Undercover Ultra Flex Tonneau Cover VS Undercover Armorflex

I must travel a lot and therefore need a tonneau cover that ultimately secures my truck’s bed and keeps the cargo dry and safe. For this purpose, I installed Undercover’s tonneau covers, and my friends were asked about the experience. They claim their truck bed covers give a premium outer look while maintaining the gas mileage. Today, this article is about the contrast between Undercover Ultra Flex Tonneau Cover Vs Undercover Armorflex

I Recently installed Undercover’s two popular tonneau covers, which overwhelmed me with them. No doubt both the covers perform similarly, yet there are differences between them. I am elaborating on the differences between Undercover’s tonneau cover to help you buy one that suits your lifestyle and needs. Keep reading to get the best idea.

Undercover Ultra Flex Tonneau Cover VS Undercover Armorflex – Comparison

Undercover guarantees its clients top quality, value, and exceptional tonneau covers. It introduces hard folding and one-piece truck bed covers made of top-notch material and watertight. The two-tonneau covers I will dissect for your better understanding and knowledge are hard folding.

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Both give a lot of benefits yet have differences. Let’s disclose all the possible differences one by one.


Undercover Ultra-flex tonneau cover is a hard fold constructed with heavy-duty aluminum material. The strong panels withstand any weather condition. Moreover, it’s knife-proof.

The exterior surface has a stylish matte finish that gives the truck a sleek look. In addition, underneath panels have carpet that helps keep the cargo inside the truck bed. Furthermore, the hardware accessories are strong enough. 

Armorflex is constructed with a similar material, Aluminum, with a difference in Line X outer coating. This coating protects the cover from every dent, scratch, and ding. In addition, provide ultimate security to the inside cargo from every harsh outer element. 


Ultra-flex flush mounts with bed rails, providing a stylish low profile. It has T-slot rails, an unusual addition to the truck bed cover, and doubles the cargo capacity. Users of trucks can add more items because of the T-slot rails.

Armorflex’s hard folding tonneau cover even has bed caps yet allows ultra-low profile design. It sits inside the bed rails and gives a nice flat look. The top matte black color catches other truck owners’ eyes as it enhances the overall style and design of the truck bed cover.

Protection against weather

The ultra-flex tonneau cover has a fantastic rubber seal on the sides of the cover, which is excellent for keeping the water out. It has a rain channel, so any water that goes beyond the seal directs it to the edges and away from the middle of your truck bed, helping keep things nice and dry. Also, drainage water is installed to block the water coming inside. 

The outer surface has a powder coat with a matte black finish that resists scratches and dents. Moreover, you can utilize your truck in the blazing sun without being concerned about utilizing your truck in the blazing sun. 

The Undercover Armorflex hard folding tonneau cover has three seals that keep most water out of the truck bed. In addition, the cover has two drain tubes. These tubes fit at the front of the truck’s bed rail and position these tubes to divert the water out. 

The Line X coating offers an exceptional defense against scratches, dents, and dings. In other words, this cover is sturdy enough to defend the truck bed from outer trouble. 

Integrated bed Light

What is the main difference between these Ultra Flex and Armorflex hard folding tonneau covers? 

The Ultra Flex truck bed cover has a fantastic feature: an integrated luminous bed light. Turning the light on at night finds things easy for you. It adds more visibility and is helpful at night when adding and removing items from the truck bed. 

Price Factor – Undercover Ultra Flex Tonneau Cover VS Undercover Armorflex

The other difference between both Ultra-flex and Armorflex is the Price that it saves about 40 bucks. For example, if I get an Ultra Flex tonneau cover and want to get the same covering done at the factory, it costs me a lot compared to Armorflex. 

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Undercover Ultra Flex Installation

The Ultra Flex tonneau cover installation is a breeze; no drilling and extra tools are required. The whole process of installation takes approximately 30 minutes. The easy clamp-on application makes the installation simple and hassle-free. 

But you have to keep patience while doing it. If you have a bed liner installed, you must trim it to fix the seals and cover precisely. I recommend you read the manual instruction for a stress-free installation. 

Undercover Ultra Flex Weight

Undercover Ultra Flex hard folding tonneau cover allows users to load a weight maximum of 400 lbs distributed evenly. You can sit or put an oversized item on the tonneau cover.  Learn about How much weight can a Tonneau Cover Hold?

Similarly, the Undercover Armorflex tonneau cover has the same load capacity. Both are exceptionally solid at carrying heavy cargo. 

Undercover Ultra Flex Problems

The most noticeable issue happens when this Ultra Flex tonneau cover stands upright. It does not lean towards the windscreen and blocks the rear visibility. 

The other problem is it lacks the outer coating as the Armorflex tonneau cover has. Armorflex tonneau cover has a Line X coating that prevents the cover from getting any scratches and dents. Also, it protects the cover from UV rays. At the same time, Ultra Flex has a matte finish that does not provide much protection. 

It does not have a textured finish. You might wonder if a textured finish has anything to do with this. So, when your tonneau cover has a textured finish rather than plain and smooth, it will significantly hide the scratches and imperfections. 

Different tonneau cover problems often annoy you, and you need to know the quick tweaks.

Does the Ultra Flex bed cover lock?

Ultra Flex bed cover has a dual action tailgate system. You can open the cover 2/3 by securing the cover with buckles. Further, if you need full bed access, lift the cover-up, and secure it with prop rods. They secure the cover nicely. 

The rear seal lets you open and shut the tailgate with the closed tonneau cover. 

Undercover Ultra Flex VS Bakflip MX4

The main difference between these two Ultra Flex and MX4 hard folding tonneau covers is that Ultra Flex stands upright in place with the prop rods. It does not lean against the windscreen; it seems it catches the wind and will move around. Also, it reduces the rear visibility. That is a terrible thing for a tonneau cover. 

Whereas MX4 has a bumper seal on and, when leans forward against the windscreen, prevents the cover from getting damaged. In addition, it ensures the third brake light visibility.

Ultra Flex cover is lined with carpet-like material, while MX4 has a black matte finish. 

Is UnderCover Ultra Flex waterproof?

Neither tonneau cover is 100% waterproof. However, the Ultra Flex tonneau cover has side seals preventing water from entering the truck bed. Moreover, it has a drain tube that stops the water and keeps the truck’s bed dry and safe. It makes the great cover water-resistant or watertight. 

Final Verdict on Undercover Ultra Flex Tonneau Cover VS Undercover Armorflex

For your vehicle, both tonneau covers can be phenomenal. Both covers stand out in the world of hard folding tonneau covers. Both offer superior features. By reading this article, you will learn about the comparative analysis of both covers. Both tonneau covers are robust, water resistant, and have dual-action tailgate locks. Before purchasing, you must know which one suits you best and is more compatible with your truck model and type. 

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