Can Tonneau Covers Undergo Car Wash?

People frequently demand the solution for washing a Tonneau cover with their truck; more precisely, everyone wants to know: Can I go through a carwash with a tonneau cover? So by looking at their queries, I researched a lot on this issue, which also comes very helpful.

I was also stuck with the problem of washing the Tonneau cover with the truck. So this research helped me a lot in washing my tonneau cover in the car wash. After reaching the solution’s point, I am writing this article for your help. In this article, you will get all answers to your different queries regarding the topic. Also, I will share my experiences in this context.

Is it OK to Wash a Tonneau Cover? 

A tonneau cover also got dirty with the truck. So many people wash their trucks on their own, and along with that, they also clean their Tonneau cover. But if you are in a hurry and want to clean your truck in a car wash, then this issue is debatable whether you want to clean your Tonneau cover or not. This issue depends upon the quality and type of your Tonneau cover. You can consider it while going to the car wash.

Different Types of Bed Covers & Car Wash

Several types of Tonneau covers can undergo any car wash easily. It all depends upon the types and quality of the Tonneau covers. People also asked me can soft tonneau covers go through a carwash. So to clarify their problem, let’s discuss this issue in detail. In this section, I will mention different types of Tonneau covers which can hold up against the car wash.

Soft Tonneau Cover

  • Soft tonneau covers are more friendly even in regular or daily use than the other types of Tonneau covers.
  • Most probably, they are frequently used by users. They are easy to remove and available in a very flexible and durable quality. 
  • In the case of washing soft Tonneau covers, they usually can be removed from the truck before washing. But they can undergo a car wash due to their best and most flexible quality. In simple words, they can bear the water pressure very efficiently.

Rolling, Folding, and Retractable Tonneau Covers

  • No doubt that these Tonneau covers are very vigilant in their performance, but they are not as efficient against the car wash as the hard Tonneau covers. They can be damaged, and you can face problems due to them.
  • People also asked me on social media about a tri-fold tonneau cover car wash, but if the car wash is touchless, then your cover is easy to go. But if you introduce your Tonneau cover to the brushed cleaner Car wash. It will badly hurt your Tonneau cover.

Hard Tonneau Covers

  • Hard tonneau covers are the most efficient and competent against the car wash. Infact, in daily usage, the hard Tonneau covers provide a hefty duty service. Hard Tonneau covers provide an ultimate level of safety and security.
  • While in terms of washing the Tonneau cover in a car wash. You can introduce your Tonneau cover in a touched and touchless car wash. 
  • If you have painted your Tonneau cover, you should take it to a touchless car wash. Otherwise, it can handle anything in the car wash.

Cleaning the Cover with Hands: More Convenient

Sometimes you need to clean your Tonneau cover through your hands, or sometimes you need to remove your Tonneau cover and then wash it thoroughly. So in such circumstances, you must wash the Tonneau cover with your hands.

You can bring your Tonneau covers to the car wash for quick cleaning. It will take only 15 minutes and also it will save time. But doing this without precautions can cause severe damage.

No Use of Wax

You must observe and remember that there is no need to use cleaning wax on your Tonneau cover. It would be best if you had this under strict consideration. Wax can produce an oily layer on your Tonneau cover that can cause damage to its material.

Conclusion | Will a Car Wash Damage a Tonneau Cover?

In this article, I explained all the possible factors related to the topic. I also explained my experiences and the information I extracted from my research about washing tonneau covers under car wash. It will not damage the covers if you don’t go with the brushes that bring the abrasion. This article will help you to get the best knowledge in this context. 

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