Tonneau Cover Won’t Release – Reasons and Solutions

Tonneau covers are a great addition to your truck bed. You get unlimited benefits from the tonneau cover, whether related to security or cargo protection. Amidst all these amazing features, there are some common problems many motorists deal with every other day. As an expert, truck owners often ask me Tonneau Cover Won’t Release? 

Not only it offers security, but it also gives a stylish and classy look to the truck or pickup. In this regard, everyone wants their tonneau cover to go long without trouble. However, tonneau covers can cause troubleshooting. In this article, I will discuss the significant problems that can occur and suggest solutions.

Tonneau cover won’t open


What is left if the tonneau cover can not open and close properly? When you need to open the Cover, but it refuses to open. You may notice sometimes the Cover opens for a while and then closes again. 

The locking system of the tonneau cover works seamlessly and smoothly while opening and closing without being stuck or rigid.  

You may notice that the cover opens for a while but then closes again. However, inspect the locking function to see if the bed cover causes problems while opening. The possible reason for this issue is rusting, which causes stuckness. 


The simple solution to this problem is to apply lubrication inside the bed railing. Then, open and close the cover several times to ensure the problem is fixed. 

Another Case: There is another reason that the tonneau cover won’t open, the LATCH that holds the covers. The latch would be flimsy and does not stay closed. 

Tonneau cover Flapping in Wind


The faulty installation of the tonneau cover is to blame for this issue. If the truck bed Cover is appropriately installed, it makes no noise. However, if the bed cover is not positioned correctly, you may hear irritating noises when hauling.


The first step is to ensure that the bed cover fits properly. If the tonneau cover becomes loose, use the accompanying instructions manual to snug-fit it.

The incorrect installation of a tonneau cover sometimes causes noise.

Another cause of the loud tonneau cover crack in the seals. The gap in the seal enables air to enter, causing flapping. It can repair quickly.

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Tonneau Cover Keeps Popping Open


The popping of the tonneau cover is an annoyance and the worst feeling for a motorist, even if you cannot drive with an insecure cover. 


The easy solution to this dilemma is to locate the latches and locks. If the problem worsens, you should replace the bed cover. Furthermore, you check that the latches are correctly set with the lock.

Another suggestion is always to inspect the truck bed cover once it has been installed. During installation, the clamps and locks may be damaged by the manufacturer. That’s why the tonneau cover keeps popping. 

Tonneau Cover Won’t Latch


This is another big problem many truck owners face with tonneau covers. Truck owners pull the latch hard to open and close the cover. This problem occurs due to the bad quality of the material. 


To cope with this problem, I unfolded the tonneau cover and discovered the cable sitting straight. Introducing a small error in the cable effectively decreases its length and allows safety latches to unlatch faster.

So I grabbed a little saw blade from my multi-tool. Then, cut a bit deeper below the screw so the cable may rest here, and the cover can keep it behind the screw. Finally, I screwed the cable part in place. Want to know more about how to fix tonneau cover latch?

Retrax bed cover troubleshooting


The locking mechanism is one of the most common problems with Retrax bed covers. The locking mechanism is unable to fail to close the cover. The covers got stuck inside the bed railing and would not go in or out. In other words, stop working.

It can be caused by loose clamps or broken cable because you may have opened and closed your cover several times.

Fortunately, there are a few tips to overcome this issue.


The very first solution to this problem is fixing the broken cables. However, if purchasing a new cable is expensive and not in your budget, hose a silicon spray to keep it in its place. Because of this, the cable does not slip out of its position while opening and closing the bed cover. 

This method will get you up until you have money to purchase a new cable for your tonneau cover. 

Another solution to the problem is using zip ties to keep the lock in its place. But remember, this is not an ideal solution.

You can also use bungee cords or elastic straps to hold the lock tightly, but again, these are not good fixes for a more extended period since they do not allow easy access and need to be adequately pulled in or out to the cover. 

Roll n Lock cover problems

Roll and Lock have a great variety of tonneau covers that provide flexibility and a great versatile design. However, like every tonneau cover, roll, and lock truck bed covers also cause troubleshooting. 

The main issue I observed with Retractable Roll and Lock tonneau cover is it gets stuck while retracting. It causes dirt and debris to accumulate on the ball-bearing surface and block the area, making the cover stuck while retracting. 

Another reason for this problem is the torsion spring might need some reinstallation. 


To cope with this problem, I cleaned the dirty area with an alcohol pad. Next, apply lubricant inside the bed railing. It smoothes out the rusted area. And it smoothly retracts into the bed railing without being stuck.  

Note: To ensure the problem is fixed, I opened and closed the Cover several times. What are other Roll N Lock Bed Cover Problems and Solutions 2023.


How do you unlatch a tonneau cover?

Unbolting a tonneau cover with a hammer is the most typical means of opening it. Further, you can use a razor blade, penetrating oil, or pressure to open the lock. Reinstall the tonneau cover once the lock has been undone. This will give you access to your cargo.

How do you adjust the tension on a tonneau cover?

The tonneau cover should be tight enough that it cannot flap. However, if the tonneau cover needs some adjustment, roll the cover forward to open the cover. This way, you can get easy access to the tension adjusters.

If the tensions are tight, rotate both tensions in clockwise directions. And to loosen the cover, rotate the tension adjuster in the anti-clockwise direction.

Can tonneau covers fly off?

Tonneau covers quickly fly off when driving on a highway at high speed. Or even if the truck parks and starts to wind. Check and adjust your tonneau cover’s latch system to cope with this problem. Adjusting it is super easy and mostly requires no tools. 


Tonneau cover makes it easy to protect the gear from both worlds, whether changing weather or thieves. By installing a tonneau cover, your truck will become a trunk, and you can store all your stuff. 

However, you can face plenty of issues with a tonneau cover. In this guide, I have explained how to repair the tonneau cover when it causes problems. Hopefully, this guide will help you if you get stuck in the same problem.

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