6 Common Dodge Ram Headlight Problems – Quick Fixes

For a truck owner, headlights are essential to the truck. When the street lights shut off at night, headlights provide you with enough visibility to see any obstacle and traffic on the road. Dodge Ram trucks come in various sizes with different headlights. Despite these, many Dodge Ram trucks cause difficulties with headlights. Therefore, I am making this guide on Common Dodge Ram Headlight Problems.

A headlight is a lamp located at the front of your vehicle to light up the road at night. It is a vehicle component specifically designed to illuminate the pathway to see any hindrance and traffic. 

Many complaints have been reported regarding Dodge Ram trucks. The headlights start to stop working prematurely, which can become a headache for its users. Getting the problem fixed is not tricky. However, sometimes the issue becomes more prominent and demands an auto electrician and mechanic professional to fix them. 

Common Dodge Ram Headlight Problems 

Following, I will discuss the common Dodge Ram headlight problems with respect to their solutions. 

Dodge Ram Headlight goes On and Off

If you are a Dodge Ram truck user, you must be aware of this problem. When hauling the truck, the headlights start going on and off itself. Even though you have not touched any control buttons. Plus, when you check the bulbs, they seem to work OK and great. 

Then how does this problem happen? 

Usually, when dirt and debris get inside the bulb plugs, the lights wear out. In this scenario, clean the plugs and connections with the help of dielectric grease or WD 40 to remove all the dirt that keeps the wires working appropriately. 

Additionally, if the cleaning of plugs does not help, you have to take your vehicle to a motorist expert for more accurate observation. 

One headlight Stop Working

You might see a car with one headlight working by passing on a road. It looks funny plus ridiculous. But what would you do if you got the same issue with your truck? 

When one of the headlights doesn’t work, it includes multiple reasons. Firstly, it might consider that there must be a wiring problem or the bulb died. 

Ultimately, both of these problems require keen observation. If it is due to a dead bulb, you can replace it with a new one, and the problem solves in a second. 

Anyhow, if this problem occurs because of a wiring problem, you must have some basic knowledge of electrician and automotive terminology. And if you do not know anything, you can take your vehicle to a professional mechanic. Because dealing with wiring is not everyone’s cup of tea, you might have to go in-depth with the wires to solve the problem. 

If you are doing it at home, you have to check the condition of the wires. It requires you to replace some wires and link them again. 

This problem also occurs due to faulty TIPM (Totally Integrated Power Module). TIPM distributes power or electricity to all vehicle parts and the vehicle itself. But before checking on TIPM, I suggest you determine the condition of the wires and bulbs. 

Blinking Headlights

Have you dealt with blinking headlights? What is your remedy to solve this issue? 

Blinking headlights is another common problem with Dodge Ram trucks. Many truck owners complain that their trucks start flickering headlights. 

To cope with this problem, you must check the condition of the fuse. Usually, a blown a fuse raises this issue. Open the bonnet and install the new fuse in it. 

If you would not do this, take your truck to the motor electrician. It can cost you between $200- $400. Prices may vary in some regions. 

Fuses are inexpensive, and changing or replacing them is pretty easy. 

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Both Headlights Stop Working 

This is another major problem with headlights, varying from their reasons. Some truck owners experience this issue due to wrong headlight bulbs, and a few deal with this problem because of blown bulbs.

The primary issue can solve by installing the correct bulb. Sometimes, truck owners replace the headlight bulb from xenon with halogen and vice versa, leading to this problem.

To cope with the latter issue, you have to investigate the bulbs. Checking the fuses and wiring connections to their various components will get you out of this trouble. 

Beams prevent Headlights from stopping Working 

If you are a motorist, you must experience this problem. This issue causes due to various reasons such as defective fuse, burnt bulbs, etc. 

As an expert, I have noticed that whenever a headlight causes problems, people link this issue to the bulb and rush to replace it. To inform them if low and high-beam headlights are not working correctly, another culprit is the beam switch. 

If you cannot find the issue, it is best to find the manufacturer and get your work done. 

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Dim Headlights

After hauling your truck for a long time, the headlights dim. This does not happen due to some severe diseases. However, it might be possible that dirt and debris get inside the lenses and wear out the bulbs. 

To solve this problem, you must first check the headlights. While investigating, you can see whether the lenses are dirty or not. Moreover, if the problem concerns the bulb, do replace it as soon as possible for clear visibility. 

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What would cause my headlights to stop working?

There are multiple that prevent the headlight from stopping working. It includes a fuse, headlight relay, headlight switch, dimmer switch, and wiring switch. The easy way to solve these issues is to fix the blown fuse. If you do not find the problem, contact a manufacturer or mechanic expert to fix it. 

Where is the headlight relay Dodge Ram?

The headlight relay DOdge ram in the Power Distribution Center (PDC) next to the battery. There is a cover that protects the fuse box. Additionally, there will be a label headlamp relay on the flip side of the lid. 

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Summing up

To conclude, all the problems with Dodge Ram trucks can happen due to faulty fuses, wiring issues, and burn bulbs. Moreover, dirt, debris, and water getting inside the headlight cause headlight failure. 

Avoiding these problems will lead to further damage. It is better to check your vehicle with a manufacturer or experienced mechanic to figure out the problem. 

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