How to Secure Tool Chest to Truck Bed? Detailed Discussion

I often carry the TOOLS to fix any problem in case of an emergency. I used to put them on the bed of my truck which caused minor but visible damage in the form of scratches, a minor breakage, etc. then I came to know about the TOOL CHEST. I installed that chest in my truck and then got relieved from the issue of carrying the tools properly. You will learn everything in this guide on How to Secure Tool Chest to Truck Bed. 

In this talk, I will describe how to install and secure the tool chest and what tools you should carry. Moreover, I will also discuss the many other issues in this context that will help you to comprehend the types of toolboxes later in the article. 

Why Is It Needed to Install the Tool Box?

People frequently asked me, How can I make my truck toolbox more secure? So the answer is that we often carry our tools when we move on a journey. These tools are also part and parcel of the truck and journey. 

Also, these tools can be a game changer in a crisis that occurs during any journey. So taking these tools with you in a proper way is better than improperly taking these tools.

List of Tools You Must Carry

  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Nuts
  • Spanner
  • Bolts
  • Measuring Tape

Above is the list of essential tools you should carry during your journey.

Types of Truck Bed Boxes

Before going into the details, let’s check some tool boxes.

Crossover Mounting Style

This type of mounting style is lifted on both sides of the truck while it spares some space beneath it. This space is beneficial for storing your stuff.

Chest Mounting Style

This type of toolbox lies on the surface of the back, and it doesn’t block the view. Moreover, it sits very comfortably on the floor under the Tonneau cover.

Side Mounting Style

These types of boxes come in pairs. Both of the boxes are attached to both sides of the truck. They cover significantly less space and are also very easy and smooth to access.

Slid Mounting Style

This toolbox slides over the rail, making its access easy and preventing the user from wasting time. They are available At reasonable and affordable prices with acceptable quality.

Hitch Mounting Style

Fixing the more beneficial and trustworthy box is possible for the trailer box of the truck. Also, it will not block the rare view of the truck driver.

Tailgate Mounting style

This type of box is attached to the tailgate it is mentioned. This box can move back and forth with it. It doesn’t cover any extra space and also provides ease.

How Do You Install a Tool Box In a Truck Bed Without Drilling?

Now I will tell you how to secure the toolbox or tool chest. This segment has a few steps, but these steps are very straightforward and smooth to adopt.

Locate the Spot

It is an essential thing to determine that the location must be feasible. It shouldn’t be a hurdle to open the lid with ease. 

Fitting the Foam Pad

Use rubber padding before securing the toolbox. This technique will help you to keep the paint from destruction. If your truck has a bed liner, you can skip this installation because the bed liner also saves the truck’s surface.

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Search the Holes

Every truck company provides holes in the cargo bay of the truck. So you don’t have to make new holes. Rubber caps cover these. These holes are at the bottom of the surface.

Align the Tool Box With Holes

After finding the holes, adjust the toolbox and fix it properly. To fix the toolbox, you should open the cover of the box so it will be easy for you to tighten the screws.

J hooks for Truck Tool Box

You may now adjust the toolbox with the aid of the approximately six to eight J-Hooks after aligning and tightening the screws. Also, you can use simple nuts instead of the J hooks. You should do this step before the alignment of the toolbox.

Tight the Nuts or Hooks

Now it’s time to tighten the hooks. Do not use extreme pressure that can damage the box while also don’t use very light pressure, which remains the box loose; that will generate vibration during driving of the truck.

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I described all steps regarding making the toolbox secure to the truck bed. It is not that difficult to install or make the box secure. All the talk is based on real-time experiences. So, you can apply these steps to make yourself accessible and less worried about your cover.

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