Replacing Velcro on Tonneau Cover | How to Guide & Steps 

Tonneau covers require much maintenance, like cleaning and replacing them and proper use. Thanks to their features, tonneau covers provide me with outstanding protection against various problems. The bed seals or velcro seals provided by Tonneau covers provide an ultimate benefit for adjusting the bed and preventing water damage from leaking into the bed. If the velcro on the Tonneau Cover is worn or torn, you can protect anything under the covers, so it is necessary to Replacing Velcro on Tonneau Cover.

This guide is for all those tonneau cover users looking for complete instructions on “How do you put a new Velcro on a tonneau cover?” to cover their ambiguities. I am writing an article that will bring all the facts and features related to the topic.

Replacing Velcro on Tonneau Cover | What is the purpose of Velcro strips?

Velcro strips are used for the proper adjustment of the Tonneau cover. They are used as the seal and can help against the leakage of anything in the truck’s bed. Regarding tonneau cover replacement parts, the velcro straps come at the top. Moreover, these velcro strips can be changed, replaced, and modified according to the user’s need. 

Different Types of Velcro

Velcro seals are available in different kinds. These different kinds of velcro consist of the following materials:

  • Ceramic Velcros
  • Glass Velcros
  • Rigid plastic Velcros
  • Fiberglass Velcros
  • Metal Velcros
  • Tile & Wood Velcros

How to Replace Tonneau Cover Straps?

The replacement velcro strips for tonneau cover comprise the following steps:

Step 1: Removal of old Velcro

In the first step, you have to remove the old velcro seals or any other seals you are using. Also, remember that you have to adjust the Tonneau covers with the seals in a perfect system. 

Ensure that you don’t put extra stress that can deform the shape of your Tonneau cover in its adjustments. So peel off the old velcro.

Step 2: Clean the Rails

After removing the velcro strips, now you should clean the side rails with the help of any alcoholic substance. The chemical touch can provide you with ease and efficiency. Using the chemical helps your rail to clean more perfectly and smoothly. 

The substance you have to use is Isopropyl alcohol. It will help you to clean the rails in a very efficient manner. Moreover, it will not cause any damage to your skin like the extra sensitive chemical substances used for cleaning.

Step 3: Apply an Adhesive Solution

After cleaning the rails, apply an adhesive solution. This solution helps the velcro in stickiness. Applying the adhesive solution makes your velcro strips stick much more efficiently and work better. By applying different methods, you may fix the velcro and any type of tear in the tonneau cover.

Step 4: Attach the Velcro Strips

Now it’s time to stick the velcro strips on the rails. The adhesive solution you have used will help the strips stick firmly on the rails. The bonding of the strips and rails will become more robust and strengthened.

Step 5: Drill the Screw Holes

If your truck rails have no holes, you have to make new holes by drilling into the rails. The purpose of holes is to set the rivets. Now do the same practice on the other side of the rail.

Step 6: Final Set

After applying all the steps described above, you are free to go on the road. Just unfold your Tonneau cover. Close the tailgate, and drive as much as you want to drive.

Is Car Wash Not Recommended For Tonneau Covers?

In the case of cleaning the Tonneau cover, I highly recommend cleaning the Tonneau cover with your hands. The reason is that brushes and other cleaning accessories can cause damage to your Tonneau cover. Moreover, these Car wash stations use waxes for surface cleaning.

That wax is not suitable for the surface of the Tonneau cover. It can cause damage to the outer protective layer of the Tonneau cover. So besides the time saving, it is better to clean the cover on your own.

If you want to read in detail about the impact of the carwash on tonneau covers, you may read our detailed article on Can Tonneau Covers Undergo Car Wash?


Velcro strips are the fundamental element of adjusting the Tonneau cover on the bed of a truck. So in the above sections, I have shared all the possible factors and steps in changing the velcro strips. I shared the most precise and easy way of changing the velcro strips. Also, I slightly engage the issue concerning cleaning the Tonneau cover. So this article will help you in different dimensions.

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