Truxedo Lo Pro vs Truxport | Brief Comparative Analysis

What do you expect from a good tonneau cover? Durability, affordability, and better mileage. I have been using Truxedo Lo Pro and Truxport for quite some time, and both have their positives and negatives. Which one is better, Truxedo Lo vs Truxport? I have analyzed each segment thoroughly with the critical aspects like security, mileage, and usability. 

To address this topic comprehensively, I wrote an article on the Truxedo Lo Pro and Truxport Tonneau cover. This article will also learn about the actual information and my personal opinion. I also used both products and will share the original things with you in this context. 

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Truxedo Lo pro vs Truxport | Basic Relevance

I have observed many things in both products, and I will discuss them in the following sections. But I have discussed some everyday things you can observe in your Tonneau cover in this section. As an expert, I will explain everything concerning the Tonneau covers.

So, these two are TruXedo products. If you want a cheap, waterproof cover, look no further than the soft roll-up truck bed cover from TruXport. Unlike Lo Pro, which is discrete and barely 3/4″ above the vehicle bed. It features aircraft-grade aluminum bows that can sustain a heavy snow load and is made of weather-resistant, leather-grained, tear-resistant vinyl.

The TruXport cover is made of a sturdy, weather-resistant, high-grade black leather-grain material. It has a low profile and blends in with your car because it is 1.5 inches above the truck bed. However, the Lo Pro roll-up tonneau cover fits inside the truck bed rails and provides complete access to the stake pocket holes so you can use them with other accessories.

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Truxedo Lo Pro vs TruxportIn Terms of Durability

The Tonneau covers are durable and efficient in their quality performance. Both these covers have that quality material which is much more durable in this domain. I have considered both of these Tonneau covers very user-friendly and reliable. 

There are a lot of other brands which provide high-quality products in different ranges of economic categories. But when it comes to the Truxedo lo pro and Truxport, these are the best in their class.

TruXPort Tonneau covers are a good choice when it comes to durability. The conventional leather tarp and metal structure are the only materials that TruXport chooses to employ. Heavy snowfall and rain are no match for the aluminum frame’s 1.5-inch strength. For further durability and protection, the tarp is made of leather-grained fabric.

On the contrary, The Lo Pro’s material is the same as the basic one, but it’s in a more robust shape; it’s made of aircraft-grade anodized aluminum and double-coated vinyl. The Tarpaulin material effectively protects the things from the elements by UV and is tear-resistant. 

Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum is one of the most significant materials for frame construction to protect delicate goods. Additionally, the substance is durable enough to endure a lifetime. It uses industrial-grade vinyl fabric, which is a little more rigid and more durable than the fabric used by its competitor.

Another aspect is: Can I go through a carwash with a TruXedo tonneau cover? So not only TruXedo but TruXport can be washed with mild soap and cleaning material. You can clean both covers manually because the cleaning brushes can damage the outer protective layer of the tonneau cover.

In terms of protection

Are TruXedo covers waterproof? So a pepper answer is that they are not, but they are water-resistant. These covers are at their best regarding protection and safety against the weather. Both covers are reliable due to their well-mechanized protection against drastic weather conditions.

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The truck’s most extensive top rails, Velcro closures, weather-resistant loop, and hook fasteners at the tailgate are all features of the TruXport, along with a tension control system (manual). This combination is a seal in lousy weather, protecting the cargo from any intrusion. 

It holds the cover firmly by balancing the material’s expansion and contraction due to temperature fluctuations. Even at -20°F, this cover will keep the valuables safe from heavy snowfall. Customers can adjust the tightness of the cover using the manual tension control mechanism to keep water out.

When it comes to the Lo Pro includes a manual tension control that spares users from having to make any physical exertion. The lid automatically closes to prevent the entry of moisture or dust. The cover seals off the truck bed by lying flat against it. Additionally, it shields the cargo from moisture infiltration.

Both covers can do their jobs very efficiently in this context. Although the second cover left behind the first one, both are intended to keep cargo dry and repel moisture. This results from the seal it creates by fitting flat on the top of the truck bed. 

Rails hold the TruXport to the bed’s edges. Since the rails are not entirely waterproof, water can leak between them. This causes it to let in a little more moisture than the second cover, but both covers will let in some moisture, especially if it’s pouring outside while you’re driving. 

In Terms of Usage

Likewise, I have already discussed that these covers are user-friendly and greatly assist users. I used these covers for a very long period. Whatever in terms of installation, folding, and bed access, these covers will never disappoint you.

People often ask another thing, Will a tonneau cover improve gas mileage? So the direct answer is YES, they save the gas mileage. Infact, I also observed that phenomenon. TruXport built this model with characteristics that guarantee straightforward operation since they appreciate their customers’ convenience. Before users can roll the cover to reach the bed, the two paddle locks must be unlocked. 

There is also a cab buckle to keep the cover in place while folded up and flapping while the predetermined tension prevents driving. Due to its thoughtful aerodynamic design performs to the highest standard, providing bed protection and up to 10% improved gas efficiency. Initial installation could take as little as 20 minutes to complete.

Thanks to Lo Pro’s automated tension control, there is no need for physical effort when rolling up the cover. Folding the lid takes only a few seconds. Remember that the TruXport lid is held in place and cannot be entirely removed. Contrarily, its rival’s lid may be removed entirely; as a result, drivers who cannot live with those extra spaces and require a fully removable cover must choose it.

In Terms of Security

In terms of security, both of the covers are in their pro-secure mode. Their security is among the core reasons for adopting these covers for my daily usage. These Tonneau covers are perfect in their security system. 

What is the most secure tonneau cover? Different brands are providing Tonneau covers with ultimate properties. So in the case of these covers, let’s see the features of both products.

In TruXport, there are 2 paddle locks on either side of the tailgate. Once the lid is closed, these latches lock the tailgate securely. The locks are additionally connected with a predetermined tension adjustment to guarantee that the cover is restrained to the bed rail. Access to the paddle latches is possible from the sides of the truck’s back.

A single finger may activate the Lo Pro’s aluminum single-trigger latch, which maintains security and protection. Furthermore, the cargo is securely and tightly secured thanks to the four-way sealing mechanism with hooks and loops. 

The automated tension control automatically adjusts the cover toward the truck bed. The cover can only be adjusted while the rear is open due to how the rear fastens. Additionally, these feature guards against product theft.

Truxedo Lo Pro vs Truxport – Price Comparison

Now it comes to the real challenge. People always prefer economical and quality things. They demand products that are affordable as well as they are available in the best quality. So both covers provide you with a complete feel of affordability.

As an expert, I have to buy both of these coves. But obviously, people from my audience will buy one cover at one time, so they always try to find the low-rated Tonneau cover.

Pricing for TruXport and Lo Pro differs. Although prices vary, the TruXport is often two-thirds less expensive than the second cover, making it the most economical choice. While its competent cover runs from $469.99 to $519.99, TruXport costs between $289.99 and $329.99. Lo Pro’s premium pricing results from its robust construction and simplicity of usage.


I have explained the complete analysis of both Tonneau covers in this article. These Tonneau covers are very reflexive in their performance. I have used both in all circumstances and performed these covers efficiently. These covers are reliable regarding their weather handling, security, material, and durability. 

You can buy any of these Tonneau covers according to your affordability. I am also going to share Some of the concluding differences between both Tonneau covers:

Quality leather grain cloth is utilized in TruXport to protect bags. Unlike Lo Pro, which is made of sturdy, anodized aluminum. The twin latching system in TruXport is slickly integrated with pre-set tension adjustments. Dual paddle latches on both sides of the vehicle are easily reachable while in Lo Pro and securely fasten the cover.

Despite coming from the same manufacturer, there are significant differences between the two variants in terms of features, cost, and design, making Lo Pro the superior choice. 

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