Can You Spray Bedliner On Aluminum Diamond Plate? Explained

Are you ready to upgrade your truck with an aluminum diamond plate? As a truck owner, I have installed a tonneau cover in an aluminum diamond plate over my Truck. Later, I sprayed a bedliner on it to make it more robust and corrosion-resistant. However, I have read many misconceptions about the bedliner on an aluminum diamond plate. Therefore, I am making this guide to address the query Can You Spray Bedliner On Aluminum Diamond Plate? 

The aluminum diamond plate surfaces are less prone to rust and corroding. Moreover, it offers many valuable properties as well. In cars and trucks, it is mainly used to make the toolbox and tonneau covers. Despite being so valuable, this material requires layers of bedliner to make the surface more robust. As we know, aluminum diamond plate material is not typical for vehicles. In this way, I decide whether to spray the bedliner on an aluminum diamond plate.

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Can you spray Bedliner on Aluminum Diamond Plate? 

The answer is simple and straightforward, YES. You can spray the bedliner on an aluminum diamond plate. Whether it is a toolbox or tonneau cover, spray bedliner in both cases. The bedliner can stick with it. However, there are multiple things you must take into account before taking your project into reality. 

As I have described above, an aluminum diamond plate has a not well adhesive surface to stick to the bedliner. If you spray a bedliner over the aluminum diamond plate, you will notice that the bedliner will start to crack and flake off. 

How to Spray Bedliner on Aluminum Diamond Plate?

Spraying the bedliner on the aluminum diamond plate is not challenging. In order to spray a bedliner on it, there are steps to follow. 

  1. Gather all the essential tools

First and foremost, you have all the needed tools for spray bedliner on an aluminum diamond plate. These essential tools include; 

  • Fine grit sandpaper
  • A self-etch (etching) primer
  • Bedliner (of your choice)
  1. Prep Surface

Next, begin prepping the surface of an aluminum diamond plate by scuffing the sandpaper. Sanding creates a texture and rough finish that helps adhere to the bedliner. 

The process of sanding is time-consuming and tedious. However, if you sand a toolbox, it takes less time and won’t be laborious. In contrast, if an aluminum diamond plate covers a large area, such as a truck bed cover, aka tonneau cover, it might take some time. 

  1. Use Self-Etch Primer

Is there any necessary to use a self-etch primer after sanding? A self-etch primer helps to stick the bedliner better. It erodes the surface of an aluminum diamond plate and allows the bedliner to bond firmly.

As I mentioned earlier, an aluminum diamond plate is not ideal for vehicles. Therefore, to adhere the bedliner on it, scuff the surface by using quality self-etching primer. You might be thinking of skipping this part, but self-etching primer increases the longevity and durability of the spray bedliner on an aluminum diamond plate. 

  1. It’s time to spray bedliner

Once you are done with the sanding and self-etching primer, it’s time to spray the bedliner on an aluminum diamond plate. 

Spray the bedliner accurately and consciously. Ensure to get the first coat appropriately dried before applying the second. This way, the bedliner will last longer and look excellent on the surface. 

What are the benefits of Spray bedliner on Aluminum Diamond Plate? 

Spraying the bedliner on an aluminum diamond plate allows multiple benefits to the users. These advantages include the following;

Corrosion resistant

An aluminum diamond plate is resistant to corrosion and rust. Despite this fact, it can still rust. However, spraying the bedliner on it will protect against heavy cargo and outside elements. 

Add aesthetic

If you are an aesthetic type of person, you won’t miss the chance to spray an aluminum diamond plate. Whether it’s a toolbox or tonneau cover, it gives the product a great stylish look. 

Easy to repair

A bedliner is super easy and convenient to repair. It is the best way to shield the aluminum diamond from getting any dint and dent. Unlike aluminum diamond plate, which is complex and challenging to repair scratches and dents. 

Spray Bedliner VS Aluminum Diamond Plate – What to Choose?

Both bedliner and aluminum plates serve different roles. However, if you are confused about which one to choose and which one is better to install, here is my personal review regarding this.

For more people, uninstalling the aluminum diamond plate and spraying the bedliner is easier and quicker. 

But before doing so, ensure where the aluminum diamond plate is used in your vehicle. If the material is used in making the toolbox, then you can not remove it. 

However, in contrast, if the material uses over the truck bed as a tonneau cover, then it is possible to uninstall it and spray the bedliner instead of this. 

Choose the best Spray Bedliner on Aluminum

There are tons of bedliners available on the market. However, not all are built to stay on the aluminum and are durable. I recommend you always opt for the best spray bedliner on an aluminum diamond plate. 

If you get a low-quality spray bedliner, the results make you upset and dissatisfied. Therefore, before getting your hands down on any bed liner product, ensure you have thoroughly researched the specific product. Also, go for brands that offer durable and reliable spray bedliners.

In this way, the top 4 recommended brands for spray bedliners are mentioned below.

  • Herculiner 
  • Line-X
  • Raptor
  • Rhino

Summing Up | Will spray on bedliner stick to aluminum?

Unlike other materials, aluminum constructs products that require more effort and time. In the above lines, I have explained the steps of spraying a bedliner over an aluminum diamond plate. One of the main factors is that the bedliner keeps protecting it from rust and corroding. Moreover, it will give more strength and robustness to an aluminum diamond plate. For more such informative guides, head to Best in Tonneau Covers.

Spraying the bedliner over it is unchallenging. However, you must give insight into the article to learn how to do it more appropriately and stick it firmly with the aluminum diamond plate. 

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