7 Retrax Bed Cover Problems with their Solutions

Are you struggling with Retrax Bed Cover Problems? If so, then you are not alone. The issues may start from faulty installation and lead to different lock issues. However, there are many other reasons as well that cause problems. In this article, I will highlight the Retrax Bed Cover problems with their solutions. 

Tidbit: The Retrax Bed Cover was founded in 1996. It promises to provide the most innovative and highest-quality products.

When the cover is closed, your truck becomes a truck, and all the cargo inside gets safe. Sadly, you can face some problems with this cover. I will pen down the significant problems and their solutions to cope with them. So, keep reading this. 

Common Retrax Bed Cover Problems 

The tonneau cover is responsible for covering gear from the harsh outer elements such as wind, heavy rain, snow, UV rays, and the eyes of the thieves. Apart from this, the tonneau cover causes some problems with time. 

Let’s do a walk-through of the common Retrax Bed Cover Problems.

Retrax bed cover Leaking


Hauling the truck during heavy rain causes leakage of water. The aerodynamic force pushes the water between the cover, which results in leakage. 

A tonneau cover protects the gear and prevents the water from getting inside the truck bed. So the bed cover is supposed to shield the truck bed from rainwater. It pours vertically or above unless the cover gets damaged. 

However, if water gets inside, you can fix the leakage problem using the following tips. 


To fix this leakage problem, I placed the weatherstrip on the tailgate to cover the gap around the tailgate’s end and sides. The weatherstrip is responsible for preventing moisture and dust from entering the truck bed.

You must check the cover’s front and end regardless of the weatherstrip. Ensure that the bulkhead and the tailgate side are not on the same level. The bulkhead must be directed in a sloping manner. This way, the water drains from the cover.

Another case is if your truck has a drop-in bed liner, you must look into the outside edge of the bulkhead as if it covers the entire length of the front bed rail instead of leaving room for water to enter. 

Retrax Locking Mechanism


It is one of the most common problems with Retrax bed covers. The locking mechanism is unable, or you can say, to fail to close the cover. The covers got stuck inside the bed railing and would not go in or out. In other words, stop working.

It can be caused by loose clamps or broken cable because you may have opened and closed your cover several times.

Fortunately, there are a few tips to overcome this issue.


The very first solution to this problem is fixing the broken cables. However, if purchasing a new cable is expensive and not in your budget, you hose a silicon spray to keep it in its place. Because of this, the cable does not slip out of its position while opening and closing the bed cover. 

This method will get you up until you have money to purchase a new cable for your tonneau cover. 

Another solution to the problem is using zip ties to keep the lock in its place. But remember, this is not an ideal solution.

You can also use bungee cords or elastic straps to hold the lock tightly, but again, these are not good fixes for a more extended period since they do not allow easy access and are not adequately pulled in or out to the cover. 

Retrax Bed Cover Won’t Open


What is the most valuable thing about a tonneau cover? The locking system of the tonneau cover works seamlessly and smoothly while opening and closing without being stuck or hard.  

You may notice that the cover opens for a while but then closes again. However, inspect the locking function if the bed cover causes problems while opening. The possible reason for this issue is rusting, which causes stuckness. 


The simple solution to this problem is to apply lubrication inside the bed railing. Then, open and close the cover several times to ensure the problem is fixed. 

Another Case: There is another reason that the tonneau cover won’t open, the LATCH that holds the covers. The latch seems flimsy and does not stay closed. 

Retrax Bed Cover Won’t Close


It is another potential problem most truck owners face. There are many reasons which cause this problem. 

If the cover won’t close, then there is a particular possibility that the cover gets frozen inside the bed rails. Or dirt and debris accumulate inside the rails, preventing the cover from closing smoothly. And does not allow the cover to work well.


To cope with this problem, use a hair dryer or hot water to free it up. When warm water or air gets inside the bed rails, it loosens the hard ball bearing and allows a smooth opening and closing of the bed cover.

Another solution is applying oil, which does not jam further and functions efficiently.

Use an alcohol pad and wipe all sides of the rails for dirt and debris. It removes all the dirt and allows the straightforward working of the tonneau cover.

Fixing Noisy Tonneau bed cover


Installation of the tonneau cover is the culprit of this problem. If the Retrax bed Cover is fitted correctly, it does not produce any noise. However, if the bed cover is not aligned correctly, you may hear annoying noises while hauling. 


The first thing is to check the fit of the bed cover. You can snug-fit the Retrax bed cover if it gets loose from the following instructions manual. 

Installing a wrong tonneau cover is also the reason for the noise. 

Cracks in the seals are another reason for the noisy tonneau cover. The crack in the seal allows the air to enter, which causes flapping, and you need to fix it immediately. 

Tailgate Lock Won’t Close

So, I have used a RetraxPro MR bed cover. Everything was good until I got a problem with this one. It was not more than three months. The tailgate lock won’t be closed and needs a ton of force to open it. First, I thought it was due to a low temperature. I warmed the area with a hair dryer, but it didn’t work. 

But then, when I observed the locking with a keen eye, the lip of the tailgate was hitting up underneath the latch mechanism. So, whenever I shut the tailgate, the lock pushed up, and of course, the latch won’t go down because it was hitting the plastic thing. 


The only solution to this issue is to call the manufacturer and ask him to replace the cover with a new one. 

Canister Box

One of the significant drawbacks of a Retractable tonneau cover is it takes up quite a bit of space because the box you have to sit up against the cab. So, if you have a shorter bed, like five and a half inches, you already lose about a foot of a bed. 

However, this will be less than an issue if you have a longer bed, like six and a half feet or more significant.

But if you are the type of person who hauls heavy bikes or large lumber, it may become an issue down the road because you start to lose that foot. 

Have you ever wondered which one is the best between roll n lock vs retrax? we have covered it with an extensive comparison.

Can you stand on Retrax bed cover?

The cover is made of hard aluminum material that supports weights up to 200 lbs. 

It is solid and durable enough to stand on without being cracked. Retrax Bed cover withstands 120 pounds, so it easily keeps heavy gear. Furthermore, we have done a complete guide regarding standing on a tonneau covers, go check out to know more.

How does the Retrax bed cover work?

The Retrax Bed cover locking mechanism works with the electric power button. It has a remote keyfob responsible for opening and closing the tonneau cover at the touch of a button. 

This wireless operation allows the mechanism to work efficiently, and the electromagnetic brakes allow it to lock any position along the rail. 

Are Retrax covers waterproof?

The Retrax cover is made out of high-quality material. However, despite this fact, the tonneau covers are not waterproof. They leak and wet the inside gear. To cope with this, you must take special care to prevent damage to cargo in severe weather conditions or when washing the vehicle. 

What is the difference between Retrax pro and RetraxONE?

The main difference between both covers is the weight capacity. The Retrax Pro can hold up to 250-pound weight while RetraxOne can hold up to 500 pounds when the load is evenly distributed over the bed cover. 

Another difference is that Retrax Pro is made of Polycarbonate, which resists scratches, while RetraxOne is constructed with heavy, durable aluminum. 

Retrax Pro MX leaking water

Retrax Pro MX bed cover is made with heavy, durable aluminum material and can be installed or removed straightforwardly. But even the best and highest-made quality products have some issues. 

Here is the rundown of some common problems with the Retrax Pro MX bed cover and how to avoid them.

  • If your Retrax MX has been leaking, the first thing is to check the weatherstrips. If they need any replacement, install new weather strips on all four edges of the rails. So, it may help to prevent the water from getting inside the truck bed.
  • Take notice of the tailgate seal if it needs any replacement or not. And if it turns out to be the case, you may also need new plastic clips.

These two clips come together with a cable used to lock the cover into place when closed. So, if any part of the locking mechanism is broken down or worn out, you may need to replace both.

Retrax bed cover Dimensions

When you purchase a Retrax bed cover for your vehicle, it is best to measure your truck’s dimensions to get the right one. Otherwise, you will have a wrong and need to return or exchange your product.

What to keep in your mind when buying a Retrax Bed cover is to measure the truck’s length and width. You may be worrying about how to measure, and there are some answers to this question. 

  • Measure the bulkhead to the tailgate. 
  • Then, size the measure from the outside edges. 
  • And finally, measure all the sides one for the last time. So you do not order the wrong size bed cover. 

Final Thoughts 

When surfing for a tonneau cover, make sure you opt for a high-quality, durable one with a warranty lasting at least 5 years. 

Retrax tonneau cover can provide you with all the benefits, but you may face problems with it. However, learning the solutions will help you to resolve the issue. After reading this guide, you will hopefully be prepared to cope with the problems confidently. 

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