Bakflip Fibermax Vs Undercover Flex Tonneau Covers – April 2023 Comparison

A tonneau cover is a must-accessory for a truck owner. It secures the truck bed from the outer natural elements and potential thieves. Therefore, I decided to write an article on two famous truck bed covers, Bakflip Fibermax Vs Undercover Flex Tonneau Covers

Both Fibermax and Flex are premium tonneau covers brands. Both allow excellent protection from UV rays. Fibermax manufactures fiberglass, which is strong yet lightweight. Similarly, Flex is made with the same material with dent and scratch-proof. Following that, I will compare these two tonneau covers for your better understanding, which will help you choose the right one. 

Bakflip Fibermax VS Undercover Flex Tonneau Covers – Review

Bakflip FibermaxUndercover Flex
Brand: Bakflip
Style: Folding
Material: fiberglass, plastic
Exterior: chrome, painted, polished
Item weight: 71 pounds
Product dimensions: 81 x 9 x 23 inches
Warranty: back with 3 years of warranty
Brand: Undercover
Style: Folding
Material: Aluminum
Exterior: machines
Item weight: 70 pounds
Product dimensions: 32 x 82 x 8 inches
Warranty: 3 years hassle-free
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Here are some key differences between the two covers:


The BakFlip Fibermax tonneau cover is made from a composite material that combines fiberglass and polycarbonate. This material is known for its strength and durability. The top layer of Fibermax is chrome, painted, and polished, which means it resists fading, scratching, and other forms of wear and tear. 

It is also water-resistant, helping protect your cargo from rain and other types of moisture. The cover is easy to install and remove and can open and close quickly, making it a convenient and practical choice for truck owners who want to protect their cargo while on the go. 

The Undercover Flex is made from a material called aluminum, which is a type of plastic that is known for its strength and durability. The Undercover Flex tonneau cover is made from a durable, hard polymer material designed to withstand the rigors of daily use. 

Its exterior is machined, which means it does not fade, scratch, or wear and tear. 

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Opening and closing

While the Undercover Flex can be opened and closed by rolling the cover-up or down.

The BakFlip Fibermax tonneau cover can easily open and close, allowing you to access your truck bed easily. To open the cover, you must release the latch that holds it in place. This is usually located at the front of the cover, near the truck’s cab. Once the latch is released, you can lift the cover-up and fold it back towards the truck’s cab.

To close the cover, you must lift it back into place and engage the latch that holds it. This is usually done by pressing down on the cover until it clicks into place. The cover should be securely fastened at the front and back of the truck bed to ensure that it stays in place while you are driving.

The Undercover Flex hard folding truck bed tonneau cover can open and close, similar to the Bakflip fiber max tonneau cover. Rolling the cover-up near the truck’s window allows you complete bed access. 

You should not leave the truck’s bed open while hauling if not in use because dirt and debris enter inside it. Flex has latches on either side of the cover to effortlessly open the cover no matter what side of the truck you are on. You better learn about how to fix the tonneau cover latch.

It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when opening and closing the cover to ensure that it is used correctly and to prevent damage to the cover or your truck. If you have any questions or concerns about opening and closing the cover, you should consult the owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer for additional assistance.


The most wonderment feature of Bakflip Fibermax has a dual action tailgate option. . You can lock the cover by observing your cargo’s shape and size and can drive the truck with full or partially open cover, providing 100% complete bed access. 

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On the contrary, Undercover Flex hard folding tonneau covers only lock when fully closed. You can not lock the cover in multiple positions. 

Water resistance

Both covers are designed to be water-resistant. Still, the Bakflip Fibermax may offer better protection against water due to its composite material and the way it seals to the truck bed.


The Bakflip Fibermax is generally more expensive than the Undercover Flex.

Overall, the Bakflip Fibermax and the Undercover Flex are high-quality tonneau covers that will provide protection and security for your truck bed. The best choice for you will depend on your personal preferences and budget.

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Pros and Cons of FiberMax Tonneau Cover


  • The cover constructs with durable and robust material.
  • It holds most of the water outside the truck’s bed. 
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Fibermax provides a secure way to cover and protect your cargo, helping to deter potential thieves.
  • Improves fuel efficiency by reducing wind drag.
  • This tonneau cover helps to protect the truck’s bed which can increase its resale value. 
  • The cover is available in various colors, allowing you to choose the one that best matches your truck.


  • The cover is a premium and may be more expensive than other tonneau cover options.
  • When the cover is closed, it will take up some space in your truck bed, reducing the cargo you can carry.
  • It has a folding design, which may be more complex to operate than a single-panel cover.
  • It reduced visibility.
  • Fibermax may not be compatible with truck bed accessories, such as bed liners or tie-down anchors.
  • Heavier than some other tonneau cover options, which could make it more challenging to install or remove.


  • The cove is lightweight and easy to install.
  • It designs with durable material.
  • Protects the cargo from rain and other types of moisture.
  • Helps in maintaining fuel efficiency. 


  • Offers limited cargo capacity.
  • The cover is complex while operating.
  • It might not be compatible with other truck bed accessories. 

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Does UnderCover Flex leak?

Compared to other tonneau covers, the Undercover Flex truck bed tonneau cover is the most water resistant. It has a rubber seal on the panels and integrated channels on the side rails that direct water to drain tubes and out of the truck’s bed. 

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Are BAKFlip covers worth it?

Even though Bakflip tonneau covers are more expensive than their counterparts, it is still worth every penny. The tonneau designs with high-quality material will last long enough to make you happy with the purchase. 

Is BAKFlip Made in USA?

BAKFlip is the number 1 tonneau cover company. They proudly make their tonneau covers in the USA at Springfield, Missouri. 


Now you have a better insight into these two Bakflip Fibermax Vs Undercover Flex Tonneau Covers. However, both tonneaus have similar features regardless of a few differences. I have elaborated on both key features separately so you can choose one that suits your requirements and lifestyle better. 

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