Raptor Liner VS Rhino Liner – Comparison Guide

Truck liners keep the beds protected from any harm. In this way, Raptor and Rhino bed liners are the two most popular and common among truck owners. What do you prefer the most, Raptor Liner VS Rhino Liner? 

What do you do to preserve your truck bed factory look? A truck bed can get dirty and rust because of its heavy weight. Additionally, if exposed to direct sunlight and rainwater, it loses its original look and does not look more appealing. Being a motorist, a truck is my ultimate possession, and keeping it in its factory look is what matters to me. 

Comparison between Raptor Liner vs Rhino Liner

Choosing one from both is a daunting task. But what is the difference between them? I have researched this topic thoroughly to discover every bit of these two-bed liners that help you purchase according to your needs and preferences. But first, let’s learn the literal definition of Raptor and Rhino liners.

Raptor Liner VS Rhino Liner – Which to choose?

Do you know what is the most common feature both have? Raptor and Rhino liners are spray-on bed liners that offer great durability. Moreover, spray-on bedliners are highly efficient in protecting the truck’s bed from unwanted rust and dirt. Unlike drop-in bedliners, they are reliable and thick. 

I am not saying that drop-in bedliners are less durable. But the difference between them lies in their performance. They need to replace and changed according to their condition to ensure efficiency. Therefore, drop-in bedliners are not a permanent solution. 

If you take notice of their prices, drop-in bedliners are more inexpensive and cheap compared to its counterpart (spray-in). However, considering all the beneficial features, I vote for investing in spray-on bedliners. 

Similar Features 

The two popular bedliners I am addressing today are Raptor and Rhino. Both the products have similarities yet eye-opening differences. Not to make you confuse more, let’s compare both products to know the best that will land you on your decision. 

  • Match your Vehicle

Besides spray-on similarity, what is the next thing common between them? Both Rhino and Raptor bed liners can customize to match your vehicle. I know this gives you an energy booster. 

You can mix two or more colors to match your truck’s color and make your truck look more appealing and attractive. 

  • Thick, not Thin

Unlike drop-in bedliners, Raptor and Rhino liners have a thick coating that offers excellent durability and strength, making the bed resistant to dents and scratches. 

Let me tell you one more factual claim about Rhino liner. Different military departments around the globe use it to help them protect against Shrapnel. 

  • Deaden Sound and Increase Elasticity

Both Raptor and Rhino liners reduce noisy sound and maintain a level of equal pressure and elasticity. This is why you can put heavy loads inside the truck bed. The liner keeps the truck bed protected from rust and damage.

Also, when your truck hits on a bumpy road, you won’t listen to the noise of the cargo because it equally distributes the pressure. You better read this to understand Can You Spray Bedliner Over Sound Deadener? Is it possible?

  • Can use other materials as well?

Raptor liners can also be applied to other materials such as wood, plastic, metal, and concrete. Similarly, Rhino liners are also used on fiberglass, metal, concrete, geotextile, plastic, polyurethane, and much more. 

  • Defend against Components

As I discussed earlier, Raptor liners comprise a durable urethane formulation, highly resistant to UV rays, water, scratches, and stains. Also, the coating of the Raptor liner will go long after years.

Rhino liners make various coatings of formulation that focus on the rigidity of the bedliner, color matching, and Solar Max. Likewise, Raptor liners, Rhino also resists water and chemical compositions.

Here is how diesel can affect the liner: What Will Diesel Fuel Do To A Bedliner? Detail Analysis 

  • Chemical Ingredients are Environment Friendly

Raptor and Rhino liners company ensures their formulation does not harm the environment. Raptor liners contain low (VOC). In addition, its two formulas, UP0820V and UP0825, considers the most environment and user-friendly. 

By the same token, Rhino Liners also use zero to low VOC. Moreover, their sprays contain no ChloroFluorocarbon CFC content. 

Raptor Liner VS Rhino Liner – Difference

Till now, I have elaborated on the similarities between these two bedliners. Now, it’s time to open the differences for your understanding. 

  • Warranty Guarantee

U-POL Raptor’s liner provides a warranty on their goods and services for up to 12 months after purchase. 

Rhino liners offer a limited warranty nationwide compared to its counterpart.

  • Applications

Raptor bed liners come in a DO It Yourself (DIY) kit. This kit contains all the needed tools for the application and how much its paint job cost.

Whereas, Rhino liners can only be applied by a professional to ensure the standard and quality of the spray.

How long will Rhino liner last?

A Raptor spray-on bedliner can last for years if it applies properly. For example, hosting the spray, preparing the truck bed, and film build. If you do it correctly, the durability and longevity will remain for years.

Is Rhino Liner Waterproof?

Being a user of Rhino Liner, I can say that it is a waterproof bedliner. It is made durable. 

Being a spray-on bedliner, the Rhino Liner can hold the water and save the truck’s bed from getting wet. Rhino liners are highly durable and reliable and have the power to dry quickly.

Is Raptor lining waterproof?

Raptor liner, another spray-on Bedliner, is efficient in protecting the surface of the truck’s bed from getting watery. It has an amazing feature of waterproofing and dent resistance. You better clean the raptor liner to increase its life.

Raptor liner in a Nutshell

Raptor bed liners compose of reliable urethane coating that offers UV resistance, toughness, and chemical resistance for truck beds. A spray-on bedliner creates a protective barrier surface to keep the truck bed in its real appearance. 

Rhino liner in a Nutshell

Rhino liner is a spray-on bed liner that protects the truck bed from abrasion, harsh UV rays, and other chemical compositions. It is highly durable and reliable. Rhino liner manufactures complete solid elastomeric polyurethane material. It comes in various formulations to meet one’s preferences and needs.

By reading both definitions, you must understand their longevity and material compositions. So, what attracts you the most? Still not sure about which one to pick. Let’s go further with me and figure out their similarities, differences, and special features. 

Final Words

Both bed liners offer great durability and reliability. Additionally, both are easy to install and highly effective. Based on their formulas, both have some special features and drawbacks different from each other. In this article, I have discussed the most popular leaders of spray-on bedliners products. 

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