Roll N Lock Bed Cover Problems and Solutions 2023

Are you familiar with the Roll N Lock bed cover? It provides reliable security and offers great help in transporting my cargo, but sometimes I encounter problems and issues for various reasons. To cope with all these problems, I researched and found solutions. In my article, I will write about the Roll N Lock Bed Cover Problems and their solutions.

Roll N Lock tonneau covers are beautiful to truck drivers because of their versatility and flexible design. You can fold the sides over to use the bed as storage space. Unfortunately, you can have some problems using the roll n’ lock tonneau cover, significantly if it has been damaged. I will discuss the significant problems that can occur and suggest solutions.

How to Fix Roll-N-Lock Tonneau Cover – Problems with Solutions

A tonneau cover has to cover the entire bed and protect the cargo from harsh elements. The Roll N Lock tonneau covers have multiple locking positions and can be custom-made fit. Undoubtedly, it may sound great to you, but this Cover has plenty of problems. 

So, let’s jump into the issues that cause problems and how to resolve them. 

Loosely Attached Cover


According to the Roll N Lock bed cover company, the bed cover does not move from its place once it gets installed. I installed the tonneau cover alone and adjusted it in 20-25 minutes. No drilling and any special tools were required. 

The problem started when I drove my truck off-road. The Cover got lousy after some time. I stopped my vehicle and pulled it tightly from the sides over the truck bed. I was not covered a mile, and the Cover got opened again. 

This problem made me worried because I had cargo inside my truck bed. The Cover gets damaged if driven continuously in this scenario.


The simple solution to this Cover I found is to check the Cover carefully. Why did my tonneau cover get lousy because of the rear clamps? The clamps did not attach snugly, which caused this problem. 

Sometimes, this issue arises if the tonneau cover is not installed correctly. Thus, it is essential to read the instruction manual carefully. Besides this, repositioning the rails is another good solution to this problem. 

Stuck while Retracting 

Getting stuck while opening or closing is another problem with the roll and lock bed cover. The problem is due to dirt and debris on the ball railing. The dirt blocks the area and makes the Cover stuck while retracting.  


I got home from camping, and it got stuck when I opened the Cover. In the beginning, I thought my bed cover was broken-down. But then I decided to search for it. I found out that when dirt and debris accumulate inside the railing, it causes the problem of being stuck. 


To cope with this problem, I cleaned the dirty area with an alcohol pad. Next, apply lubricant inside the bed railing. It smoothes out the rusted area. And it smoothly retracts into the bed railing without being stuck.  

Note: To ensure the problem is fixed, I opened and closed the Cover several times. 

Difficulty while Opening the Cover

What is left if the tonneau cover can not open and close properly? I mean, when you need to open the Cover but it refuses to open. You may notice sometimes the Cover opens for a while and then closes again. 


I noticed this problem when I hauled my truck to go fishing. I need to open the Cover repeatedly to take out the fishing tool. The Cover got close every time. 

The problem starts due to the inappropriate placement of the canister. When you do not place the canister was not correctly, the rails start to move and shift, causing difficulty in opening the tonneau cover. 


Align the canister as soon as possible so you can easily access your truck bed. In another case, if there is rust in the mechanism system, the Cover gets hard and makes it difficult to open and close. You apply lubricant in the mechanical system to eliminate rust and corrosion. 

Continuously Popping

The tonneau cover’s popping is an irritating and worst feeling for a driver, even though you can not drive while having a cover that is not secure. 


A few months ago, this problem started. I was hauling my truck for cargo delivery, and it started raining. I was content that my cargo remained dry because I had a bed cover. 

When I reached my destination, I saw that the Cover was not in its place. In addition, all the cargo got wet. The latch did not hold the Cover and caused popping. 


The simple solution to this problem is to figure out the latches and locks. If the condition worsens, you need to change the bed cover. Besides, you ensure the latches are correctly adjusted with the lock.

Another case is to always check the truck bed cover after installation. The manufacturer might damage the clamps and latches during installation.

Do Roll N Lock Bed Covers Leak?

Roll N Lock company claims that their bed covers are water resistant. Though true, the truck bed cover allows water to get inside the bed. 


I live in an area where rain pouring is common. I noticed water leakage at the front and rear of the tonneau cover. 


I placed the weather strips on the bulkhead and the tailgate to make a solution. It seals the parts from leakage. 

Note: it will be much better if you use some additional seals while installing the tonneau cover to fill the rails gap.  

Get Damaged During Shipping

It is the most common problem buyers face. Undoubtedly, the company delivers the Roll N Lock cover in decent and good packaging. 


One of my friends ordered a Roll N Lock M-Series truck bed cover. When he opened the parcel, the Cover got damaged. He dialed the number and complained about what was happening. The company assured him to replace his tonneau cover with a new one, but he has to pay a little.

However, I do not say with certainty that a cover was damaged during shipping or that the company delivered a damaged tonneau cover. 


The only solution I know is to ask the dealer to come and install the Cover. Only this way you can prevent this frustration. By doing this, you will have an option to replace or change the tonneau cover if damage occurs. You may have to pay slightly extra, but it will help avoid returning and refunding it. 


The M- series of Roll N Lock is made up of vinyl material and can work up to 30* C/-22* F. Below this temperature, the opening and closing of the tonneau cover are responsible for cracking and ruining. 

If you live in an area where the temperature gets too low, you may have found some situations where the Cover has wholly frozen shut. To cope with this issue, you may park your vehicle in a warm or up to 30* C temperature. 

Roll N Lock Maintenance 

By maintaining and taking good care of the tonneau cover, you can avoid all these problems. Following are a few tips that you can keep to get rid of these difficulties. 

Clean the Truck Bed

Make sure you clean your truck bed whenever you go through a carwash. Give the tonneau Cover a complete wash, including its lid, rails, bulkhead, and tailgate gasket. 

How do you lubricate a roll and lock bed cover?

Apply oil to the moving parts of the roll and lock the bed cover allowing them to work ideally. Whenever my tonneau cover gets stuck and does not work appropriately, I add some drops of lubricant inside the mechanism system, which instantly steady up the rolling function of the bed cover.

Clean out all the dirt and debris

The dirt and debris find their way to get inside the bed railing. And causing the problem of slow operation. So cleaning the Cover from time to time helps you to prevent this issue. 

Housing Drains 

I suggest you clean the drain tubes once or twice a year. When you park your car under a tree or haul your truck in far areas, it sure that the dirt gets inside the tubes and causes the problem of blocking. 

Not cleaning the tubes will lead the water to fill inside, overflowing the truck bed with water. It will cause the bed to rust. To clean the drain tubes, remove the lid of the Cover and clean the canister housing to get rid of debris. 

How much weight can a roll-n-lock cover hold?

A roll and lock truck bed cover can hold weights up to 120 pounds. It means you can carry a lot of weight over the Cover. Regardless of which series you purchase, I do not suggest you put an entrance stacking on the roll and lock cover to protect your truck. 

Conclusion | Roll N Lock Bed Covers

Despite all these issues, the Roll N Lock bed covers are trendy among truck owners due to their sleek, low-profile design and best-built quality. 

In the first place, you must be sure precisely what kind of issue you face and how frequently. When you know the problem, you can then go through the solutions. I have attempted my best to give you the best solutions to the problems.

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