Bakflip MX4 Vs Revolver X4s – Which One is Best?

Bak Industry is well known for its high quality and excellent performance of the tonneau covers. As an expert, I have installed both tonneaus covers Bakflip Mx4 VS Revolver X4s of this mother brand. Both give trucks versatility with their unique features and style. Apart from these qualities, both have some contrast concerning their features. In this article, I will disclose all possible differences between the Bakflip Mx4 VS Revolver X4s.

One of the essential things while purchasing a tonneau cover is the company’s reputation. As we all know, BAK Industry is one of the leading companies in the USA. Both Bakflip MX4 Vs Revolver X4s tonneau covers are Bak Industry products. 

Both the covers are exceptionally tremendous but have some pros and cons as well as every product has. This article will cover a side-by-side comparison of these two unique products that will tell you which is better for your needs and, of course, suitable for your budget.

BakFlip MX4 Vs Revolver X4s | Features and Specifications

Let’s first figure out the features and specifications of these two products. 

BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

The Bakflip MX4 is a hard folding tonneau cover. The cover has heavy-duty aluminum panels. Moreover, the powder-coated black matte finish allows a low-profile design. The EPDM seals are on the sides of the bed rails and end caps that complete the look and do a decent job of keeping the water out.

The cover has three panels to fold up. Durable prop rods hold the panels in place when folded back. This cover allows full bed access and also has a tailgate lock. In addition, the tailgate seal allows the opening and closing no matter what the rear end position. 

The latching system behind the panels makes the locking operation relatively straightforward.MX4 can hold a weight of 400 lbs pounds when equally spread. Aerodynamic style reduces the wind and improves gas mileage.

Features and Specification

  • Brand: BAK 
  • Cover Category: hard folding
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Outer surface: matte
  • Installation: no drill/bolt-on
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs pound
  • Security: tailgate lock
  • Warranty: 5 years

BAK Revolver X4s Hard Rolling Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Revolver X4s is the upgraded version of X2 with a matte black finish. It is engineered with real-world durability with a modern and stylish look. The cover has aluminum slats and a heavy-grade vinyl top surface, providing extra durability, support, and protection against the elements. 

It has a cable cord under the rear end of the cover. Pulling the cable and rolling the cover toward the bulkhead will provide 100% bed access. This cover has hook and loop straps at the front end, securing the cover with them to safely haul large and oversized loads. The Bak Revolver X4s is available for most trucks, including the Ford F150, GMC Sierra, Dodge Ram, Toyota Tacoma, and much more. 

Features and Specification

  • Brand: BAK 
  • Cover Category: hard roll-up
  • Material: Aluminum and Vinyl
  • Outer surface: matte
  • Installation: no drill/bolt-on
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs pound
  • Security: tailgate lock
  • Warranty: limited 5 years

Bakflip MX4 vs Bak Revolver X4s | Comparing Features

Both tonneau covers are best in their way, but there is a slight change in their material, body, design, compatibility, and ease of use. Further, there is a comparison between Bakflip MX4 vs. Bak Revolver X4s.


Bakflip Mx4Bak Revolver X4s
The hard folding MX4 tonneau cover flush mounts inside the truck bed rails and allows a sleek, low-profile design. Panels coats with the black matte powder that makes the truck more attractive and classy. 

The hardware accessories with this tonneau cover are all coated with black powder, allowing a stylish plus sleek texture. The exterior part of the cover is painted, chrome, and polished. Together, all these characteristics provide the truck with a more stylish, unique, and flush-fit design. 
Similarly, if I talk about the design of the Bak revolver X4s, it gives a matte black finish. The cover has a vinyl tarp that provides a sleek look. In addition, it guards your cargo against outer natural elements. 

X4s have weather strips along the sides of the cover rails, ensuring that your cargo inside the truck bed is safe and dry. 

BakFlip MX4 Vs Revolver X4s Material Wise

Bakflip Mx4Bak Revolver X4s
Bakflip MX4 is made of industrial-grade aluminum, making the tonneau cover sturdy and robust. The aluminum panels protect against marks, scratches, and UV resistance. Furthermore, it has a matte finish on its bed caps, cab corner stopper, bolt, and hooks. It has a rubber bumper seal that protects the cover from colliding when it is pushed against the vehicle.Revolver X4s is manufactured with rugged and robust aluminum slats covered with a durable vinyl tarp. It features a matte black finish that protects the cover from scratches and prolongs its life.

This cover is integrated with safety slats, rear corners, and other accessories with matte black powder, which helps it go for a more extended period without rust and corrosion. 

Locking Mechanism

Since MX4 is a tri-fold hard tonneau cover, you can fold it into three sections to get complete bed access. Each panel has a cord that folds smoothly toward the vehicle. The cover has a hook and loop straps that hold the cover in the two-thirds folded position. 

Prop rods are also available that keep the panels standing so you can get complete bed access. The panels have folding points that automatically lock when the cover is folded towards the tailgate. Further, you can close your cover with the tailgate open and close owing to its dual tailgate sealing. 

X4s is a roll-up tonneau cover that can effortlessly roll toward the bulkhead to provide bed access. The cover has an innovative rotating locking mechanism that locks the entire bed from both ends and provides the next level of security and protection.

The cover can open and secure with buckle straps, which keep the cover in its place. When the cover is fully closed, it does not block access to the stake pockets. 

You need to know how to lock the tonneau cover for a more satisfactory traveling experience.

However, both the covers do not have a remote control system for the locking mechanism, but MX4 has a folding option and can open and close more easily. Because of this, it gets more praise.

Bakflip MX4 Installation

Installation of Bakflip MX4 is straightforward. Clean the surface of the bulkhead with the help of the alcohol pad to remove dirt. Place the weather strip above the bulkhead. If you have a bed liner, you might need to trim it from the sides. 

Moving to this, attach the rails on the sides of the truck bed with the help of the clamps. Fit the clamps by using a wrench. You must ensure that the clamps are a snug fit. 

Insert the cover into the rails and attach it using hardware accessories, including a washer and a star knob. Then, fold the cover down into the opening. Furthermore, install the bumper seal onto the panel that leans against the vehicle. It protects from any direct contact. 

As it is a folding cover, which means it has prop rods that help the cover in a standing position. Next, install the drainage tubes at the front of the cab. Do not forget to remove the plastic plug in the front of the bed. It makes the drilling quite helpful and accessible. Insert one end through the bed and the other into the front rails. 

Folded down the cover to ensure the latches were latching correctly or not. Fixing the latch is also very imperative to get things done. So, make sure to learn how to fix tonneau cover latch?

Bakflip Revolver X4s Installation

The installation process of Revolver X4s is a piece of cake. Start the installation process with the cleaning of the bulkhead. Use an alcohol pad to remove the dirt and debris on the bulkhead. Then, attach weather strips on the truck’s bulkhead and sides (if needed). 

After this:

  1. Install the passenger rail with the help of clamps.
  2. Tighten the clamps with the help of an Allen wrench.
  3. Make sure the rail is aligned and the clamps are correctly fitted.
  4. Install the opposite side of the rail with this method. 

Drop the cover at the front side of the truck bed and roll it out to the rear end. The last thing included in the installation process is injecting the bolts into the channel. 

Note: Both covers’ installation does not require drilling or special tools. 


Bakflip Mx4Bak Revolver X4s
If you live in an area where heavy rains and snow are a part of your life, you must install Bakflip MX4 over your truck bed. This cover has improved side rails that immediately direct the water into the drainage tubes, and these tubes are responsible for taking out the water from the truck bed. 

In addition, MX4 has integrated EPDM seals and end caps that keep most of the water out and offer excellent safety to the inside items. 
The side rails of X4s have been upgraded to hold the water out. The bulkhead seal is the only water-resistance feature that functions against the water and keeps the cargo dry. 

Compared to both, MX4 is more watertight due to its EPDM seal, upgraded side rails, and weather strips that prevent the water from getting inside the truck bed. 

Dent and Scratch Resistance

MX4 is made out of aluminum material that resists dents and scratches. However, its less dense feature makes it easy to break and pierce. The rubber bumpers placed on the end panel are pretty helpful in preventing any dent or scratch on the cab windscreen and the cover panel. 

It has a matte surface that offers scratch-proof features but is comparatively less defensive.

X4s have aluminum slats and a vinyl top surface that works against scratches and dents. Moreover, the matte black finish resists scratches. It is denser, so it is highly guarded against getting any dent or scratch. 

UV Resistance 

Bakflip MX4 has a matte black finish which means it is highly effective against UV rays. The aluminum panels are UV resistant. However, due to its less dense feature, it is comparatively placed second.

Revolver X4s has aluminum slats that combine with a vinyl mixture and highly guard the cover from UV rays. The matte black finish also plays a vital role in protecting the cover.

Ease of Use of BakFlip MX4 Vs Revolver X4s

MX4 has a hard tri-folding tonneau cover. It has three sections to fold up. When you need full bed access, lower the tailgate and pull the string at the panel’s rear end. Fold the cover-up unlocking each panel up to the cab.

When you get to the final panel, you have two options to secure the cover. It all depends on how much bed you need to expose. Either use buckle straps to secure the panels flat, or if you need full bed access, flip the panel up and use the built-in prop rods to keep the panel secure against the cab when driving at highway speed. 

When you are done, just remove the prop rods and fold down the cover. They automatically lock in the locking system effortlessly and give a streamlined look. 

Revolver X4s tonneau cover is easy to use. Just pull the string at either side of the rear end of the cover. Smoothly roll up the cover near the bulkhead and secure it with the help of buckle straps. 

To cover the truck bed, roll, release the hook and loop straps, and roll out the cover. Press down at the end to latch it; locking your tailgate keeps your truck bed contents out from the weather and entirely out of sight.

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Are Bak and Rev the same company?

The REV brand is the name Bak uses for its manufacturer-branded products. Under REV private label, BAK Industries also manufacture several hard folding Ford covers. 

How do you maintain a Bakflip MX4?

Cleaning and maintenance are essential for the durability of the tonneau cover. To maintain the Bakflip MX4 cover, use standard automotive soap and water with a soft microfiber cloth. However, WAX is not recommended as it gets into the cracks and dents areas that affect the texture and finish of the tonneau cover. 

Which Bakflip cover is best?

Bakflip MX4 is my favorite tonneau cover because of its folding panels. It is made of heavy-duty aluminum and has a dual-action tailgate that gives more protection and security to the truck bed. 

What is the difference between BAK revolver X2 and X4?

There are two main differences between the BAK Revolver X2 and X4 finish types. The X2 gives a glossy black finish, while the X4 gives a matte black finish. X2 allows a more smooth and more streamlined look, while X4 gives a rugged and sturdy look. 

Final Thoughts on BakFlip MX4 Vs Revolver X4s?

Even though both covers, MX4 and X4s, are hard still have differences in the design, material, and locking mechanism. All this is due to their type. MX4 is a folding, while X4s is a rolling tonneau cover. This article is all about the difference between these two famous tonneau covers. 

Besides all the comparisons, both the covers are well known because of their high quality and excellent performance. Now it’s time to choose one of the tonneau covers according to your choice or preference and enjoy your journey. 

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