Tonneau Cover Vs No Cover – Comparative Discussion

Still driving your pickup without a tonneau cover? It’s okay, but it is not ideal. My family and I decided to go fishing and hiking now and then. I often noticed that everything in the truck got shifted and spilled. In addition, we faced difficulty when suddenly heavy rain started as well. We decided to install a tonneau cover over our pickup to cope with this. But the first question that arose in my mind was; whether we should install a tonneau cover or no cover would go best for us. 

To get to know all the benefits and drawbacks of the tonneau cover, I did a lot of research and found out many facts I was unaware of before. My research gave me enough knowledge to make a guide for the newbies who have yet to learn what a tonneau cover is and the reason for installing it. So keep reading this for your better understanding.

What is a Tonneau Cover?

A tonneau cover can install over the pickup or truck to keep the cargo and luggage safe. It added more security and gave style to the truck. In addition, it prevents the truck bed from getting damaged.

What is a tonneau cover used for?

You are hauling your truck while exposing your cargo to the world, and on reaching, you will see your cargo covered in dust and debris. Or you park your truck and come back only to find out your cargo has been stolen. 

Installing a tonneau cover over your truck bed will secure your belongings and fix all the problems. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tonneau Cover

Tonneau covers are made out of hard and soft materials. Their primary purpose is to save your objects from outer elements and the eyes of prey. But like every other thing, a tonneau cover has pros and cons. You must know all of them before purchasing or ordering a tonneau cover. 

Tonneau cover might be pricey depending on the type and brand you choose.



One of the most significant comfort and ease of installing a truck bed cover is protection. A tonneau cover provides your cargo with complete protection from every element. Either it is heavy rain, snow, or heat. 

Tonneau covers have weatherstripping on the edges that prevent the water from getting inside. It will prevent your cargo from getting dirty. Moreover, Installing a bed cover over the truck will save the objects from UV rays that may damage them. Some tonneau covers deliver top-notch protection. 

Added Security

You leave your truck unattended and return to know your cargo got stolen. What will you do then? Whether you are hauling your cargo in a town or parked the truck overnight in your driveway without covering, there are chances of losing your things. It is essential to install a tonneau cover.

A tonneau cover secures your cargo from the eyes of thieves. All tonneau covers give security to the objects, but hard tonneau covers are the most secure and can not be cut through when locked. 

Do Tonneau Covers Save Gas?

Do Tonneau Covers Save Gas? It is the most hyped advantage of installing a tonneau cover. When you fit a bed cover over your truck, there is less chance of wind drag. It will help reduce the aerodynamic drag and potentially improve fuel efficiency by as much as 10%. 

The tonneau cover allows smoother and faster movement of the truck. When you have less drag, your trucks use less gas.


A tonneau cover gives your truck more style and a polished look. It completes the overall appearance of the truck and provides the bland, exposed truck with a neat look. As tonneau covers come in glossy and matte colors, you choose what kind of bed cover you choose. 

All soft roll-in, folding and retractable tonneau covers give a low-profile and sleek look. On the contrary, hardcovers are famous for their rugged and matte appearance. 

Prevents Corrosion of the Truck Bed

A tonneau cover prevents your cargo from harsh elements and keeps the truck bed from rusting and corrosion. Some truck beds are made of steel, and when rain directly hits them, it causes rusting and gets damaged with time. 

To avoid damage and rusting, you must install a tonneau cover. Otherwise, you must live with the rusted truck bed or spend money re-coating it. 

Helps retain resale value

It is the most ignorable fun fact about installing a tonneau cover. You decide to sell your truck or pickup but observe the rusting part on your bed. Is it worth selling? Getting a buyer to pay for a truck with a rusted truck bed must be difficult. 

It is essential to install a tonneau cover to keep your truck from rusting. Earlier, truck owners assumed that covering truck beds with a mat worked well to keep out the water. But it could only protect the bed from rain, yet rainwater gets into it. And leads the truck bed to rust and ruins it. 


Demands a high Cost

The utmost cons of the tonneau cover are its price. Although prices vary on the brands and types you opt for, they still start from $200. Soft tonneau covers are less pricey compared to hard ones. Hard tonneau covers added extra protection and security to the cargo. So it is essential to do a lot of research on the types and installation methods before purchasing a tonneau cover.

Installation is Not a Joke

You may find it handy but installing a tonneau cover over your truck is more challenging than shown in the videos. There are two kinds of tonneau cover; one with no drilling method, installed by latching the clamps, and the other with drilling holes to attach the bed rails. 

Some people think they can install a tonneau cover by themselves, but once they start, they get stuck on one or the other part. If you are unsure of installation, it is better to call a manufacturer or professional. It is essential to install a truck bed cover properly. 

Difficult to use with other Truck Accessories

You installed a tonneau cover that prevents access to the other truck accessories. In this case, opt for a tonneau cover with accessories that gives access to other truck accessories like a toolbox, bed cover racks, etc. 

Truck but NO Cover

What do you think the cargo flies out if the truck bed is not covered? Does covering the cargo stop it from bouncing around the truck bed? 

If you completely cover your truck bed, then there is no chance that the cargo flying outside. In addition, covering the truck bed with a tonneau cover keeps the objects in their place. 

Knowing for what purpose you are using your truck or pickup is necessary. Suppose you utilize the truck to go outside without adding equipment back inside the truck bed. Then there is no need to spend the penny purchasing a truck bed cover. 

While on the contrary. If you put a load on your truck bed and do not cover it, dirt and debris get all over your valuable things. Also, without a tonneau cover, the truck bed catches the air that passes over. This causes drag which makes the engine work harder. Another factor is your cargo might get stolen in your absence. 

So it is essential to install a tonneau cover over your truck bed to keep the cargo safe and sound. It can protect and secure your luggage and enhance your truck’s look. 

Final Thoughts 

Having a tonneau cover over the truck bed is all perk. Initially, it is considered just a waste of money. But eventually, people know the worth and advantages of the tonneau cover once it gets installed. The bed cover protects and secures your cargo. In addition, add value and style to your vehicle. I have thoroughly elaborated on whether installing a tonneau cover has more advantages than no cover.

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