How Do I Stop My Tonneau Cover From Flapping? | Brief Discussion

The flapping of a Tonneau cover is the problem that can get your goods in trouble. During the journey, flapping is dangerous for your cover and your goods. I also faced that problem during one of my recent journeys due to the wrong installation of my Tonneau cover. So I started searching for How Do I Stop My Tonneau Cover From Flapping?

With all keen efforts, I finally found the proper ways to deal with the flapping of the Tonneau cover. Moreover, this problem is not only the stuff based but the proper attachment and installation of the Tonneau cover matters a lot. 

For more knowledge and my experience, let’s dig into the article. In this article, I will discuss the core reasons for flapping and what countermeasures are feasible against flapping and related issues.

Why a Tonneau Cover Flap?

Whether a soft tonneau cover may flap in the wind as you drive is crucial. Knowing your options is essential if you don’t want the wind to blow your waterproof tonneau cover the wrong way, undoing all your hard work. 

The reason behind the tonneau cover keeps popping is the improper adjustment of the Tonneau cover. Due to frequent use, covers get loose. They gradually leave the tight adjustments. This issue causes the ultimate impact, during driving, as the Tonneau cover flapping.

An overwhelming vehicle with a drooping ceiling. It may produce irritating noises and irreparably harm the cover. The second pair of tensioner knobs are included with some tonneau covers. These tighten the spacing and may be seen outside the bed rail cover at regular intervals.

What Fabric is Best For Tonneau Cover?

Tonneau covers are generally made up of the types of materials; soft and hard materials. Soft materials comprise cloth, vinyl, and full or partial roll-up bed access. On the other hand, hardcovers are made up of aluminum, fiberglass, and any particular metal.

It is another aspect that can count how to keep tonneau cover from flapping. Because the more the fabric is matched with the quality, the less the chances of Tonneau cover flapping will be.

Soft tonneau covers are often less expensive than hardcovers, but they are less reliable and last for a shorter time. Because they don’t reach across the length of the bed and are subjected to less damage, hard lids often last longer.

The most often used fabric is rot, mildew, and waterproof, lightweight nylon. Additionally, cleaning is a cakewalk. Another excellent option is vinyl-coated polyester, which is waterproof but somewhat heavier and more resilient than nylon.

You can read in detail in Are tonneau covers waterproof? to get a better insight into the waterproofing.

How to Keep Tonneau Cover from Flapping?

The following four suggestions will prevent your tonneau cover from flapping:

  • Ensure that the tonneau cover is securely fastened.
  • Put gutter clips in place to keep your cover in place.
  • For further protection from flapping, think of a rail system.
  • Invest in a cover that won’t flap.
  • J-hook bungees and cam buckles are two solutions that aid in reducing tonneau cover flapping. These function by fastening to the truck bed’s underbelly and securing around the tonneau cover. 
  • They help fasten your cover when moving cargo and are simple to install and remove.
  • The Tonno Tamer is a different choice; it uses a rolling tension system installed on a rail and is adjustable using a key. This method stops your tonneau cover from flapping while driving by securing it with a steady force.
  • While there is a question: how to tighten tonneau cover? Your cover shouldn’t sag between the bows and should be drum tight. Roll the lid open to access your tension adjusters if an adjustment is required. Turn both tension adjusters clockwise to release. Turn both tension adjusters in the opposite direction to tighten.
  • You should change your tonneau cover after you’ve had it for five to six years. A sturdy tonneau cover would be a wise purchase for a pickup truck that mostly goes on the highway. 
  • These will be slightly more expensive, but given the model, they will come with a lifetime warranty.
  • Learn how to lock truck covers.

Velcro and Flapping of Tonneau Cover

People also asked how to fix tonneau cover velcro. Velcro keeps the Tonneau cover stick with the bed and makes it firm. But if the velcro gets loose, how can it hold the cover tight and prevent it from flapping? So, there are some tips to fix the velcro problem:

  • Remove the old velcros
  • Clean the rails with alcohol
  • Attach the new velcro strips
  • Adjust the Tonneau cover

Noises From the Soft Tonneau Cover with No Flapping

Do soft tonneau covers make noise? It is a point that is continuously sticking in my mind whenever I turn my concerns towards this issue. A soft tonneau cover will create some noise when it is closed. This issue occurs due to the cloth and snaps coming into touch. However, the cover you have affects how much noise you hear. So it is not a big deal that a soft cover is noisy during the folding or closing.


As you can see, you can carry out several projects correctly to stop your tonneau cover from flapping in the future. A non-flapping tonneau cover will reduce road noise, improve your truck’s appearance, and better protect your cargo. Secure those clamps firmly and drive carefully.

For instance, tonneau covers offer hail damage protection and even include locking systems to prevent theft. They are quick and straightforward to roll up or down, and removal is as simple. In this article, I explained all reasons and elaborated on the facts, queries, and ambiguities in this context. This article will help those who are uncomfortable with flapping during their journeys. 

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