How to Cut the Bed Liner for Tonneau Cover – Technical Solution

As an expert on Tonneau covers, a frequent user, and a Tonneau cover analyst, I observed that everything related to the Tonneau cover could not be useless; even the bed liners are crucial. I have used several types of bed liners or bed mats. They all are pretty beneficial and protective. Sometimes bed liners get over railed. So they need to be cut for more precision. People often ask me How to Cut the Bed Liner for Tonneau Cover?

Naturally, looking at this problem’s core, anyone can get confused with anything. I decided to design an article. This article will resolve all of your ambiguities concerning the issue of bed liner cutting, including multi-dimensional aspects related to this topic.

What does a Bed Liner Do?

Bed liners are a protective barrier or a way of protection between the truck bed and your gear. Your cargo can damage the truck bed. It can cause any scratches, dents, and breakage. So to avoid such problems, bed liners are used in the trucks so that they will provide safety and security.

Tools Required

Cutting the bed liner has no strict and fast rules. But the actual thing is one must have the proper tools and gears to uninstall, cut, and re-install the bed liners in the truck. So, the following tools will help you find the best way to cut plastic bed liner.

  • Torx Screw kit
  • Measurement Tape
  • Cordless Electric Saw
  • 220V JigSaw Electric Cutter

How to cut a truck bed liner | Step-by-Step Guide

Cutting the bed liners is not a very hard process, mainly the process I followed. In addition, the cutting must be accurate and precise according to the measurements. Then it will be beneficial. I will discuss the whole process step-by-step.

Step 1: Take the Measurements of the Bed Liners

In the first step, you have to measure the over rail part of the bed liners. You can do this with the help of the measuring Tape. Note the measurements carefully and mark the places of side rails, front, and tailgate portion of the bed liners. 

Step 2: Uninstall the Bed Liners

After taking the measurements of the bed liners, now uninstall the bed liners. This process involves the Torx screw kit. Usually, most of the screws are Phillips screws. So, these screws are easily opened by using a Torx kit. 

Loose the screws of the bed liners from all points where the bed liner is connected. We have already marked the parts of the bed liner that we want to remove from the bed liners.

Step 3: Cut the Over Rail Parts

This process will be done using the 220v electric jigsaw cutter. We have already marked the side rails part of the bed liners. Start cutting with the jigsaw cutter from both sides of the rails. Also, apply the same practice on the front part of the cover.

Step 4: Make Curve Cuttings

In this step, perform small curve cuttings on the sides of the bed liners. Follow this process on both sides of the bed liners along the front part. The purpose of doing such cuttings is to adjust the sides of the bed liners under the side rails of the bed liners.

Such cutting will add an extra edge for you to adjust and install the bed liners smoothly. If you don’t add these curve cuttings, they will not adjust in the desired way, and it will demolish the purpose of the cuttings.

Step 5: Re-install the Bed Liners

Now before installing, clean the cut portion of the bed liner. You can do this with any partial sharp piece of metal. It will smooth the cut edges of the bed liners. After doing this now, it’s time to install the bed liner. 

It will be very smooth for you to adjust the bed liner in the truck bed. You can do this all alone, but you can buy a helping hand for more precision. Install the bed liner and fix its sides under the side rails of the truck bed, or you can use the BAKflip mx4 spray in bed liner that I use in my Bak to provide more adhesion. Close your truck’s tailgate, and you are good to go now.

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Do I need a bed liner if I have a tonneau cover?

I prefer using a bed liner because it prevents rust, scratches, and scrapes on your truck bed and increases cargo safety. Bed liners can also prevent cargo scrapes and dings. Bed liners are a great way to protect your truck’s bed from damage. Under-the-rail and spray-on bed liners are typically compatible with tonneau covers. However, if you use an over-the-rail bed liner, you will have to do more trimming.


I explained the complete process of cutting the bed liners step-by-step. I tried to design the article straightforwardly for you. I hope you had a confusion-free reading experience. You can apply the process to cut the bed liner for the tonneau cover and get the best, smooth, and precise results.

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