Truxedo Titanium VS Bak Revolver X2 – April 2023 Comparison

Looking for the ultimate comparison between Truxedo Titanium and Bak Revolver X2 truck bed covers? Look no further than our comprehensive analysis of these two top-rated options. Our in-depth review covers everything from materials and design to durability and installation, so you can make an informed decision when choosing the perfect tonneau cover for your truck.

As a truck owner, I never risk hauling my truck without a tonneau cover. Not only does it protect my cargo from both worlds, but it also improves fuel efficiency by reducing wing drag. This comprehensive guide is all about the comparisons between Truxedo Titanium VS Bak Revolver X2. Moreover, there will be pros and cons as well.

Truxedo Titanium VS Bak Revolver X2 – Comparison

Key Features & Specifications

Truxedo TitaniumBak Revolver X2
Brand: Truxedo 
Style: Roll-up 
Material: Aluminum, Leather
Exterior: Aluminum 
Bed access: 100%
Lock type: tailgate
Item weight: 1.15 pounds
Product dimensions: 81 x 13 x 11 inches
Warranty: back with 3 years of warranty
Brand: Bak 
Style: Roll-up 
Material: Vinyl top with Aluminum underside
Exterior: painted 
Bed access: 100%
Lock type: tailgate
Item weight: 81 pounds
Product dimensions: 84 x 12 x 11 inches
Weight capacity: 400 lbs
Warranty: back with 3 years of warranty


The Truxedo Titanium hard roll-up tonneau cover has aluminum and leather material. Both materials are great for doubling security. 

People get confused over the thought that aluminum is rugged and challenging to operate. But the fact is it is super effortless to use. Even a single person can install it by himself.

The tonneau cover’s exterior is constructed with aluminum, ensuring its durability and reliability. With heavy-duty aluminum, you can haul your truck in harsh weather with the peace of mind that your cargo remains safe and sound. 

Titanium hard roll-up tonneau cover can withstand every weather condition. In addition, the fabric is a super grade that does not fade and flap.

Besides it, Bak Revolver features unmatched security and style with its hard roll-up tonneau cover. It comprises heavy-duty aluminum and textured vinyl material that offers excellent strength and protection to the truck bed. 

Furthermore, the overlaying durable aluminum slats can withstand up to 400 pounds when evenly distributed. It considers one of the best hard-rolling tonneaus covers on the market. 


Let’s start with the first thing that grabs every motorist’s attention. The Design of the tonneau cover.

Truxedo Titanium hard roll-up tonneau cover mounts to the inside of the bed rails and does not obstruct access to the stake pockets. Regardless of the fact, it sits ¾” above the bed rails. Still, it can upgrade the truck’s look and enhance its appearance. 

Similarly, the Bak Revolver X2 tonneau cover has a sleek, smooth low profile design. It does not look bulky at all. Unlike the hardcore, it improves the truck’s overall appearance. 

Key Similarities 

Locking Mechanism 

The patent locking mechanism is the most beautiful feature of both the Truxedo Titanium hard roll-up and Bak Revolver X2 tonneau cover. It has rotational locking rails that keep the cover secure to its entire length. Moreover, the integrated latching at the truck’s rear side keeps the cover locked. 


The Truxedo Titanium and Bak Revolver X2 tonneau cover can withstand every weather condition. The outer surface of Titanium builds with heavy-duty aluminum, which ensures that the cover does not flap and make noise while hauling. 

The Bak Revolver X2 tonneau cover has a painted exterior that remains robust in heavy rain and windy weather. 

Opening and Closing 

I always enjoy the smooth and effortless opening and closing of the tonneau cover. Both the covers can open from either side of the truck. To open the cover, unlock the tailgate and roll up the tonneau cover toward the bulkhead near the window, then secure it with buckle straps. These two fantastic tonneau covers allow complete bed access for your cargo space. Moreover, they do not create any hindrances to the 3rd brake visibility. 

Bak Revolver X2 vs Truxedo Sentry

There is not so much difference between these two fantastic tonneau covers. The few differences which I noticed are the Bak Revolver has a painted exterior while the Truxedo Sentry has a heavy-duty black aluminum top surface. 

Besides this, both are alike from the design to their locking and warranty. 


What is the difference between bak revolver X2 and X4?

Both Bak revolver X2 and X4 are the productions of the Bak industries. As we know, Bak industries are the leading and most selling tonneau cover company in America. There are a few variations from revolver X2 and X4, and that is X2 has a gloss black finish, while the X4 has a matte black finish. Additionally, X4 has a more rugged and durable look than the X2. 

Does a BAK revolver X2 lock?

The Bak Revolver X2 roll-up tonneau cover has a patented rotational locking mechanism. In addition, the cover has an integrated latching system at the rear side for additional security. Once you lock the cover, your cargo will remain out of sight from the prey’s eyes. 

Is Rev the same as bak?

Revolver is the brand name for Bak’s tonneau cover that they use to categorize their products. In the revolver tonneau cover, they use a strip underneath the cover’s side for easy opening and closing of the tonneau cover. 

Summing Up 

Whatever tonneau cover you choose, you must encounter its material quality and how weatherproof it is because you do not want any kind of stress related to your items. 

Tonneau covers are not just great but admirable for their functions. With a tonneau cover, your truck will become a trunk, and everything inside the bed will remain safe and dry. Both Truxedo Titanium VS Bak Revolver X2 tonneau covers are best. But in the end, the decision is always yours. So get your tonneau cover now and enjoy your journey worry-free. For more such informative guides and comparisons of tonneau covers, you can follow Best in Tonneau Covers.

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