Leer HF350m vs HF650m | A Comprehensive Discussion

Choosing between the Leer HF350m vs HF650m Tonneau covers? Our comprehensive comparison guide breaks down the key differences between these two popular models. From their construction and design to their features and price points, we’ll help you make an informed decision that best meets your needs and budget. Don’t waste time and money on the wrong Tonneau cover – check out our guide now and choose the best option for your truck.

Leer HF350m vs HF650m | All You Need to Know

Leer 350mLeer 650m
The Leer HF350m, which resembles the BakFlip F1 the most, differs only in the black clamps and drain tubes’ absence. Most likely, the Leer hard folds have more recent seals. The Leer HF650m quad fold tonneau cover is 4-fold, so it doesn’t hide your third brake light when stowed vertically. Like the Bak F1, it is composed of fiberglass reinforced polymer and employs prop rods. This tonneau appears better open because of the black clamps on it. 

The Leer HF650M cover has a 3-year warranty and a 450 lb equally distributed weight capacity.
  • Both of the products have unique features. These features make them very reliable and particular in their categories. I have used them in all situations and observed their performance. Leer 350 and leer 650 are very vigilant Tonneau covers and efficient enough to meet your required demands.
  • Both Leer covers have a CYNC release latch that you can press with your thumb and finger to open and auto-lock when closed. The cover alone, not the tailgate, is locked by neither cover. The 350 and 650 models can be kept vertically, either 2/3 open or completely open.

Features of Leer 350m and Leer 650m

Before digging into more details about these two tonneau covers, let’s find some prominent vital features. Another thing is that the Tonneau covers have the same features, which are as follows:

  • High-Quality 4 Panel Hard-Fold Low profile, quad-fold design tonneau cover.
  • Discreet Lock.
  • Quick Installation.
  • Stores flat when folded Full Vertical or 3/4 Open.
  • Utilizes racks and beds CNYC Release, Latching, and Locking System Rails.
  • Weather-Tight Construction.
  • 3-Year Warranty with 450lb Capacity.


Leer 350mLeer 650m
The Leer HF350m hard tri-folding tonneau with a textured black matte surface is the perfect choice if you want a truck bed cover with a smooth, flush fit and maximum security. 

This rugged, weather-resistant tri-fold cover is perfect for securing your bed and contents when transporting heavy objects or utilizing your truck for other purposes.  
The Leer HF650m hard quad-folding tonneau with a textured black matte surface is the perfect option if you want a hard folding tonneau with a stylish, flush fit and maximum security. 
This rugged, weather-resistant quad-fold cover is perfect for securing your bed and contents when transporting heavy objects or using your truck for other purposes.  

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Bed Access

Leer 350mLeer 650m
The Leer HF350m provides a very distinctive CNYC release & auto-lock latching system that you can open with simply a push of two fingers. This cover may be folded up and stored vertically or horizontally, giving you full access to the truck bed.HF650 m’s unique CNYC release and auto-lock latching system may be unlocked with a simple two-finger squeeze. This cover may be folded up and kept with your truck bed about 3/4 open or fully vertically for almost complete access to the truck bed.

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Leer 350mLeer 650m
On the contrary, the Leer HF350m lies less than 1/2 inch over your truck bed, and the textured matte black panels have weather- and weather-resistant built-in seals. Unlike other folding-style covers, this cover has a superior water management mechanism that does not require drain tubes. 

The revolutionary LEER HF350M tonneau cover comprises 3 lightweight yet strong fiberglass-reinforced polymer panels for functionality, an OE-like appearance, and heavy-duty use. It’s straightforward to fold up because of the 3-panel design.
The hard-folding HF650m tonneau by LEER has a low-profile, sleek design that is superior to all other truck bed covers. It sits less than half an inch above your truck bed. The weather and water are kept out by internal seals in the matte black panels.
Unlike other folding-style covers, this cover has a superior water management mechanism that does not require drain tubes. Four lightweight yet rigid fiberglass-reinforced polymer panels are featured on the revolutionary LEER HF650M for functionality, an OE-like appearance, and heavy-duty usage.  

This truck bed cover has four panels, which makes it simple to fold up and stow vertically without obstructing your third brake light. Even when the cover is open, the leer covers look fantastic thanks to black clamps.

Weight Handling

Leer 350mLeer 650m
When it comes to the Leer HF350m, it can carry huge loads of wet snow or any other kind of load because it can hold 450 lbs., dispersed evenly. This cover’s functionality and utility can quickly load and transport large goods. 

Installing the cover on your truck is simple, thanks to the high-quality, elegant black clamps. The cover unit is already completed when it is delivered; all that is required of you is to attach it to the side rails, clamp it to the front, and fold it out.
In terms of weight handling, several brands provide the ultimate best quality product. So far, by using the Leer products, I am delighted by their performance. In the context of weight handling, the Leer HF650m can support 450 pounds equally distributed. Therefore heavy loads of wet snow are not a concern. 

This cover is practical and valuable, making loading and transporting heavy objects simple. The cover is simple to place on your truck and appreciates the high-quality, fashionable black clamps. Clamp on the side rails, clamp the cover unit to the front and fold it out to use. The cover unit is delivered fully and constructed.

Accessories Installation

It also works well with other bed rail attachments, like stake pocket tie-downs, side bed rails, headache racks, and even top-of-rail stake pocket mount truck bed ladder racks, thanks to the design of mounting inside the bed rail. Because LEER creates it, this hard-fold cover is durable.


I have shared the proper information and experience with these Tonneau covers in this article. The information I have shared in this article is very beneficial and easy to understand. Both Tonneau covers are very reliable and easy to operate. Although they are hard Tonneau covers, they are straightforward to tackle, install, and provide significant access to the Truck bed. In my opinion, I have used HF650m more frequently than HF350m. It is all about the nature of your requirements. Sometimes, the HF350m is not providing you with the actual adjustment on the bed. It is not a proper fault, I can say, but it can happen if the cover is not installed correctly. 

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