Can You Put a Tonneau Cover On a Truck With Bed Rails?

Are you ready to add a dash of style and versatility to your truck while keeping your cargo secure? Well, the answer is a resounding “Yes” to the query Can You Put a Tonneau Cover On a Truck With Bed Rails? You can absolutely install a tonneau cover on a truck with bed rails. Embracing the perfect marriage of functionality and aesthetics, the tonneau cover complements the truck bed rails seamlessly, providing multiple benefits.

From protecting your cargo from the elements to adding a touch of sophistication, this combination is a match made in automotive heaven. So, revamp your truck’s appearance and utility with this winning duo – the tonneau cover and bed rails – and hit the road in style.

Is it Possible to Install Tonneau Cover with Bed Rails?

Yes, you can put a tonneau cover on a truck with bed rails, but not all tonneau covers are designed to accommodate bed rails. There are two main types of tonneau covers that are compatible with bed rails:

1. Between-the-Rails Covers

These covers mount between the bed rails without requiring any drilling or modifications to your beloved truck. Between-the-rails covers are the most common and user-friendly option for trucks with bed rails.

2. Over-the-Rails Covers

Over-the-rails covers mount over the bed rails and may require some drilling or minor modifications to your truck. Although not as widespread as between-the-rails covers, they offer a more secure and weatherproof seal.

Bed Rail Installation Kit

These bed rails are very productive and heavy-duty. These bed rails are compatible with the in-mount Tonneau cover. It is adequate to leave a half-inch space between the cover’s border and the bed rail’s top edge. 

As long as the upper edge of the cover does not protrude more than half an inch over the upper edge of the bed rail, the rail is simple to use. Some inside-mount tonneau covers protrude more over the bed rail than others in certain situations.

The extra-wide aluminum lip may usually be trimmed so that it doesn’t get in the way when you insert the rack into the stake pockets. The cover’s sealing characteristics won’t be compromised throughout this operation.

Heavy-Duty Bed Rails

The heavy-duty kit rails are distinct from ordinary kits due to their length and shape. These rails are compatible with toolboxes and vice versa. They have a lip that runs from the inside edge to the point where the tailgate joins the car’s body. These bed rails work with almost any type of tonneau cover. They are longer, so the toolbox has a flat surface to sit on (24 inches vs. 11 inches).

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tonneau Cover for Your Truck

When selecting the perfect tonneau cover for your truck with bed rails, there are a few essential factors to consider:

1. Type of Bed Rails

The first thing to check is the height and design of your truck’s bed rails. Some bed rails are taller than others, so it’s crucial to ensure that the tonneau cover you choose is compatible with the height of your bed rails.

2. Type of Truck

Trucks come in various bed lengths and configurations, so make sure that the tonneau covers you choose fits your specific truck model. Double-checking compatibility will save you from any potential headaches during installation.

3. Budget

Tonneau covers come in a wide price range, from affordable to luxurious options. Determine your budget beforehand to narrow down your choices and avoid any unexpected surprises when shopping.

Top Tonneau Covers for Trucks With Bed Rails

Now that you understand the compatibility factors let’s dive into some of the best tonneau covers available for your truck with bed rails:

1. BakFlip MX4 Hard Tonneau Cover

This sleek and low-profile hard tonneau cover is constructed from durable aluminum. The BakFlip MX4 is an excellent choice for truck owners seeking easy installation and compatibility with most bed rails. Get yours today at!

2. Gator SRX Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

Made from weatherproof vinyl and featuring a heavy-duty aluminum frame, the Gator SRX Soft Roll-Up cover is a user-friendly and reliable option. This cover offers easy maintenance and excellent compatibility with most truck bed rails. Find it at!

3. Retrax ProX Hard Tonneau Cover

With a sleek and low-profile design, the Retrax ProX Hard Tonneau Cover is constructed from durable composite materials. It ensures easy installation and removal while remaining compatible with most bed rails. Don’t miss out on this top-notch cover, available at!

What is The Purpose of Truck Bed Bars?

Truck bed bars, also known as truck bed rails, offer several advantages for truck owners.

  1. Safety & Security: These bars provide essential tie-down points to secure cargo, reducing the risk of accidents by preventing cargo from shifting during transport. Additionally, they deter theft by making it more challenging for thieves to access the truck bed.
  2. Protection & Versatility: Truck bed bars shield the truck bed from damage caused by cargo and harsh weather. Moreover, they serve as a base to mount various accessories like lights, bike racks, and cargo boxes, enhancing the truck’s versatility. Installing truck bed bars is a cost-effective and straightforward way to improve the overall functionality and appearance of your truck.

How to Install the Tonneau Cover With Bed Rails?

The installation of the Tonneau covers with bed rails consists of the following steps:

Step 1: Prepare the Truck Bed

Clean the truck bed thoroughly with soap and water to remove any dirt or debris that could hinder the installation process.

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Step 2: Review the Instructions

Carefully read and follow the provided instructions to avoid mistakes and ensure a correct installation.

Step 3: Install Mounting Brackets

Attach the mounting brackets, which come with the tonneau cover, to the bed rails of your truck as per the instructions. Install any cab-side or tailgate seals that are provided.

Step 4: Secure the Tonneau Cover

Once the brackets are in place, secure the Tonneau cover to them using the appropriate method for your specific cover type.

Step 5: Test the Tonneau Cover

Verify the proper functioning of the Tonneau cover by opening and closing it multiple times to ensure smooth operation.

How to Calculate the Size of Tonneau Cover?

To determine the size of a tonneau cover, measure your truck bed’s length and width. Add 2 inches to the length and 1 inch to the width for the overhang. For instance, if your bed is 6 feet long and 5 feet wide, the cover should be 6 feet 2 inches long and 5 feet 1 inch wide. Following these steps ensures a proper fit, allowing the cover to slightly extend beyond the bed’s edges for optimal coverage and protection.

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Importance of Professional Assistance

Typically, bed rails are not compatible with surface-mount tonneau covers. Therefore, professional assistance is needed if you have such a cover. You might be able to make a surface-mounted tonneau cover work with your truck’s bed rails if you employ a professional in upholstery. The Tonneau cover is simply an adjustment on your own. The struggle without an expert can cause problems with the cover. 

What is the Purpose of a Roll Bar on a Truck?

The primary purpose of a roll bar on a truck is to safeguard occupants from severe injuries or fatalities during a rollover accident. Typically constructed from steel tubing, roll bars are positioned across the interior of the truck cab, just above occupants’ heads. In case of a rollover, the roll bar prevents the cab from collapsing, reducing the risk of crushing the occupants.

Enhancing Safety in Off-Road and Heavy Load Applications Off-road trucks, with a higher rollover potential, particularly benefit from roll bars. The same applies to trucks used for towing or carrying heavy loads, as these activities can increase rollover risks.

Improving Handling and Stability

Beyond rollover protection, roll bars enhance a truck’s handling by maintaining cab rigidity during cornering and braking, ensuring stability, especially for sports trucks on winding roads.


Moreover, roll bars serve as a practical base to mount lights and accessories, enhancing nighttime visibility and off-road trail performance.

Selecting the Right Roll Bar – Safety First

Selecting a properly designed and installed roll bar is crucial for maximum safety. Ill-fitted roll bars can pose more dangers than having none at all. Ensure the chosen roll bar is approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for added peace of mind.

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Additional Benefits of Roll Bars

Additional rollbar benefits include shielding occupants from airborne debris, minimizing the risk of ejection during a rollover, providing accessory mounting points, and overall enhancing truck handling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you put a bed cover on your truck if it has bed rails?

Yes, you can install a tonneau cover on a truck with bed rails without any interference. Ensure the cover extends past the bed rails on all sides to secure it and prevent flapping. Opt for durable materials like aluminum or vinyl to withstand the elements. Choose from roll-up, tri-fold, or hard tonneau covers, based on your preferences and needs.

Can you have a bed rack and a tonneau cover?

Yes, it’s possible to have both a bed rack and a tonneau cover on your truck. Select a tonneau cover specifically designed to accommodate bed racks or ensure compatibility with the two accessories. Seeking professional guidance can help ensure proper fitment and functionality.

How do you put a bed cover on rails?

To install a bed cover on bed rails, start by cleaning the rails and the cover to remove any debris. Align the cover with the rails and secure it using the provided mounting hardware. Double-check the fit and security of the cover to ensure proper installation.

Can I put a tonneau cover on my truck with a BACKRACK?

Yes, you can put a tonneau cover on your truck with a BACKRACK. However, it’s essential to ensure that the tonneau cover is compatible with the BACKRACK. Check with the manufacturer to confirm compatibility and consult with a professional if needed for proper integration of the two accessories.


In this discussion, I elaborated on all facts and queries related to putting tonneau covers on a truck with bed rails. I explained all the factors which are based on real experiences. This discussion will be helpful for you in this context. You can get guidance through this article. So, read and apply all methods carefully.

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