Can You Sleep Under a Bed Cover? [PERSONAL EXPERIENCE]

I used to travel long routes and always carried my stuff, and sometimes I had to spend 1 or 2 nights out of my town. So, according to the conditions, I always planned my sleeping routine. If there is an unavailability of a cheap motel or a hotel, then I prefer to sleep under my Tonneau cover. People have often asked me: Can you sleep under a bed cover? How can I sleep comfortably in my truck bed? 

After these queries, I considered this issue to be addressed. That is why I wrote this article for your convenience. In this article, I will address all possible factors which will briefly assist you. Also, we will see to what extent it is friendly to sleep under the Tonneau cover, etc.

Can You Sleep in the Back of a Truck?

Straight Yes. People consider sleeping under tonneau cover strange, but it is straightforward and convenient to sleep under the Tonneau cover. This statement indicated that the Tonneau covers could be used in multi-dimensional aspects.

How many people can sleep in Truck Bed?

The above statement is an important question. People often ask me whether several people can sleep under the Tonneau cover. So this depends upon the space in your bed. YES, it is not right to fit more people while no possible space is available. So I recommend only two people can easily sleep under the Tonneau cover.

How to sleep Under the Tonneau Cover?

There are no specific and particular steps to design your sleeping under the Tonneau cover. I often use the free Walmart parking lot. I don’t carry so many things to sleep under the Truck bed, but a zero-degree blanket and a mattress are enough. 

How I Fit Myself Under The Tonneau Cover?

I am almost 6 feet, and I have enough comfort and ease. Sleeping under the Tonneau cover is not a complex deal that you can’t do. It is cheap, easy, comfortable, and convenient to manage your sleep in extraordinary conditions.

Sleeping Under Covers | Carbon Dioxide Factor

There is a factor that during the night, the carbon dioxide level increases. Sleeping under the Tonneau cover must be dangerous because the complete blockage of air can cause oxygen deficiency. The best way to counter this issue is to open one fold or a small portion of your truck bed cover, providing you with an oxygen door.

Size of The Mattress

There is another issue that confuses many people. What size mattress is best for sleeping under mattress cover? The simple answer to this question is to use a small mattress. A small mattress is more convenient; it will adjust easily in your truck.

Some Benefits of Sleeping Under Tonneau Covers

Sleeping under the Tonneau cover provides many benefits. These benefits are enough to counter the extraordinary situation you are dealing with. I will tell you those benefits which attracted me towards sleeping under the Tonneau cover are beneficial.

Easy to Sleep

It is elementary to sleep under the Tonneau cover because it provides you with enough space to sleep comfortably. You can bring a mattress and a blanket or some food you can buy from anywhere.

Economical Way to Sleep

Also, this way of sleeping is very economical. You don’t need to spend much money to spend 1 or 2 nights out of your town. You can find free parking, providing you with an extra edge. 

Moveable Way to Sleep

It is also an interesting point; if you are out of town and there is a fantastic place with free or cheap parking, you can park your truck there and enjoy the night with comfortable sleep.

Can I Sleep In The Bed of My RAM-1500

Yes, I also slept under the bed of my RAM-1500 many times. Like other trucks, It is comfortable and easy. I used Tri folded covers, so while sleeping, I opened one of its folding, which helped me with the oxygen transaction.


This discussion completed all the ambiguities in the context of sleeping under the bed of my truck. I explained all the experiences that I observed while sleeping under my truck. Also, I covered some points that may be ignored because they are minor but essential. So read the article and help yourself.

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