Can You Put A Tonneau Cover On A Leased Truck? Answered

Are you a cargo delivered driving a leased truck and considering installing a tonneau cover? A leased truck is like renting a vehicle for an agreed period of time, and after this, you have to return it to its owner. As an automotive expert, many leased truck consumers ask me Can You Put A Tonneau Cover On A Leased Truck? 

A tonneau cover keeps the bed contents safe and sound from both worlds. Additionally, it allows you to drive the truck even on rough terrain roads without worrying about things getting dirty and dusty. With all the unlimited benefits, no matter whether you have a lease truck, you might be considering it to install. In this guide, I will elaborate on this query. Moreover, there will be some topics related to whether you can modify the leased truck or not as well. 

Can you put a Tonneau Cover over a Leased Truck? 

Simply the answer is YES. But some instructions and precautions must follow while adding a tonneau cover over a leased truck. 

  • First of all, the tonneau cover must be compatible with the leased trucks.
  • Secondly, the tonneau cover should be drill or hole free. The owner will not accept if you modify any truck’s parts. 
  • Thirdly, repainting is not allowed by the company that owns the truck. 

What kind of Tonneau Cover you can put over a Leased Truck?

Now you know you can put a tonneau cover over a leased truck. But which one to choose? 

Plenty of tonneau covers are available on the market that can install without boring any holes and require any modifications. 

Opt for those tonneau covers that can install without drilling holes into the leased truck so it will not cause any trouble for you in the future. 

Below is some top-seller tonneau covers that require no drilling and special tools. 

  • Gator EFX Hard Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover
  • Tiger Auto Tonneau Covers
  • BakFlip Tonneau Cover

Can you Modify Leased Trucks?

Modifications on a leased truck are not allowed by the vehicle owner. The owner does not permit any modifications or alterations, including drilling holes for clamps and screws that leave permanent marks. 

However, modifying or altering your vehicle to match your needs and lifestyle is OKAY. For example, an owner is wholly allowed to interchange the tires or tire tubes and install accessories via ordinary clamps that leave no permanent marks. 

Can you Lift a Leased Truck?

Lifting a leased truck allows by the owner as long as it does not affect or leave any marks such as dents or scratches and removes the paint. So if a mistake happens, it will be the leaseholder’s duty to pay for the damage. 

Can you put a topper on a leased truck?

A topper is similar to a tonneau cover. Yes, you can add a topper on a leased truck without drilling holes.

If you are considering putting a topper over a leased truck bed, purchasing a topper that can install without boring holes into the truck is advisable. Since vehicle owners do not like that a leaseholder does any alteration or modification, which leaves marks. 

Is lease to own a good idea for trucking?

Leasing a truck for your cargo delivery or other personal stuff is a good idea. I believe a leased truck holder can make more money than the vehicle owner but less than the independent owner-operators. 

What are the benefits of leasing a truck?

There are multiple benefits of leasing a truck than owning it; some are below discussed:

  • Leasing a truck offers financial flexibility.
  • It reduces the expenses of maintenance and repair.
  • Leasing keeps the fleet up to date. 
  • As a leaseholder, you do not have to pay for any indirect costs and compliance issues.

Can you change the tires on a leased car?

Yes, you can change the tires on a leased car. If the leased vehicle’s tires burst out, changing them is permissible. Because with burst tires, you can not drive the vehicle. 

Should I fix the damage before turning in the lease?

If you accidentally damage the leased vehicle, I advise you to inform the owner promptly after this. 

Furthermore, you must ask the owner before repairing and maintaining. It is better to take consent from the owners so that any work you intend to do on the leased vehicle can be done at their chosen workshop. 

What happens if you damage a leased car?

If damage occurs on a leased car or vehicle, the leaseholder must repair or fix the damage. This damage can be wear or tear, dent, or scratch type. Ensure you have to pay for the repair of the damage to the leased vehicle

Summing Up | What are the pros and cons of leasing a truck?

Leasing a truck for your personal necessities is excellent. Additionally, Leasing a truck is acceptable and way more economical for those who cannot afford to finance a truck. However, there are some conditions one must entail the full knowledge of its pros and cons before leasing a truck. 

Because in the end, if any damage happens to the leased vehicle, it is the leaseholder’s responsibility to pay for the repair and maintenance. 

As long as any modifications related to the tonneau cover, it is permissible to put it on a leased truck. But be sure the tonneau you choose to add does not require any drilling of holes. So opt for the tonneau cover that can install without any drilling.

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