Bakflip MX4 Review – A Comprehensive Analysis

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Bakflip MX4 Tonneau Cover In-Depth Review

You buy a truck for one reason, and it is, after all, the use for the pickup bed. Below I have explained all the bits of this tonneau cover which comes in the Best Tonneau Covers.

Before I get deeper into the installation and other significant features, let me tell you its size and the trucks it fits.


This tonneau cover is built to fit on 2019 – 2023 Chevy / GMC Silverado / Sierra. It does work with a multi-pro / flex tailgate. Apart from this, the tonneau cover does not install over a carbon pro bed. 

GMC Silverado

The MX4 tonneau cover is compatible with GMC Silverado versions 2019-21 Classic and 2019-2022 New Body Style, with a 5’7″ bed size.

Bakflip MX4 Tonneau Cover Features

Besides which truck model you have, each Bakflip MX4 has the same features. Let’s see what you get if you opt for this tonneau cover for your pickup.

Here is a quick rundown of the key features.

  • Brand: BAKFlip MX4
  • Style: Hard folding
  • Material:  Aluminum
  • Exterior: chrome, painted, polished
  • Lock type: tailgate
  • Bed access: 100%
  • Warranty: 5 years hassle-free
  • Item weight: 71 pounds
  • Product dimensions: ‎68 x 23 x 8 inches

Tidbit: BAK industry has been a leading innovator in Truck bed technology since 1988, and the BAKFlip was invented in 2005. It is the world’s first flush-fit hard folding tonneau cover and comes in the list of Top Brands of Tonneau Covers. On top of it, it sets the stage as the no. 1 selling hardcovers. BAKFlip is a line of hard folding tonneau covers that gives security and weather protection to your gear.


What is your priority when you decide you purchase a tonneau cover? The high-quality material tonneau cover is my ultimate preference. And I have never compromised on it. 

Which material is used to manufacture the MX4 hard folding tonneau cover? BAKFlip Mx4 is made out of heavy-duty, durable aluminum material. In addition, the material used in making this cover can withstand all weather conditions. The cover’s finish is matte black, ensuring you have no fingerprint marks on the top.

The top layer is rugged and robust, allowing its owner to distribute evenly distributed 400 lbs of weight. 

What I like the most about this MX4 tonneau cover is that the panels are scratch, dent, and UV resistant. It means you do not have to worry about the load you put on the cover. Plus, the solid upper surface gives top-notch security.


Most people have some misconceptions about this tonneau cover. Because of its hard folding name, they tend to believe it is a high-profile tonneau cover. The cover flush mounts inside the bed rails and provides a very low-profile design. Which I think is quite interesting about a hard folding cover.

I was impressed by this cover when I first focused on it. The thing I noticed after the material was its design. I am not saying a high-profile tonneau cover looks bad or lowers the pickup’s value, but I have my concerns and preferences related to the tonneau cover.

Low Profile Design

Furthermore, this low-profile cover combines with a matte black finish which complements its overall appearance. The underneath panels are made of durable aluminum panels, assuring the owner that their valuables are secure. 

The Bak industry has always been proud to lean the cover forward. The cover bumpers prevent direct contact with the glass and the cab. As it leans forward, it becomes shorter and provides back window visibility. 

The interesting thing I observed about this cover is its weather strip on the tailgate. Still, it does not create any bulky look. When folded up the windscreen, the cover gives complete bed access to its owner. You can secure the cover by using two outstanding features.

One is the hook and loop straps. It is located at the front of the cover. So when you fold up the cover, you can fasten it by hook and loop straps. It gives ⅔ bed access. 

The next is prop rods. When you use the complete bed to add significant and heavy objects or all-terrain vehicles, fold the cover forward and secure it using prop rods. By doing this, you can have complete bed access. With these prop rods, you get a 90-degree angle on your tonneau cover.

If you want to remove these prop rods, you can always lean them toward your cab. The cover includes bumpers, so you do not have to worry about damaging the windscreen. It protects your tailgate as well. 

Bakflip MX4 Security

You need to think smart and twice about the right product that fits onto your truck bed. The other major factor that is important in buying a tonneau cover is the Locking Mechanism.  Securing the cargo is the ultimate reason for installing the tonneau cover, Right?

MX4 tonneau cover has a tailgate lock, so no one gets access to the cargo when you shut the tailgate. When the cover folds towards the tailgate, it automatically latches inside the locks. Since the latches are inside, it provides complete security to my valuables when the tailgate is locked. 

I secured the cover with props rods and drove with an open tonneau cover. To my surprise, it amazingly kept the cover in its place. 

How to open the cover? 

All you need to do is unlock the lock and lower the tailgate. The cover has an automatic cable release at the end. Just releases the latching system with a click-and-fold operation. It is easy to fold the cover out of the way. It lets you put the load inside the truck bed without unfolding the cover. 

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Bakflip MX4 Water test

The tonneau cover is an excellent addition to your truck. It protects the cargo inside the truck bed and keeps it dry.  The MX4 tonneau cover is water-resistant. It has a drainage system responsible for pouring the water out of the bed. So your load can be safe and dry inside the truck bed.

Unboxing and Installation:

Bakflip MX4 Tonneau Cover Installation Instructions

I am happy to announce that the installation of the MX4 is hassle-free. Which means no special tools and drilling is required. The cover comes pre-assembled and allows quick installation. 

Installation was a breeze. I installed it over my truck bed for around 20-25 minutes. I grabbed the weatherstrips and placed them over the bulkhead and the tailgate. Weatherstrip is responsible for keeping the water out from the truck bed.

Next, I placed the rails and fitted them by using clamps. I ensured the rails aligned so they did not cause flap and noise problems. The rails sat utterly flush with my truck.

Note: If you have a bed liner, you may need to trim or cut it from the corner of the bulkhead if the rail is hanging over. 

Ease of Use 

The usage of this cover is not complex. MX4 is folded into three panels and can be done using one hand.

It has buckle straps, so it secures the cover in a partially open position. So you can put large cargo in the back. 

In addition, when you need full access to the bed, which is why we buy the truck, releasing the automatic latch, the cover will fold up with a new automatic locking arm. It is an adjustable arm, and anybody can use it with intuition. 


  • Keeps the majority of the water out now and then.
  • Talk about security; it is still just as good as it was. No one can break into it.
  • It flushes mounts inside the rails and gives a smooth look.
  • Exposed stake pockets for other accessories.
  • Reduce the aerodynamic drag


  • Not scratch and dent resistance.
  • The female section of the hook and loop strap falls off quickly. 
  • Prop rods unscrew after some time.
  • Latches won’t slide smoothly.
  • The price is high.

These issues are not huge, but I am telling you this because you will pay a lot for this product. And then you have to deal with a bit of annoyance.

Bakflip MX4 RAM 1500

Bakflip MX4 is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum material. The cover is rust and scratch-proof due to its durable matte coating.

I owned a RAM 1500 truck for my cargo delivery. For this reason, to protect my cargo from harsh outer elements such as heavy rain, snow, UV rays, and thieves, I installed a BAKFlip MX4 tonneau cover. 

How does it look over my truck? 

When I installed it over my truck, it seemed it was made explicitly for my RAM 1500. The cover wonderfully fits and enhances my truck’s overall appearance. It guards my load and gives a more streamlined look to my RAM 1500. On top of it, it potentially improves fuel efficiency. 

Bakflip MX4 vs G2

Bakflip MX4 and G2 are hard folding tonneau covers, and both are made out of rugged aluminum. The main difference is that G2 has 3 panels to fold, whereas MX4 has 4 panels. Next, MX4 has a rated 400 lbs weight while G2 allows 300 lbs. 

MX4 has dual action tailgate seal, allowing you to open and close it regardless of the tonneau cover’s position. Conversely, G2 has an overlapping tailgate seal. Nonetheless, it means you must close the tailgate first and then close the cover on top of it.

The other prominent difference is that MX4 has a matte black finish. On the other hand, G2 has a glossy black finish. 

MX4 gives the cover 5 years of extended warranty whereas G2 gives 3 years. 

Bakflip MX4 vs F1

The BAKFlip MX4 and F1 are similar in appearance and design, but some key features make them different. 

  • The texture of the MX4 feels smooth when touched, while the F1 tonneau cover texture is slightly rough.
  • MX4 remains latched in its position when the tailgate is closed, whereas, in F1, you need to close the tailgate first and then snap the cover into position. 
  • BAKFLip F1 is more dent and scratch resistant in contrast to MX4.
  • F1 features have a built-in latching system, which provides your cargo with ultimate security and protection. On the contrary, the MX4 has a slide latch system which guarantees maximum security. 
  • MX4 is made out of aluminum. The upper surface has a powder coat finish, allowing a stylish and matte look and smooth when touched. On the other hand, the F1 tonneau cover is made out of fiberglass-reinforced polymer and provides exceptional strength and durability. The cover has a glossy finish that feels cool which offers a cool touch.

Lomax Tonneau Cover vs Bakflip

Tonneau Covers from LOMAX deliver maximum strength, added security, and a distinctive style. With their sturdy construction, ten-point locking system, and ultra-low profile design, these covers offer maximum protection for your truck bed.

On the other hand, It comes with its aerodynamic shape and impact-resistant fiberglass skin, the BAKFlip truck bed cover is well known for its strength and security. Additionally, it offers convenience and easy access.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the BAKFlip MX4 worth it?

As for covering and protecting the cargo, the cover did a fantastic job for me. The aircraft’s aluminum panels withstood all weather conditions and did not leak. On top of it, the use of the cover was straightforward. You can open the cover with one hand. 

It has 4 panels to fold. Indeed, when you have to put enormous and heavy objects, fold the panels, and there you go. In my opinion, the BAKFlip MX4 is worth buying.

Is the BAKFlip MX4 waterproof?

It is said that no cover is 100% waterproof. But still, there is some tonneau cover that provides ultimate protection to the cargo from rain. And BAKFlip is one of them. A drainage system conducts the water out of bed and keeps the cargo dry. In addition to this, there is no wrong in saying the BAKFlip tonneau cover is water resistant.

Can BAKFlip MX4 go through a car wash?

BAKFlip MX4 is made out of heavy aluminum material. It means the cover is durable and robust enough to go through a car wash. 

Moreover, If you want to read in detail whether Tonneau covers can go through a car wash, Can Tonneau Covers Undergo Car Wash?

Are BAKFlip covers secure?

All BAKFlip tonneau covers are made out of durable and robust material. The cover has temper-proof multiple latching systems. The latches keep the cover secure in its place and can not become the cause of flaps. The latches or keyholes are not visible as they are underneath the cover. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, this cover is pretty sufficient and does its job very well. It is one of my best and favorite hard folding tonneau covers. In addition, It is like an all in all package deal, and you will get everything, whether it is security or truck looks. I have written down a complete review of Bakflip MX4 and its pros and cons. This tonneau cover gave me all the benefits it claims, and I hope you will enjoy it, too, if you install it. 

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