6 Phenomenal Tonneau Cover Alternatives – Which You Don’t Know Before

If you use your truck just for camping, groceries, and other outdoor activities and do not want to install a tonneau cover just like me, you come to the right place. I primarily utilize my truck for camping and groceries. To keep my luggage safe, I prefer to use Tonneau cover alternatives that amaze me with their long-term functionality and style and do the cause effectively.

There are plenty of substitutes for the tonneau cover on the market. Because I used some of them to secure my cargo, I will propose my authentic and honest alternatives, which I used compared to the tonneau cover. They provided you with ease in moving the collection of tools while giving quick access.

What can I use to cover my truck bed? Alternatives

No doubt, a tonneau cover can protect and secure your cargo from outer natural elements. But it is most probably used by those truck owners who do shipments or deliver the cargo. Let’s delve into the alternatives of the tonneau cover that help guard the tools.

Plastic Bedder Cover or Tarp

A couple of months ago, I had to move a fridge to my mum’s house. I removed the tonneau cover because I could not fit the fridge in. As soon as I started the engine, the heavy rain began. Suddenly I remember the bedder cover which I purchased a few days ago. I grabbed it and wrapped it over the fridge. 

It incredibly sealed up the fridge like we covered the food in plastic wrap. When I reached, there was no rainwater inside the bedder cover. One of the downsides of it is that you can only use it once.

Use the tarp as a type of wrapping if your cargo doesn’t fill the entire truck bed. Place the tarp on the bed, place your cargo on top of it, then wrap the ends of the tarp around the cargo and secure it with cords.

We Recommend: Bedder Covers Pickup Truck Bed Cover, self-Adhesive Waterproof wrap

Rooftop Cargo Bag

If you are an outdoor gamer lover like me, you must know the problem when the rain starts and you do not have a tonneau cover that keeps them dry. Whenever I have to go for outdoor gaming, I put all my tools and equipment inside the cargo bag. I prefer to use a Rooftop Cargo bag for this purpose. 

The bag is made of rubber laminated nylon material with soft sides that bend to add odd shape tools. It has 8 buckle straps to secure perfectly over the rooftop. Moreover, it is inexpensive. 

Tip: Use lashing straps if you are hauling the truck on rough roads. 

We Recommend: KEEPER – Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Bag, 11 Cubic Feet

Truck Bag

A truck bag is another excellent alternative for adding the cargo and securing it from water and the eyes of prey. I once used a Tuff truck bag, which made me fall in love. It is highly waterproof and weatherproof. It is made out of PVC material. The bag has heavy-duty metal rings on all four sides with an adjustable cord to secure the bag with any truck bed. 

We Recommend: Tuff Truck Bag Waterproof Heavy Duty


Which brand’s toolbox are you using? I am using the DECKED truck bed toolbox, which is 100% made in the USA. Why do I prefer it? It is the only brand with a ladder inside the toolbox, so you do not crawl inside the truck bed to reach your tools and gear.

It is the best alternative from my perspective. All you need to do is install a toolbox near the vehicle’s bulkhead, and you are good to go to add your tools inside it. The DECKED toolbox is constructed with aluminum reinforcement and high-impact resin with galvanized steel, which ascertains durability, strength, and security.

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Bed Slider 

The bed slider is a sliding tray that makes loading, unloading, and access to the cargo easy, safe, and quick. The bed slider brand which I suggest to you is DECKED. They built bed sliders using heavy gauge, powder-coated American steel, and industrial-grade marine plywood. 

How does it work? All you need to do is roll out the tray with a single-handed latch which allows smooth sliding, and you are great for adding or taking out your tools. 

Which thing made them popular among truck owners? Well, the DECKED brand offers customized truck bed sliders. You can customize your bed slider along with the compatibility of the extension, payload, or drawer system. 

We Recommend: Bedslide No Drill Mounting Kit 17-19 F-150


A canopy is also known as a “Camper Shell.” It is mainly designed for people who are fond of camping and hiking. The cap or canopy is manufactured with hard aluminum and plastic, making it durable and robust. 

Why do you install a cap instead of a tonneau cover? A tonneau cover provides space only for the cargo. On the other hand, the cap is great in height and allows the vehicle owner to sleep inside it. In addition, you can load oversized or large items as well.

We recommend: Rightline Gear Universal-Fit Truck Tailgate Portable Canopy Tent

Final Thoughts

Tonneau covers increase the value and give the truck a stylish look exceptionally. But as we all know, good quality material tonneau covers are expensive. In this regard, tonneau covers alternatives are introduced, which are great for securing the gear from the outer elements and thieves. Moreover, keep the tools dry. You can opt for any alternative regarding your preference and budget. 

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