Mostplus Tonneau Cover Review – May 2023

Looking for an affordable and reliable Tonneau cover? Our in-depth Mostplus Tonneau cover review has everything you need to know. We’ll cover its key features and benefits, including its waterproof and UV-resistant material, easy installation process, and sleek design. Plus, we’ll provide honest feedback based on our own experience using the Mostplus cover. Make an informed decision and protect your cargo with this quality Tonneau cover.

Mostplus Soft Tonneau Cover Review [Quad-Fold]

The Mostplus Tonneau Cover is a soft roll-up truck bed cover that is designed to provide exceptional protection for your cargo while also adding style and functionality to your truck. Made with heavy-duty vinyl material and a tough aluminum frame, this tonneau cover is resistant to water, dust, and UV rays, making it an ideal choice for truck owners who want to keep their cargo safe and secure in any weather conditions.

This cover is designed to fit most standard pickup trucks and can be installed easily. It is a good option for those looking for an affordable and easy-to-use truck bed cover.

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Key Features and Specifications

  • Brand: Mostplus
  • Style: folding
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Exterior: Aluminum
  • Bed access:
  • Lock type: tailgate
  • Item weight: 32.9 pounds
  • Product dimension: 71.5 x 22.9 x 5.6 inches

Now, you get an idea about the product and further the detail of these features and attributes. 


The Mostplus Soft Quad Fold tonneau cover is made of a durable and waterproof material such as vinyl. This material is resistant to UV rays and fading, making it suitable for outdoor use. 

Additionally, the resistant vinyl makes your truck look sleek and unique. Moreover, it also has a heavy-duty aluminum frame to provide support and stability. The powder coat aluminum panels provide reinforcement when folding. 

Further, the cover has 4 horizontal crossbars that help to avoid air lifting issues.


The design of the Mostplus tonneau cover is Quad fold. This means you can fold the cover into 4 parts, allowing easy access to the truck’s bed. Does Mostplus Soft quad-fold tonneau cover give a bulky look? People believe that a hard quad-fold truck bed cover is high profile rather than a low profile. 

But the truth is the opposite; this soft quad-fold tonneau cover allows a smooth nice low profile appearance that complements your overall truck look. The cover’s exterior is made with durable aircraft aluminum material which is solid and sturdy yet lightweight. It has a gloss black powder coat finish that gives it a texture for a premium look. Moreover, it prevents the cover from getting chips, dents, scratches, and fades. 

As for the type, Mostplus is a soft quad-fold tonneau cover. How much does it protect the cargo?

So, it adds protection and security to the cargo inside the truck bed. When folded up near the windscreen, the cover gives 2/3 bed access to its owner. 

You can secure the cover by using buckle straps. Simply just fold the cover near the cab window, and there is a buckle strap that fastens the cover in its place and allows you to haul the truck with an open tonneau cover. It allows you 2/3 bed access. 


  • Easy to install.
  • Constructed with durable and high-quality material.
  • It designs to be UV resistant.
  • Allows a smooth flush low profile design to the truck.
  • Great product at a reasonable price.
  • It saves gas mileage and improves fuel efficiency.


  • The cover leaks sometimes.
  • Does not allow complete bed access. 

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Locking Mechanism

How do Mostplus soft quad fold tonneau cover locks?

The locking system of this tonneau cover is similar to any other cover. Just unfold the cover forwards to the tailgate. It has an integrated clip fastening system that ensures the stability and security of the truck’s bed. Plus, this easy and fast lock-up system safe your time. 

To unlock the cover, pull the string at either side and fold the cover up to the windscreen near the cab. Fasten the cover by using a buckle strap that keeps it in place while hauling. 

Mostplus Tonneau Cover Installation 

Mostplus tonneau cover comes pre-assembled and everything you need while installation. Installing a Mostplus soft quad fold tonneau cover on a truck bed typically involves the following steps:

  1. Lay out the tonneau cover on a flat surface and unfold it to ensure that all the parts are included and in good condition.
  2. Clean the truck bed to ensure it is free of debris and dirt.
  3. Measure the truck bed to ensure that the tonneau cover will fit properly.
  4. Place the tonneau cover on the truck bed and align it with the bed rails.
  5. Use the hardware provided with the tonneau cover to secure the cover to the truck bed using the provided instructions.
  6. Fold the tonneau cover into the quad-fold and secure it in place.
  7. Test the cover to ensure it is adequately secured and opens and closes smoothly.

Please note that these instructions are general, and different tonneau covers may have different installation procedures, so make sure to follow the instructions that come with your product.

Weather protection

Now to keep things even more watertight, this cover includes a thick rubber gasket on all four sides that helps to save the cargo from water and keep it nice and dry at all times. 

The top layer manufactures with powder coat aluminum material, making it rugged against weather conditions. Additionally, it prevents any dents and scratches from appearing and resists UV rays from fading the cover.

Ease of Use 

Mostplus has a popular design of hard folding, which is highly convenient. You can fold a panel up and out of the way quickly and easily if you need to haul anything oversize.

Similarly, to cover the truck bed, unfold the tonneau towards the tailgate. In this way, your cargo gets safe and protected from outside elements. 

Conclusion – Are tonneau covers worth it?

Adding a tonneau cover upgrades your truck’s overall appearance. The Mostplus soft quad fold tonneau cover can fold into four sections, allowing its users 2/3 bed access. Moreover, it protects the cargo from both worlds. 

This is a superb example of a tonneau cover that gives strength, durability, and a simple protection system. I have intimately mentioned Mostplus’s features, pros, and cons in this article. I suggest this tonneau cover who needs help deciding which tonneau to shop.

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