Can You Spray Raptor Liner Over Chrome? Will Bedliner Stick to Chrome?

You must know the benefit of Raptor liner over the truck bed, but can it be applied over chrome paint? The purpose of applying Raptor liner over chrome is to protect the truck’s exterior. But can it be possible? Being a professional manufacturer, I always try to solve motorists’ issues. The latest problem I have observed is Can You Spray Raptor Liner Over Chrome? 

A bed liner’s primary function is to protect the truck from dents, scratches, and rust. Earlier, the truck owner installs it on the bed. Nowadays, people prefer to give their trucks a next-level finish and protection by spray raptor liner. However, spraying the raptor liner over chrome is not possible. There are several reasons, but I will provide you with a quick and effortless solution to spray raptor liner over it.

Keep reading to know how it can be possible for you to spray Raptor Liner over Chrome. But firstly, I will inform you about Raptor Liner and Chrome and their functions as well.

What is a Raptor Liner?

A Raptor liner is a spray bedliner used to protect the truck’s surface. It helps maintain the truck’s bed factory look and finish by shielding it from rust and corrosion. Earlier, truck owners used it over only the truck’s bed. Now they spray raptor liner to make the quality and finish durable and long-lasting. 

What a Raptor liner does to your truck is allow a thick texture that permits any dents and scratches to appear. Moreover, a Raptor liner can withstand UV rays, rainwater, and other components.

Earlier bedliners came in a drop in formulation. This means you must measure your truck’s size, shape, and model year before making a purchase. Because they are not specifically designed for every truck model. Drop-in bedliners take up some cargo space in the truck’s bed. 

However, spray bedliners take their place by allowing truck owners to utilize them everywhere and anywhere. 

Spray bedliners are convenient to use. Unlike drop-in bedliner, spray formulation does not take up any cargo space. Moreover, it directly bonds with the truck contour and does not allow any air space or gap between the vehicle and the bedliner. 

They came in a spray bottle; all you need to do is spray the bedliner, let it dry, and you are good to go.

Raptor Liner formula allows adhering to several pigments and colors so you can retain your truck’s factory appearance.

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What is Chrome Paint?

Chrome paint is a spray paint that allows your vehicle or other products a mirror-like and flashing finish. It enhances the finish of the vehicle’s product to shine and reflect more. 

To make it more apparent, Chrome paint does not have solid pigments and dyes. It applies over the already painted surface to give it a more polished, aesthetic, and mirror-like finish. 

Well, It comes in different kinds of paint, allowing distinctive finishes depending on your product. It ranges from $10 – $100.

Can You Spray Raptor Liner Over Chrome? 

You might be losing your patience in getting the answer to the question. I will not take your time and directly tell you that you can NOT spray Raptor liner over Chrome. 

There are various reasons for this, and one of the tops is that the raptor liner does not directly bond over chrome. After some time, it will crack and flake off the surface and worsen the truck’s appearance.

But do not lose your heart/hope. I have a quick-fix solution for this. Do you know How Much Does A Raptor Liner Paint Job Cost?

How do you prepare the surface for a raptor liner? Can Raptor liner go over bare metal?

Till now, you have got that raptor liner does not stick over chrome. But what’s the solution? Is there any other alternative?

To adhere it over chrome, there are following steps you have to follow.

  1. Prep the Surface

To bond spray raptor liner over chrome, one must prepare the vehicle’s surface. As we all know, a Raptor Liner does not stick to smooth and flush skin. 

Roughen the surface with the help of grit sandpaper. It helps develop a rough and rigid surface, allowing the liner to adhere to the vehicle’s surface.

The process is time-consuming plus tiring. Besides, it depends on the area you are roughing. 

In case you want to get the job done faster, use a wire wheel attached to a drill or a powder sander. Both options are great to opt for. 

At the same time, ensure that sanding the surface is crucial. If you skip any part, the Raptor liner will not adhere to the metal surface, which results in premature cracking and peeling. 

  1. Masking off the surface

To keep other parts safe from the Raptor liner, use masking tape over the areas where you do not wish to spray the raptor liner. 

To get a clean finish and equal lines, ensure you place several strips to stop the Raptor liner from adhering. 

  1. What is the best primer to use under Raptor liner?

If you read my previous articles, you must know what self-etch (etching) primer is. But if you are unaware, this is like a promoting primer that improves the surface of the bedliner. 

Self-etching primer prepares the surface for bonding with the raptor liner. 

There are multiple types of primer used for adhesion and improved quality. I prefer this because it allows excellent bonding and is durable as long as you apply it according to the manufacturer’s description.

Note: Do not go overboard with this primer. Only one thin coat of primer is enough to create a strong bonding. 

  1. Spray Raptor Liner

Now it’s time to spray Raptor liner over the prep surface. Start from one side. This way, you can develop a possible coat. Make sure to allow some time to let the first coat dry entirely because Raptor Liner has a thick formula. Otherwise, it will not bond with the metal surface, and cracking and flaking might occur. 

Note: Many people can achieve their desired coat in one single coat. But if you want a professional finish, do double coats, and the results wouldn’t sadden you. 

  1. Double Check your Project

When you are done with the spraying part, examine your project. Checking right after the spraying helps you to immediately touch up the areas before the rest of the Raptor liner gets dry. 

Tip: Use any torch light to investigate this process.

Do you need an air compressor for Raptor liner? How much Air Pressure should I use?

Air pressure can help to dry the Raptor liner. If you purchase or order a Raptor Liner kit, air pressure comes with it. It is easy to use. Attach the compressor with the spray gun screws that are located on top.

The amount of air pressure determines the quality and texture of the finish. The roughen the texture, the better consistency.

A rough and patchy finish will prevent the gear from moving and shifting during hauling. 

However, if you prefer a smooth finish, set the air pressure to about 100 PSI. Besides, professionals recommend air pressure of 50 PSI

If you spray the Raptor liner over the bumper, and door handles, a preferable amount of air pressure is 30 PSI.  

Safety Tips 

There are some safety precautions one takes into account when spraying Raptor liner over Chrome.

  • Choose an airy location to get this job done. If you have a garage, do spraying there.
  • Do not forget to wear your gloves and face mask.
  • If you spray inside the vehicle, turn on the AC and open the doors and windows. 

Conclusion | Can you raptor coat over chrome?

Directly spraying a Raptor Liner over Chrome is not possible. Later or sooner, it will crack and come off quickly. However, if you follow the steps I have explained in this guide, you can get the raptor liner over your chrome without flaking and peeling.

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