10 Best Retractable Tonneau Cover For F150 – May 2023

Searching for the Best Retractable Tonneau Cover for F150? Our review of the top-rated options in the market has got you covered. From materials and durability to security and ease of use, we’ll cover everything you need to know to make an informed decision. Read on to discover which retractable tonneau cover is the best fit for your F150 and take your truck’s cargo protection to the next level.

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Getting the perfect fit tonneau cover is everyone’s wish. When there are plenty of retractable tonneau covers, it is sure that you might get confused. For the F150 truck, I specify some of the best tonneau covers. Therefore, here is the rundown of my top picks.

Retractable tonneau cover comes in two types: tri-fold and quad-fold mechanism. It is still under debate which one is better for your vehicle. Well, today’s article will discuss the best retractable truck bed covers. Retractable tonneau covers quickly and easily roll up into compact storage, or you can say a canister box. When the cover retracts into the canister box, it provides its user complete bed access in order to put large and massive items. 

Both tri-fold and quad-fold have similar functions. However, differences lie in their design, waterproofing, and bed access. There are tons of retractable tonneau covers on the market, and purchasing the right one is tricky. In this article, I will choose the 10 best retractable tonneau covers for F150. So, keep reading this.

Review of the Best Retractable Tonneau Cover for F150

The tonneau covers below are the best I’ve used. They do a great job covering my truck bed and keeping the cargo away from prying eyes. My reviews will help you better understand these covers.

Roll N Lock M-Series Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Key Features and Specifications

  • Brand: Roll N Lock 
  • Model: M Series
  • Style: retractable
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Exterior: Aluminum
  • Lock type: tailgate
  • Bed access: 100%
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Item weight: 96 pounds
  • Product dimensions: ‎74 x 13 x 12.5 inches

Unboxing: After reading hundreds of reviews on Amazon and other forums, I decided to give it a try for the sake of this guide and hit the order button. To my surprise. the Roll N Lock M-Series Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Cover is well-packaged and arrived with all the necessary hardware for installation. The package includes the cover, the track system, and the necessary bolts and clamps. The instructions provided are clear and easy to follow.

The M-Series Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Cover is designed to be a high-quality, durable, and secure tonneau cover for pickup truck owners. It is made of heavy-duty aluminum slats, which are interlocked to provide a solid and secure cover for your cargo. The cover also features a patented clamp-on track system, which allows for easy installation and removal of the cover. The cover can be locked in any position, giving you the flexibility to haul larger items without having to completely remove the cover.

The M-series tonneau cover has vinyl over the aluminum top, which maintains a classic appearance while providing strength to the cover. 

This cover allows a low profile design which reduces the wind drag and improves fuel efficiency. It comes with a unique latching mechanism that locks into place in three open positions.


  • Provides excellent security for your cargo
  • Heavy-duty aluminum slats protect against the elements
  • Low profile design gives your truck a sleek and modern look
  • The patented clamp-on track system allows for easy installation and removal
  • Can be locked in any position for flexibility in hauling larger items
  • Easy to roll up and lock in place with just one hand


  • More expensive than some other tonneau cover options
  • May not be compatible with some truck bed accessories such as bed extenders or liners.
Final Verdict:
Overall, the Roll N Lock M-Series Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Cover is a high-quality and durable tonneau cover that provides excellent security and ease of use. While it may be more expensive than some other options, it is a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to protect their cargo and enhance the look of their truck. Besides this, this tonneau cover is your best buddy when you decide to haul your truck. It does not flap and creates noises. Moreover, it keeps the cargo safe and secure

Syneticusa Retractable Hard Tonneau Cover 

Key Features and Specifications

  • Brand: Syneticusa
  • Style: retractable
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Exterior: textured black, matte black
  • Lock type: tailgate
  • Bed access: 100%
  • Operation type: manual retract

Unboxing: I read reviews about Syneticusa Retractable hard tonneau cover, and could not stop me from purchasing it. I ordered it and received my parcel. The cover comes pre-assembled for quick installation.

Let’s get into the installation process. Although the cover came pre-assembled, it still took me 30 minutes to fit it appropriately. As the rails and canister must align, I made sure to make things ideal. 

If I talk about its material, the cover has highly durable aluminum material for maximum protection. In addition, the slats underneath the cover are engineered with aluminum to make the cover more rigid and robust. 

The top layer of the cover coat with black powder to protect the cover from sun rays. Plus, it protects the truck’s bed from other elements as well, like rainwater, snow, dust, and debris. Further, the black powder provides scratch and fade resistance features. 

The most intriguing feature is that it can lock anywhere along the bed with a latch and lock without getting stuck. However, I heard its lock key switch could crush or destroy it. You might seek some problematic time while using it until you repair it.

The unique spiral canister box adjusts at the front of the truck bed. Therefore, when the cover folds forwards to the windscreen, it retracts into the canister box to allow bed access to the truck’s owner. Besides, it prevents the cover from direct contact with itself. 

The cover rests approximately an inch above the bed rails and gives the vehicle a low-profile appearance. 


  • The cover can lock anywhere.
  • It can withstand every weather condition.
  • Outer surface coats with black powder, which makes it UV-protected. 
  • Supports 200 lbs pound of weight when dispersed equally.


  • Is not compatible with the rack.
  • You can not haul off-road with this tonneau cover.
  • The cover does not allow complete bed access.
Final Verdict: 
It is excellent to access your vehicle if you are looking for a hard retractable tonneau cover. Besides some downsides, this Syneticusa hard retractable tonneau cover looks nice and affordable.

PowertraxONE XR Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Key Features and Specifications

  • Brand: PowertraxOne
  • Style: XR T-slot, Remote powered 
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Exterior: matte finish
  • Lock type: tailgate
  • Bed access: 100%
  • Warranty: 3 years 
  • Item weight: 70 pounds
  • Product dimensions: ‎88 x 20 x 16 inches

Unboxing: The PowertraxONE XR Retractable Truck bed tonneau cover is the upgraded version of the RetraxONE XR tonneau cover. I was pretty satisfied with its older version, so based on my previous experience with them I ordered the new one to try its new features for this guide. Received my parcel and opened it with all my excitement. The cover came with a tonneau cover, weather strips, and all needed hardware accessories.

The installation was a breeze. All I did was simply adjust the rails with the help of clamps. Then, I moved forward and fit the canister. When I ensured everything fit perfectly, I rolled the cover to the tailgate. 

Although it is a retractable tonneau cover, the canister is flush inside with the truck bed and provides a streamlined look. 

It has an electric remote that locks the cover with an electromagnetic brake. The cover has a Trax rail system that offers additional storage above the truck bed. In other words, the Trax rail attaches to the tonneau cover for the overland accessories. 

The PowerONE XR tonneau cover has a matte finish with a reinforced polycarbonate material that can support 200 lbs of weight when evenly distributed. Another thing about this cover is that it retracts without hinges or joints that can resist wear out, freeze, and dust. 

It features a sufficient amount of strong material to offer UV resistance. It also enables the cover to function in temperatures ranging from -50 to +200* F, making it suitable for hot and cold weather.

Further, it also boasts a ball-bearing mechanism that slides seamlessly down the rail and a handy handle that avoids the need for pull straps or springs.


  • Easy to install.
  • The material is made of high quality.
  • It allows smooth retracting without getting stuck.
  • The cover operates remotely.


  • It does not hold much water out of the truck’s bed. 
Final Verdict:
All in all, this cover is an excellent option for everyone who wants a retractable tonneau cover for their F150. It features Trail rail, which means you can add more cargo above the tonneau cover. Furthermore, it has a remote locking mechanism which makes it more secure

ISTUNT Aluminum Retractable Roll-up Hard Tonneau Cover

Key Features and Specifications

  • Brand: ISTUNT
  • Style: retractable
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Lock type: Key
  • Special feature: manual folding
  • Bed access: 100%
  • Look: low-profile 
  • Warranty: 3 years 
  • Item weight: 104.8 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 70 x 15 x 13 inches

Unboxing: There was a new tonneau cover brand ISTUNT, so I ordered its Aluminum Retractable Roll-up Hard tonneau cover for my F150. I received the parcel after a couple of days. Upon unboxing, there were a tonneau clever, bed rails, instant tool, and led light. 

Installation was not complex. All things were assembled within 30 minutes. The tonneau cover is constructed with heavy-duty aluminum material. Moreover, the slats are powder coated with matte black color, making them UV-protected. 

How much does it hold the water out? There are four drain holes, two on the tail of two rails and the other two at the bottom of both sides of the housing, and water may be drained out of the truck bed via the Drain Tube. Besides, some car types may demand drilling holes in the bed to allow water to drain.

The rubberized side ensures your cargo is safe and dry in rain and snow. 

The exciting thing about this cover is there was a strip to slide the tonneau cover forward to the tailgate. It works better than hard folding. Along with all these qualities, this ISTUNT hard rolling tonneau cover allows highly low-profile design. 

No one can access the cargo when you close the tailgate of the tonneau cover. Furthermore, the cover is aluminum, giving the body a rugged and strong appearance.


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • User-friendly design.  
  • Gives a classy look to the truck.
  • The matte black finish resists fading.
  • It has a key to unlock the lock.


  • It might require some drilling for minor fitting.
  • Only fits some types of models
Final VerdictSo, this ISTUNT hard aluminum roll-up tonneau cover has a strong body to work out in every weather condition. It is best for those who can not repeatedly jump over the truck bed to open the cover.

Roll N Lock A-Series Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Cover  

Key Features and Specifications

  • Brand: Roll N Lock
  • Style:  A- Seriesretractable
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Lock type: tailgate, key
  • Finish: matte black and scratch resistant
  • Bed access: 100%
  • Look: low-profile 
  • Warranty: 3 years 
  • Item weight: 105 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 74 x 13 x 12.5 inches

Unboxing: I have used Roll N Lock tonneau covers for years. This time I ordered its A-Series retractable tonneau cover for my truck. I received my parcel and opened it. There were all the necessary items I received upon unboxing. 

The A-Series boasts a proprietary four-point locking mechanism that simultaneously locks the cover and tailgate. This retractable aluminum cover opens and closes in seconds, with no fasteners to mess with or heavy folding panels to lift.

The A-SeriesTM low-profile, retractable aluminum cover integrates various novel ideas to provide a simple, elegant, and safe truck bed solution. If you’ve always wanted the convenience of a retractable cover without losing bed space to a storage canister, the A-Series is the cover for you. 

The A-Series truck bed cover glides open using a torsion spring with the turn of a lever and key. A built-in pull strap allows the lid to be pushed back smoothly. The lid also has a proprietary ratchet-style latching mechanism that locks at four open positions. 

It is built to withstand extreme weather conditions, with a powder-coated aluminum cover and a proprietary tailgate locking system for optimal durability. Its innovative hinge technique adds an extra degree of security by creating a nearly unbreakable joint to help prevent theft entry. 

To retain your truck’s most significant feature – cargo room – the A-Series tonneau cover boasts the smallest tiny housing of any retractable cover on the market, measuring just 7 14″ deep. Unlike other bed coverings that guarantee “out of sight, out of mind” protection, the A-Series from Roll-N-Lock is the real deal. We have covered problems and solutions of Roll N Lock Tonneau Cover in an extensive blog post that you can check before buying.


  • Easy to install and remove.
  • It fits perfectly and looks classy.
  • Mounts over the bed rails and allow low-profile design.
  • You can lock it in place at four different positions. 
  • Powder coat that provides UV and scratch resistance.
  • Durable material and operates smoothly.


  • Does not hold much water. 
Final VerdictSo, if you want a retractable tonneau cover, then this one is especially for you. It has multiple locks. Moreover, it flush mounts inside the bed rails and gives a smooth, low-profile design. 

Gator Recoil Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Key Features and Specifications

  • Brand: Gator
  • Style: retractable
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Lock type: tailgate
  • Finish: matte black and scratch resistant
  • Bed access: 100%
  • Look: low-profile 
  • Warranty: 2 years 
  • Item weight: 60 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 80 x 23 x 8 inches

Unboxing:  I learned about Gator and that it gives a 30-day swap tonneau cover guarantee. Thought to give it a whirl, I ordered its Recoil Retractable tonneau cover and received my parcel. Upon unboxing, there were two rails, a canister, and hardware accessories.

Let’s get into the installation process. The fitting of the cover was very straightforward. It took me around 40-45 minutes for the installation from the box to the truck bed. What I did was place the canister over the truck bed. My truck had a Bedliner, and I trimmed the extra rubber seal, which went over the sides of the truck bed.

Then, I grabbed the rails and fitted them with the help of clamps and latch tops. Went ahead and took the drain tube. Placed one end out of the truck and fit the other end into the bottom of the canister. 

Gator Retractable tonneau cover has five locking positions. Also, it has an automatic tailgate. This feature provides ultimate protection for your cargo.

What material is used to make this tonneau cover? The top surface is made with aluminum, which makes the cover solid and durable, yet it has elastomeric hinges that create a weather-resistant seal. The cover also has a matte black finish that resists abnormal weather patterns.

The cover retracts into a protective slim profile canister that mounts at your truck’s bulkhead, giving you complete bed access. The Recoil’s low-profile design ensures it won’t look bulky once installed. When you need to access the bed, pull the quick-release handle.  


  • It perfectly fits and looks fantastic over my Chevy Silverado truck bed.
  • The aluminum surface makes the top layer sturdy.
  • Great value for the money.
  • Very good at keeping the gear dry. 
  • It’s easy to install.
  • The cover is reliable and durable.
  • No drilling and special tools are required.


  • The open and close function does not work flawlessly.
Final Verdict | best retractable Tonneau coverThe Gator retractable truck bed cover has all the best qualities one driver seeks. It is very good at keeping the water out of the truck bed. The aluminum panels are great in making the cover durable and scratch resistant. Moreover, the cost is low for a retractable tonneau cover

Pace Edwards (SWC3250 Switchblade Tonneau Cover

Key Features and Specifications

  • Brand: Pace Edwards
  • Style: retractable
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Exterior: Black 
  • Lock type: tailgate
  • Bed access: 100%
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Item weight: 70 pounds

Unboxing: Wanted to try a new brand for a tonneau cover. I searched and found Pace Edwards. Without wasting time, I ordered a Switchblade tonneau cover for my F150. I received my parcel, which was fully assembled, to my awe. 

Installation of the Switchblade tonneau cover was straightforward. It just required some basic tools, and no drilling was required. This Switchblade cover is made of aluminum panels with a water-resistant ArmorTek polymer overlay. 

Further, it has a continuous spring system that allows gentle retracting. When you need to access the truck bed, just retract the cover into the housing. 

It takes very little strength to get things rolling. In its completely retracted position, the housing unit takes up nearly the whole length of the truck bed, less the depth of the housing unit itself. Moreover, the cover includes a simple strap to pull until it is in the closed position to unroll it. Everything automatically locks.

The metal objects shield the truck bed from outside elements such as rain and debris. Although it does not take up much of the truck bed, the housing profile is big enough to throw out toolboxes or other attachments that would typically fit under the truck’s rear windshield. 


  • Super easy to install and use.
  • Allow complete rear visibility. 
  • Gives 100% bed access for large items.
  • Provides low profile design that complements your truck’s appearance.


  • It only fits specific models
Final VerdictIt is as good as all the hype. The Switchblade is a truck tonneau cover that provides most vehicle owners with adequate protection, flexibility, and convenience/bed access. In particular, if you already have a simple cover protecting the bed, the Switchblade is a nice alternative to explore

BAK Vortrak Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Key Features and Specifications

  • Brand: BAK
  • Style: retractable 
  • Material: Aluminum 
  • Exterior: Black matte finish
  • Lock type: tailgate
  • Bed access: 100%
  • Warranty: back by 2 years of warranty
  • Item weight: 90 pounds
  • Product dimension: 76 x 13.5 x 18 inches

Unboxing: BAK is America’s No. 1 truck bed cover industry. They claim their products are durable, reliable, and of good quality, and I ordered a BAK Vortrak Retractable Truck bed cover to prove their claim. I received and opened their package. 

I installed the cover within 30 minutes. It came preassembled, so I did not face any difficulty fitting it. Vortrak retractable tonneau cover is manufactured with ½ aluminum slats that smoothly glide over the bed rails. 

The fascinating thing about this cover is you can easily pull out the cover by using the strap. Besides, this cover can lock at different positions of your choice. 

When I adjusted the cover over my truck, it enhanced my truck’s overall look by giving it a low-profile design. Another thing is it locks with a tailgate which means everything is secure and protected against outside elements. 

Furthermore, the upper surface has a matte black finish, ensuring it is dent and scratch-resistant. In addition, it is mark-proof. 

The cover can open and close by just releasing the cable, which is present on both sides of the truck. 


  • The cover quickly pulls out by using an integrated strap.  
  • It does not look bulky. 
  • No drilling and special tools are required.
  • Allow smooth low profile design. 
  • It projects the gear from outside elements. 
  • The cover is solid and secure


  • It is not compatible with the rack. 
  • The strap can get loose sometimes. 
Final VerdictTo conclude all this, I came to the point that this might be a good option for newbies to the tonneau cover. Because it has a strap option which makes opening and closing the cover super easy. Moreover, this cover can hold water outside the truck bed. 

ONINE AWH Hard Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover 

Key Features and Specifications

  • Brand: ONINE
  • Style: hard tri-fold
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Exterior: Black matte finish
  • Lock type: tailgate
  • Bed access: 2/3
  • Warranty: 5 years 
  • Item weight: 90 pounds
  • Product dimension: 70 x 22 x 14.5 inches

Unboxing: ONINE is the tonneau cover brand that offers excellent, versatile, and exciting designs for truck bed covers. Ordered its AWH hard tri-fold truck bed tonneau cover. I received the parcel and opened it. The cover came pre-assembled. 

The cover is made up of top-quality aluminum alloy. The whole installation took me 15 minutes. Quick clamps make the installation super fast and unchallenging. Moreover, this cover mounts inside the bed rails and gives a highly low-profile design. 

Its upper surface has a textured finish, making it scratch and dent-proof. On top of this, this cover has built-in LED Light that allows visibility at night. 

This tonneau cover can lock through an electromagnetic brake, allowing it to lock at any position along the bed rail. Plus, it has remote power for opening and closing the truck bed cover. This feature doubles up its security and gives peace of mind to the driver whenever he leaves his truck. 

It has durable aluminum slats that support 500 lbs of weight when evenly distributed. 


  • The cover material is reliable and high quality. 
  • Direct clamp-on feature makes the installation hassle-free.
  • It is dust, scratch, and waterproof. 
  • Low-profile design enhances your truck’s look.


  • Provide only partial bed access. 
  • It does not allow rack compatibility.
Final Verdict
Sometimes, you need a comfortable and easy tonneau cover for your driving. Then, this tonneau cover is a great choice. It does not require much effort. Moreover, it has an easy opening and closing mechanism. The cover sits 1.5” above the truck bed. 

RetraxONE MX Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Cover 

Key Features and Specifications

  • Brand: RetraxOne 
  • Style: retractable (Manually operated)
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Exterior: Black 
  • Lock type: tailgate
  • Bed access: 100%
  • Warranty: lifetime warranty
  • Item weight: 70 pounds

Unboxing: I learned about RetraxOne and its lifetime warranty on the tonneau covers. Thought to give it a whirl, I ordered its MX Retractable truck bed tonneau cover and received my parcel. 

Let me first tell you about the installation process. The whole process took around 45 minutes. Adjusting the canister and fitting the rails and cover takes some time. Nevertheless, the installation was effortless. 

RetraxOne MX Retractable truck bed cover is made of aluminum-reinforced polycarbonate material, ensuring its owner’s ultimate security and exceptional performance. The durable material provides phenomenal impact resistance and UV protection

MX allows a low-profile design, and a matte finish adds stylishness to the truck. It has a lock key system that gives more security to the cargo and the cover as well. When you need the truck bed, simply release the latch with a button. 

This cover can lock it in any position along the bed rail and allows ultimate flexibility. It mounts flush over the bed rail, keeping the elements out and protecting the cargo. 

This retrax tonneau cover has a sealed ball bearing system that glides effortlessly along the bed rails without pulling straps. The canister is responsible for keeping the water out. Moreover, it contains a unique spiral track system that prevents the truck bed from coming into contact with itself.

The sealed ball bearing rollers installed on the aluminum support beam allow the One MX to retract back and forward simply.


  • It has a key lock system.
  • Allows a smooth flat low profile design.
  • Keeps water out of bed.
  • The ball bearing system allows smooth opening and closing. 
  • Holds up to 200 pounds weight when evenly distributed.


  • The canister keeps the space.
  • The locking mechanism could be better
Final Verdict
It’s an uncommon experience, but I have nothing negative about this specific cover. This is a good Honda Ridgeline tonneau cover, and I’ve enjoyed it so much that I’m considering using it again for daily driving. 

Buying Guide

Many factors are kept in mind while searching for a tonneau cover. I’ve discussed several factors I always consider when buying a tonneau cover.

Specify your Requirements

Why are you purchasing a tonneau cover? Specify your requirements before you opt for a tonneau cover. If you utilize your truck for groceries and fun activities, then a soft rolling and folding will do a perfect job. 

In contrast, if you use a truck for cargo delivery, you must choose between a retractable or one-piece tonneau cover. These tonneau covers provide better protection and more security to the truck bed. 


The more durable the tonneau cover, the more it goes with wear and tear. If the tonneau cover and hardware accessories are made of low-quality material, they will only last for a while. 

Every motorist wishes their tonneau cover goes a long way. However, it all depends on the usage of the truck bed cover and the maintenance. Always choose a robust and high-quality tonneau cover when you purchase it. 

Gas Mileage

Almost every major or significant brand promotes to market its tonneau cover by claiming it would improve your gas mileage. Make sure you double-check where you get your stuff. Also, be sure they don’t merely say that to get you to buy anything.

A tonneau cover is a truck accessory that improves the vehicle’s appearance and gas efficiency. Adjusting your vehicle bed’s tonneau cover maintains fuel economy. A solid or tough top layer tonneau cover effectively reduces wind drag.

Weather Protection

Is the tonneau cover 100% waterproof? It is the most asked question of motorists. No tonneau cover on the market is 100& waterproof yet water resistant. Which means it keeps most of the water out of the truck bed. 

A tonneau cover gives ultimate protection to the gear. How? When you install the tonneau cover over the truck bed, it shields the cargo from direct sunlight, heavy rain, snow, and the eyes of thieves. Therefore, if you do shipments, you must opt for a tonneau cover. 


Each tonneau cover company has its warranty policy. Choose a tonneau cover with at least 5 years of warranty card. Because you spent a lot of money on it, and if something happened to the tonneau cover, you could replace it. 

Measure the Size

Sometimes the car number and model name needs to be increased. Measure the bed from the bulkheads inside to the tailgate’s inside before purchasing or ordering the tonneau cover. Just rely on something other than your vehicle’s model.


What is the most secure retractable tonneau cover?

Tri-fold and retractable tonneau cover both perform well in terms of security. The Gator EFX tonneau cover is the ultimate all-around tonneau cover. The finest choice if retractable tonneau covers are more your style is the RetraxOne MX. 

Can you stand on a tri-fold tonneau cover?

The top of the cover is not a load-bearing surface. Therefore, even if they may support small weights, it is not a good idea to stand on them. Hard folding coverings may also be folded for simple accessibility and storage.

Do retractable bed covers leak?

Whatever the quality of your tonneau, a little amount of water may seep in. However, the benefit of your tonneau’s water resistance will still apply. There is a significant difference between rain pouring into your truck bed and a small amount of water trickling in around the edges while your gear remains mainly dry. 

Are retractable tonneau covers removable?

Full-bed access is possible with all roll-up and retractable tonneau covers. However, most tri-fold designs only fully cover the front third of the bed when folded. Therefore they must be released to access the entire bed.

Conclusion – Are retractable tonneau covers worth it?

Retractable covers are fantastic because you can expose as much or as little of the bed as you need by rolling the unused piece of the cover-up within itself toward the truck’s cab. 

Moreover, you can consider a retractable tonneau cover for fully functional protection that is simple to operate and glides out of sight for a sleek appearance. In this article, I described the 10 Best Retractable tonneau covers for F150. In addition, there is a buying guide as well that makes your purchase easy. 

So one of them is a tonneau cover for your F150, and enjoy your journey!

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