How to Get Better Gas Mileage On a V8 | Complete Guide

How to Get Better Gas Mileage On a V8

In this modern era, Trucks, engines, and Tonneau cover manufacturers provide gas mileage efficient products to their consumers. With rigid competition, V8 engines are very prominent in this market. They are performing at their best in all aspects. I also have used V8 and found them very vigilant in covering all driving requirements. So in … Read more

Tonneau Cover vs Bed Tent | A Complete Comparison

Tonneau Cover vs Bed Tent

During the distant journeys, I face several natural and unnatural factors. It’s all about the natural phenomena so that anything can happen during your long-running journeys; it can be heavy rain, snow, dust storms, etc. Then, people use the Tonneau covers and keep their goods safe and sound. Tonneau Cover vs Bed Tent, which one … Read more

Replacing Velcro on Tonneau Cover | How to Guide & Steps 

Replacing Velcro on Tonneau Cover

Tonneau covers require much maintenance, like cleaning and replacing them and proper use. Thanks to their features, tonneau covers provide me with outstanding protection against various problems. The bed seals or velcro seals provided by Tonneau covers provide an ultimate benefit for adjusting the bed and preventing water damage from leaking into the bed. If … Read more

Can Tonneau Covers Undergo Car Wash?

Can Tonneau Covers Undergo Car Wash?

People frequently demand the solution for washing a Tonneau cover with their truck; more precisely, everyone wants to know: Can I go through a carwash with a tonneau cover? So by looking at their queries, I researched a lot on this issue, which also comes very helpful. I was also stuck with the problem of … Read more

How do I lock my truck cover?


Buying a Tonneau cover is necessary to keep your things safe and sound. But another important thing to keep things safer is to lock the Tonneau cover. It is essential because people have a habit of searching the things in other Truck beds. On social media, many people asked me How do truck bed covers … Read more

Camper Shell vs Tonneau Cover | Comprehensive Comparison

Camper Shell vs Tonneau Cover

What distinguishes a tonneau cover from a camper shell? Which truck cover should you purchase? If you’ve never owned either, you might be unsure which truck addition will protect your goods most effectively. I also have experience with the camper shell. People asked me frequently; Which is better, a tonneau cover or a truck cap? … Read more