How To Keep Tonneau Cover From Freezing? Tips and Tricks

Snow completely freezes the tailgate and tonneau cover, especially in a snowy region. But every problem has a solution. As an expert, truck drivers often ask me How to keep Tonneau Cover from Freezing. 

Freezing the tonneau cover can double up the problem if not treated quickly. It gets stuck, and when you keep going to open it, the cover can break or tear from the sections. However, thawing the tonneau cover is not simple. So I am making this guide for your ease. You can follow these steps to anti-freeze the tonneau cover.

So, keep reading this to know how to prevent the tonneau cover from freezing. In addition, you will know how to open a freeze tonneau cover. 

How To Keep Tonneau Cover From Freezing? – Problem with Solution

A tonneau cover can quickly freeze if you live in a low-temperature region/country. It is a highly annoying thing that one driver ever feels. But today, I have come up with a solution to this problem. 

If your tonneau cover gets frozen, you do not know how to open it. Do not worry; I will share the simple process to fix this. 

But you must first wait for the ice/snow to melt over the cover. By doing this, there is less chance of a tonneau cover tearing apart. To thaw the tonneau cover, you require a silicon spray and a paper towel. 

  • Take Silicone lubricant/grease.
  • Shake it up a little bit and hose the spray onto the towel.
  • Rub the towel on all contact points on the bed rails (do not over-hose the spray, it will ruin your tonneau cover paint and metals). 

This process will keep your tonneau cover from sticking to the tailgate. The lubricant spray is all you need to open the tonneau cover after freezing. Cleaning tonneau cover is equally necessary to extend its life.

How to stop Tonneau cover from Freezing to Tailgate?

It is noted that in winter times, the tonneau cover gets frozen to the tailgate. And when the tailgate can not open, you can not access the truck’s bed. This problem is mainly caused by the rubber seals that cover the corners of the tonneau cover. 

To prevent this issue, you must inspect the rubber seals. If worn or torn out, replace them with a new one. On the contrary, if your rubber seal is in good condition, you can use a good-quality lubricant spray and hose it over the cover seals to keep the snow out.

How to store Tonneau cover in Garage?

Storing a tonneau cover is not a big deal. You know some tips and tricks to store a truck bed cover properly. Many motorists have no idea how to store a tonneau cover in the Garage. Here I will explain the quick and easy way to store a tonneau cover.

  • Park your vehicle in a garage. Take the measurements of the tonneau cover (4 sides) and drill on the ceiling according to the taking measurement (so they are evenly spaced). 
  • Unbolt the tonneau cover from the truck bed.
  • Take two long wood pieces and dill holes on both sides.
  • Insert the eyeball into the holes and snug-fit it using a washer and a nut. 
  • Attach the straps with the ceiling holes that come on in each one.
  • When the strap is set up, the beams are ready to go underneath the tonneau cover. 
  • Pass the hooks inside the eyeballs and pull the string downwards so that the other end that attaches to the eyeball gets upwards. 
  • This way, the cover lifts. And you can store it in a garage as long as you do not need it. 

How do you preserve a tonneau cover?

Maintenance of the tonneau cover is vital and obligatory. You invest in a tonneau cover to protect your truck bed and want it to last longer. There are the following tips for maintaining the tonneau cover to keep it in good condition for years. 

Inspect your Tonneau Cover daily

Every truck owner should inspect the tonneau cover regularly, so if any maintenance and repair are required, they should repair/adjust it before the situation worsens. 

Safely Secure

If the tonneau cover is not securely fastened in its place, it causes a lot of damage. Ensure that all the hardware accessories, including bolts, washers, clamps, etc., are precisely attached. Lubricate the rails to avoid jams if the cover does not allow smooth opening and closing.

Clean the Tonneau Cover

Cleaning your tonneau cover once a week will surely maintain the cover. Cleaning prevents fading and cracking. There are a lot of cleansers available to extend the life of the tonneau cover. Like the material and quality of the tonneau cover differ, so does a cleaning kit. Choose the right one wisely! 

When cleaning the tonneau cover, use a synthetic cloth or soft bristles brush. Gently rub the cloth or brush after applying the cleaner, and then rinse it. If the dirt is not easily removed, let the cleaner soak in for 5-7 minutes before repeating the process.

Spray a Protectant

When you clean your cover, let it dry completely, get a protectant spray and hose it over the cover. A protectant spray increases the longevity of the tonneau cover by protecting it from direct sunlight. 

Do Not Overburden a Tonneau Cover

It is necessary not to overburden a tonneau cover. Even though a tonneau cover is made out of the best material and good quality still, it can deviate or sag due to overburden. When you put a load over the cover, ensure it is as evenly distributed as possible. Learn about: How much weight can a Tonneau Cover Hold?

Shield the Tonneau cover

If you use a soft vinyl tonneau cover, keep it out of direct sunlight. High temperatures increase the risk of damage. Conversely, if you prefer to keep the cover in the shade for the whole time, it will cause mildew and mold to form. Maintain a balance between UV rays and shade. 


Motorists get irritated when their tonneau cover freezes. However, you can thaw it by these methods. I have mentioned some solutions and suggestions to help you anti-freeze the tonneau cover. Hopefully, with these tips, you won’t face any difficulty or issue with the truck bed cover this winter season. 

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