, you need mounting bolts for the front cover and the rails inside the box. 

Tip: The rails will likely come in a separate box if you have a pickup truck six and a half or eight feet.

Tonneau Cover Installation Instructions

I ensured I had all the required tools placed next to me before the installation. The tools I used for the fitting of the bed cover are:

  • Wrench
  • Scissor
  • Tape measure
  • Additional clamps
  • Drill 
  • Eye goggles

How to install Bulkhead seal?

First, I used a bulkhead seal because my truck has a painted rail. I placed it right above the bed cap on the end of the surface, facing the sky across the other side. Then, I trimmed it according to the length.

Warning: This step will not be required if your truck has a plastic bed liner that wraps over the bulkhead.  

How to Install Tailgate seal?

I prepped the area for the tailgate seal by cleaning it with alcohol. So the tape stuck well and did not come off. I took the tailgate seal and measured it out to get the distance. I put it on one side to the other end to know how long I needed it, then I took the scissors and cut them off. 

Likewise bulkhead tape, I peeled the seal and lined it up to the tailgate. I did the same on the long sides of the truck where the tailgate closed. Placed the tape down to the bottom up. Then, I carefully cut off the extra tape to look better and seal it better. 

How to install Tonneau cover Rails?

I started attaching the rails when my bed seals were set on. I lifted one rail and put it on one of the sides. That was something handy. I picked up plastic clamps to hold the rails in place while getting everything attached. They won’t scratch the paint and are very useful.

Next, I took the clamp and put it on the front. I secured the clamps as high as I could, so it helped in keeping the bed rail level. Once I had it up inside the rail, I made sure to snug it a bit with the help of a wrench. So it holds the rail in place.  

Another thing to keep in mind is to keep these clamps straight because that’s the way they will hold the best. Furthermore, I locked the ridges of the clamps inside of the rail. That’s what holds the rail and clamps in place. 

Moving to the other clamp, I made sure to attach it as close to the center as possible. I placed it high inside the rails for best hold. Again I snug this one a bit. 

I did not tighten it up to ensure that I did not have to adjust the rail after that. We may need it to raise or lowered where it looks nice and level. Then, I attached the last back clamp. 

Tip: Ensure you double-check your tailgate to know if it is going to close properly 

How to tighten the Clamps of the Bed Cover?

Once I was done with all my checking, I started tightening the clamps in the best possible way. I started with the center one. Ensure you give them a little wiggle. I used the same installation method on the other side of the rail. 

Attach Adjuster Blocks

When my side rails were attached, the next step was to attach the adjuster blocks. These blocks fit easily inside the rails. So I put the blocks down inside the rail. I further lock them in place with the help of the cotton pin. Ensure to put the adjustor block in the same spot on the other side. Otherwise, you will need to set your cover tension properly.

Adjust/ Align – Bolt Down

Lastly, gently adjust and align the tonneau cover and put the bolts inside the slots. To ensure it is fitted, I rolled the cover out and pulled the sides to cancel out all the wrinkles and other stuff. Moreover, I set the velcro with soft hands to assure it looks excellent and outstanding. 

How to Install Tonneau Cover with Bed liner?

The bed liner prevents the truck from rusting and getting any scratches. It works as a layer of protection. It is probably used by those drivers who put the cargo and equipment on the back of the truck. 

Most tonneau covers will not cause any disturbance to the bed liners, while some do. In this case, trimming of the bed liner is required at the bulkhead. Fitting the tonneau cover over the bed liner requires more effort and extra time.

How to install Tonneau cover Clamps?

The clamp comes in a C-shaped frame/ C-clamp and has a screw going through it. It helps to keep things tightened and secure in place. Additionally, it stops them from sliding. I install the tonneau cover simply by adjusting and then tightening the clamps inside the rails. 

It stopped the rail from sliding and moving. Moreover, it kept the rail at the right level. Clamps gave support by getting a snug fit into the rail. 

Final Thoughts

Installing the tonneau cover is handy, but you must be careful while adjusting it. I comprehensively described how to set your bed cover over the truck properly. Fitting the tonneau cover requires some time. Remember, your truck bed cover can stay longer, so there is no need to rush. Additionally, you do not have to make any hasten that results in damage. 

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