How to stop Tonneau from Falling? 4 Quick and Simple Tips

A tonneau cover can be fallen off. Sounds strange, right? When a cover is not adjusted correctly, it causes it to come off. Once, on my way, my tonneau cover started to fall off. I parked my truck, looked into it, and found that The cover did not fit properly inside the rails. I adjusted it again, and it took me an hour. So, I decided to make a guide on How to stop Tonneau from Falling? 

Removing the tonneau cover for adjustment is not everyone’s cup of tea. You must have all the knowledge of how to tighten the screws. I studied and researched a lot on this and now pen down some easiest and essential tips for preventing the tonneau cover from falling. So keep reading this.

How to Fix Tonneau cover? 

A tonneau cover is designed to protect the truck bed from weather conditions and prevents your cargo from dust and the eyes of prey. But sometimes, your cover starts to come off due to various reasons. For example, you might not secure the tension tightly at the rear end, or the cover is not fitted inside the bed rails. 

Fixing the tonneau cover is a bit tricky but not impossible. All you need to know about the gadgets and hardware accessories that help to keep the cover in its place.

Proper clamp installation

It is essential to install the clamps accurately. If the clamps are not installed correctly, then might be your tonneau cover caused to come off. Make sure you adjust the clamps in their right possible position. For example, most people seek problems with the adjusting center clamp. I recommend using a measuring tape to get the accurate distance between the clamps. 

Rail placement

Most individuals installed the rails in a hurry which became the reason to come off the tonneau cover. If the rail is placed correctly, your cover looks great and functions amazingly. Proper rail placement begins at the front of your truck bed. Make sure you place the rails correctly on the lip of the truck bed. 

Cover tension

Keeping your cover tensioned is the easiest and quickest way to prevent the tonneau cover from falling off. What do I do if I notice any falling from the edges of the tonneau cover? Just snugly fit the tensions at the rear end. It automatically tightens the cover and adjusts it over the truck’s lips.

Secure cover tightly

Do you ever pay attention to if the cover is sealed tightly or not? When possible, keep the cover closed. I always ensure that my tonneau cover is closed when I do not put any large or oversized items in the truck bed. Sealing the cover secures the cargo and prevents the cover from falling off.

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Should I keep my Tonneau cover rolled up?

When you are not delivering the cargo or your truck bed is empty, it is essential to close the cover. Keeping the tonneau cover-up when you are not utilizing your vehicle will affect the interior material of the truck bed. Because the heat or rain directly falls on the truck and damages its functionality and longevity. 

How do you adjust the tension on a Truxedo Tonneau cover?

You can open the cover by releasing the velcro from both sides and rolling up the cover towards the bulkhead near the cab. Rotate the tensions to adjust them. Pull out the cover and check the tension to see if it appropriately adjusts. Repeat the process until you get satisfied.  

How do I tighten my Tonneau cover?

A tonneau cover should tighten enough to sound like a drum; what you should do if it becomes loose or near falling off. Open the cover and roll up towards the bulkhead. Next, tighten the clamps and the tension with the screwdriver in a clockwise direction. 

How tight should Tonneau cover be?

When you roll out the tonneau cover and see no wrinkles and sagging between the bows, it means your tonneau cover is tight and secured. And you are ready to haul your vehicle. 

Final Thoughts 

The tonneau covers fall off because they are not installed properly, but there is no need to worry about it. As I thoroughly explained the quickest and simple methods of how you adjust your tonneau cover if it falls off. 

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