North Mountain Tonneau Cover Review – April 2023

Which tonneau cover have you installed over your Silverado? Since I was hauling my truck without any truck bed cover, the snow got all over the exposed truck bed in winter. To cover the area, I installed North Mountain Tonneau Cover. The cover does justice to what the company has said. Therefore, I thought to make a review article on North Mountain Tonneau Cover

A tonneau cover shields the truck bed’s exposed back from outer elements such as rainwater, UV rays, snow, dust, and debris. In addition, it keeps the cargo protected from evil eyes. When tons of tonneau covers are available on the market, choosing the best and easy-to-use one is tricky. North mountain tonneau cover is easy to use and less laborious. 

Let’s dive into more detail about this product. 

North Mountain Tonneau Cover Review

North Mountain soft rolling tonneau covers are easy to use and less challenging. According to North Mountain company, they design tonneau covers in a way to withstand every weather condition without any wear and tear. But before digging into details step by step, there is a quick rundown of its features and specifications.

Key Features and Specifications 

  • Brand: North Mountain
  • Style: Roll up
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Exterior: UV-protected black finish and epoxy-coated aluminum frame
  • Design: dual action tailgate seal
  • Bed access: 100%
  • Lock Type: Tailgate
  • Save gas: 10-15%
  • Warranty: 3 years hassle-free

Since you have learned the features and specifications of this product, let’s figure out it’s more information about this tonneau cover.


The North Mountain tonneau cover installation takes only 10-15 minutes. All the needed hardware accessories come with the tonneau cover. No special tools and drilling is required. The installation method is a breeze. Follow the below steps and instructions for the installation of this product. 

  1. To begin with, clean the surface of the truck bed properly to remove any dust and debris.
  2. Next, install the bed rails with the help of clamps. Ensure the clamps are rightly fitted into their place. One is at the front, middle, and rear of the bedside. 
  3. Furthermore, drop the North Mountain tonneau cover at the front side of the truck bed. 
  4. Attach the tonneau cover appropriately. 
  5. Unroll the cover toward the tailgate. Make sure to attach the cover with the velcro on both sides for a perfect fit.
  6. Once you are done, pull the cover over the velcro so it does not get saggy. 

 Notes: Double-check the tonneau to avoid any later risk or mishap. If you notice any misalignment, roll it toward the bulkhead and adjust it again. You can also read a detailed guide on the installation of tonneau covers.


What is the first thing you want to know about a tonneau while purchasing? For me, it is always the material quality. As I know, the material is the last thing that will keep the tonneau cover durable and reliable. 

To inform you, the North Mountain soft roll-up tonneau cover manufactures heavy-duty soaked vinyl. In addition, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) on double sides soaks in the tear-resistant fabric that will not wear and tear in extreme weather conditions.

The vinyl material has highly UV-resistant and extremely cold-resistant qualities. Additionally, the North Mountain brand uses high-tear nylon thread, an automotive OEM product, to make tonneau and prevent wear and tear. 

North Mountain soft roll tonneau cover frame constructs with 6063 Grade Epoxy Coated Aluminum that ensures the truck owner to haul the truck even in extreme weather conditions. 

Furthermore, the hardware accessories that come with the product are reinforced with nylon material to resist any tear. 


A tonneau cover must build in a way that every person can easily open and close it without any worry. North Mountain tonneau cover has an unchallenging easy roll-up design. The cover can easily open and close in a minute. 

It has velcro on the sides of the bed rails. This velcro helps to keep the cover in its place. 

If I talk about the design of the North Mountain soft roll-up tonneau cover, this product is not as low as I thought while purchasing. Even though it does not look bulky, at the same time, it is not low. Regardless, the cover upgrades the truck’s stylish look with its top black color finish. 

This tonneau allows its user 100% bed access. Moreover, the cover has a latching style on the rear side of the cover. 

It has a unique tension adjustable locking system, which keeps the cover perfectly fit in all seasons. 


Why do you intend to install a tonneau cover? Are you want to protect your cargo from natural elements? 

Whatever the reasons, every truck owner’s primary purpose and reason in installing a tonneau cover is to keep the luggage safe and sound in the truck’s bed. 

The North Mountain soft roll-up tonneau cover is the best option to protect the cargo from heavy rain, scorching light, and snow. Have you ever wondered are tonneau cover waterproof or not? Know the answer here.

It sits on the bed rails and the truck’s sides to keep most of the water out of bed. Moreover, the nylon threads make the tonneau highly resistant to extreme weather. 

Locking Mechanism 

North Mountain soft roll-up tonneau cover has one action tailgate seal, which means you can not open the cover without the tailgate closed. 

Additionally, the cover is a roll-up and has a latching style. The latches are located at the rear side of the tonneau. It keeps the cover in its place when locked. 

Many customers face difficulty while locking the cover because of latches. Meanwhile, you can fix the latch issue by reading our detailed guide on this topic.

To open the cover, roll it towards the bulkhead (near the cab window) and secure it using hook and loop straps; it allows you complete bed access for placing large and oversized cargo. On the contrary, unroll the tonneau toward the tailgate and carefully lock it with a latching mechanism. 

Pros and Cons of North Mountain 

When I was doing North Mountain Tonneau Cover Review like every other product, North Mountain’s soft roll-up tonneau cover also falls in the pros and cons category. Here are some following pros of this product.


  • Installation is a breeze and trouble-free. 
  • Allows 100% bed space for cargo.
  • Latches make the opening and closing hassle-free.
  • Frame constructs with the coating of Grade Epoxy that ensures its reliability and durability.
  • It comprises high-tear nylon thread that prevents wear and tear.


  • The tonneau cover won’t stay latched.
  • It is not highly waterproof.
  • North Mountain tonneau cover has not dual-action tailgate.

North Mountain Tonneau Cover Warranty 

Since all the hardware accessories and tonneau covers are made with highly durable and quality material, the company North Mountain gives three years of hassle-free warranty for this tonneau. 

If any issue happens with the tonneau cover, you can call them. 

Are North Mountain tonneau covers any good?

North Mountain tonneau covers help to keep the cargo safe from outside elements as well as from thieves. In addition, these covers help to improve fuel efficiency by as much as 10-15%. Moreover, it keeps the truck bed in good shape and color, which increases its resale value.

This product constructs with high-quality materials, which assure its durability and reliability. Moreover, the cover is highly UV and water-resistant. 

Final Verdict 

Which feature grabs your attention in a tonneau cover? 

As every truck owner has different demand for its tonneau, many wishes that install a cover that is easy to use. North Mountain soft roll-up tonneau cover has velcro on the truck’s side, allowing effortless opening and closing. Additionally, the cover manufactures with durable PVC material to prevent tears. The frame constructs with epoxy-grade aluminum material that performs heavy-duty yet are lightweight to handle. If you are looking for a budget-friendly tonneau cover, get this one. Also, it has impressive features that will upgrade your truck’s appearance.

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